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Talk:Crocodile Dundee II

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The Browning Hi Power in the film would most likely have been a 9mm. The movie was released in 1988 and the .40S&W variant of the Hi Power was not marketed until 1992.

Unidentified Handguns

Again, I yield to the experts and merely provide the visual references. - Kooshmeister


Jose has this gun:

Jose's revolver is seen to the right.
I can't see if it has a vented rib, so either Colt Python or S&W Model 586. --Predator20 23:06, 23 January 2011 (UTC)


Various handguns used by Rico's henchmen at his mansion:

Miguel has this very small handgun out briefly before getting knocked out by Dundee.
A henchman behind.
Rico's henchmen with their silencer-equipped guns.

Unidentified Shotguns and Rifles


Frank uses this shotgun:

Frank's shotgun behind the windscreen SUV.
Frank shoots Dundee's truck.
I think Mossberg 500, but leave it to someone else to indentify.--Predator20 23:13, 23 January 2011 (UTC)
Stevens 620? --Slon95 (talk) 14:09, 22 August 2020 (EDT)


Garcia has this rifle. It is later taken from him after he gets captured and is used by Walter.

Garcia (right) with his rifle.
Walter fires at what he thinks is Rico.
Walter with Garcia's rifle.

Rico's rifle, possibly the same type as Garcia's:

Rico with his rifle at the ready.
Rico fires up at Dundee.
Rico peers 'round a corner with his rifle.

Erskine's rifle, also possibly same type as Garcia and Rico's:

Erskine's rifle rests against the tree as he sleeps.

Paul Hogan's Rifle

The rifle used by Paul Hogan appears to be a sporterized Lee-Enfield No4 and not a SMLE. The giveaways are the peep sights at the back of the receiver and the charger bridge. Wraith

P14 or M17?

Just because Australia is a member of the Commonwealth doesn't mean you will find P14 rifles in place of M17s. Both rifles from sold-off mil-surplus have been available since the 1920s and the 1950s. If anything, M17s seem to be more available than P14s. Both rifles were popular for sporterizing. Wraith

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