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Stalker (2014)

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Stalker (2014-2015)

Stalker was an American police procedural drama starring Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott as detectives who work out of the LAPD's Threat Assessment Unit, which primarily handles criminal cases involving stalking suspects. Stalker was created by Kevin Williamson (the screenwriter of the original Scream film series as well as the creator of the series The Following), premiered in October of 2014 and aired 20 episodes until 2015.

The following weapons were used in the television series Stalker:


Beretta 84FS

A Beretta 84FS is used by Lauren aka Candice (Erin Daniels) when she takes John Bardo hostage near the end of "The News" (S1E13).

Beretta 84FS Pistol .380 ACP
The 84FS aimed at John Bardo.
Candice aims the pistol at Bardo.

Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is used by Los Angeles Police Department officers. While still approved for use, the Beretta is not the current standard issue for the Department.

Current American made Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm. Note the slanted dust cover, recurved backstrap and hex grip screws which distinguish this from earlier versions.
A LAPD officer gestures to his fellow officers in "Phobia" (S1E04) after he finds a locked door.

Glock 17

The Glock 17 appears to be the handgun carried by Detective II Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) and Detective I Ben Caldwell (Victor Rasuk). Ray takes Detective Larsen's pistol briefly in "The Woods" (S1E18).

Glock 17 3rd Generation - 9x19mm
Detective II (Senior) Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) aims his Glock 17 at a stalker near the end of "Pilot" (S1E01).
Detective II (Senior) Jack Larsen (Dylan McDermott) aims his Glock 17 at a stalker near the end of "Whatever Happened to Baby James" (S1E02).
Detective Larsen confronts the mastermind of the events in "Love is a Battlefield" (S1E06).
Detective I Ben Caldwell draws his Glock 17 while searching an office near the end of "Crazy For You" (S1E09).
The Glock 17 is aimed at a stalking suspect near the end of "My Hero" (S1E14).
Ray takes aim with Detective Larsen's pistol in "The Woods" (S1E18).

Glock 19

Tom Wade (Jason Wiles) uses a Glock 19 with a stainless slide near the end of "Tell All" (S1E11).

Glock 19 (Two Tone slide) - 9x19mm
A stainless steel Glock 19 is aimed by Tom at Cynthia Walker.

Glock 26

A Glock 26 is used by Detective I Janice Lawrence (Mariana Klaveno) and FBI Special Agent Vicki Gregg (Mira Sorvino) as their main sidearm in the series.

Glock 26 sub-compact pistol - 9x19mm
Detective I Janice Lawrence searches an empty house for Beth in "The Woods" (S1E18).
FBI Special Agent Vicki Gregg carries her sidearm in a Harris technique.
Highlight for Spoilers: Will (Adam Kaufman) turns Vicki's sidearm on her after she finds out that he was the mastermind of the serial killing events in "Love Hurts" (S1E19).

Makarov PM

Ray Webber (Eion Bailey) procures a Makarov PM in "Salvation" (S1E16).

Baikal IJ-70 - 9x18mm Makarov
Ray shows the PM to Perry.
Making fun of Perry when the PM is aimed at his face.

Smith & Wesson 910

A Smith & Wesson 910 is the sidearm used by PI Gene Meadows (Jamie McShane) before Ray takes it from him in "Fun and Games" (S1E17).

Smith & Wesson 910 - 9x19mm
Ray aims the 910 at Gene.

Smith & Wesson 3913

A Smith & Wesson 3913 is briefly used by Dr. Adam Lewis (Jay Karnes) in "Crazy For You" (S1E09).

Smith & Wesson 3913 - 9x19mm
Dr. Lewis with the 3913 while checking for signs of intruders.

Smith & Wesson 3913 LS "Ladysmith"

A Smith & Wesson 3913 "Ladysmith" is used by Jason Walker (Wesley Ramsey) near the end of "Crazy For You" (S1E09).

Smith & Wesson 3913 LS "Ladysmith" - 9x19mm
The Ladysmith aimed at Dr. Lewis' temple in his office.
Jason with the pistol in his hands while interrogating Dr. Lewis.

Springfield Armory XD-S

Lieutenant Beth Davis (Maggie Q) carries a Springfield Armory XD-S with a 3.3" barrel as her sidearm. Her ex-husband, Ray, briefly takes it from her and uses it in "The Woods" (S1E18).

Springfield Armory XD-S with 3.3" barrel - 9x19mm
Lieutenant Beth Davis (Maggie Q) with her sidearm near the end of "Pilot" (S1E01).
Lieutenant Beth Davis with her sidearm while searching for a suspect in "Phobia" (S1E04).
Davis secures the garage in the same episode.
The XD-S is aimed by Davis at the mastermind of the events in "Love is a Battlefield" (S1E06).
Ray with the XD-S after he tackles Beth to the ground in the middle of "The Woods" (S1E18).


Smith & Wesson Model 686

A Smith & Wesson Model 686 is used by the mastermind, revealed to be Andrea Brown (Jessica Tuck), at the end of "Love is a Battlefield" (S1E06).

Smith & Wesson Model 686 - .357 Magnum
Andrea levels her revolver at Melissa.
The Model 686 aimed at Melissa's head.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

A Heckler & Koch MP5A3 is found in Sila Martin's arm cache in "Manhunt".

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 - 9x19mm
An MP5A3 next to the two AKS-74Us found by LAPD officers in "Manhunt".

Assault Rifles


A couple of AKS-74Us are found in Silas Martin's arms cache in "Manhunt" (S1E03).

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
A couple of unloaded AKS-74Us found by LAPD officers in "Manhunt" (S1E03).

Colt M4A1

An M4A1 is among the weapons found in Silas Martin's arms cache in "Manhunt" (S1E03). It's also seen as the main assault rifle for the LAPD SWAT, first seen in "Salvation" (S1E16).

Colt M4A1 with 6 position collapsible stock and carrying handle removed - 5.56x45mm
The M4A1 fitted with an EOTech sight is found by LAPD officers in "Manhunt" (S1E03).
Colt M4A1 with 4 position collapsible stock, RIS foregrip, folding rear sight, and ACOG scope - 5.56x45mm
LAPD SWAT officers check an abandoned vehicle near the end of "Salvation" (S1E16).

Heckler & Koch HK416

The Heckler & Koch HK416 is used by LAPD SWAT officers during a hostage siege in "The News" (S1E13).

HK416 D10RS - 5.56x45mm NATO
LAPD SWAT officers sneak around a corridor inside the KCAX building.

Sniper Rifles

Remington 700PSS

What appears to be a Remington 700PSS is found left unattended in a suspect's motel room in "Manhunt" (S1E03).

Remington 700 SPS - 7.62x51mm. This is the current sporting variant of the original 700PSS/700P Design.
The sniper rifle left in the motel room.


Ithaca 37 "Stakeout"

A Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser is seen in Silas Martin's arms cache in "Manhunt" (S1E13).

Mossberg 590 "Compact Cruiser" - 12 gauge
At the top, a Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser is seen in Silas Martin's arms cache in "Manhunt" (S1E03).


M84 Stun Grenade

M84 Stun Grenades are seen in Silas Martin's arms cache in "Manhunt" (S1E03).

M84 stun grenade
Two M84s found by LAPD officers in "Manhunt".

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