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Soldier of Fortune (VG)

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Soldier of Fortune
PC Boxart
Release Date: 2000
Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Activision
Series: Soldier of Fortune
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, Linux, Sega Dreamcast
Genre: First-person shooter

The following weapons appear in the video game Soldier of Fortune (VG):

Soldier of Fortune is a first-person shooter game developed by Raven Software and published by Activision originally for Microsoft Windows. It was later ported to Linux, the Sega Dreamcast and PlayStation 2. The game follows U.S. mercenary John Mullins who is tasked with taking down a terrorist threat. Soldier of Fortune was highly regarded for its "GHOUL" engine damage modelling, allowing for an in-depth level of body dismemberment when killing enemies, which is rarely matched even nowadays.

Soldier of Fortune would be followed up by Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix and Soldier of Fortune: Payback.


Glock Hybrid

A longslide Glock resembling pistol serves as one of two starting weapons in the singleplayer campaign (before players can equip their own loadout) and the starting weapon in multiplayer. In-game it is referred to as the Black Panther 9mm. The weapon is very similar to a Glock 17L. The weapon, despite being loaded with what appears to be a 33-round magazine, only fires 18 shots before it has to be reloaded. The weapon appears to be John Mullin's weapon of choice, carrying it in all cutscenes. Additionally, he seems to have two different ways of holding it and firing it, switching between holding it with one hand and holding it with both of his hands. Along with two different idle positions with the weapon, there are also two different reload animations, one for each idle position.

Glock 17L - 9x19mm
John holding the Glock in his first position, which is with one hand.
Reloading in the first position.
John holding his Glock in the second position.
Reloading in the second position.
The third-person view model (In the hands of John Mullins) is a very simply modeled pistol with very little detailed texturing. Also of note is that it the third-person model lacks the extended magazine.

Desert Eagle Mark VII

A Desert Eagle Mark VII appears in the game as the Silver Talon .44. Interestingly, despite the .44 in its name (implying it is the .44 Magnum version), it holds 9 rounds like .357 Magnum version. It is the strongest handgun in the game, if not one of the more powerful hitscan weapons, easily killing most human enemies with a single well placed shot. It is also very accurate, making it perfect for scoring headshots. In some early levels, the few enemies who hold handguns will have their weapon determined by the handgun the player uses. For example, if the player chooses the Talon, enemies will carry the Talon and not the 9mm. John Mullins is revealed to be ambidextrous when carrying this weapon, as he will occasionally switch hands with it.

Desert Eagle MK VII with nickel finish - .44 Magnum
Holding the 'Talon .44'.
John reloads the weapon by picking it up in one hand, and using his normal firing hand to insert a new magazine.

Unknown Pistol

An unknown pistol (although it partially resembles a compact type of a Glock pistol) appears next to an issue of Soldier of Fortune Magazine in the game's ending screen.

The Pistol on the game's end screen.

Submahine Guns


The FAMAE Mini-SAF appears as the Raptor SMG and wrongly chambered in 5.56. It is one of the more common weapons in the game, being carried by a large number of enemies. John reloads the weapon by holding onto the grip with one hand and pulling out the magazine with the other. Like the handguns, John occasionally shifts the weapon's position, affecting the fire and reload animations.

FAMAE Mini-SAF - 9x19mm
John holding the FAMAE.
Reloading the FAMAE.
John brings back the bolt partially off-screen.


A MAC-11 with several visual differences and a suppressor appears as the Suppressed SMG. The weapon is commonly found in the hands of smarter AI generally. The weapon is also Hawk's weapon of choice, carrying it in all cutscenes, though the third person model is low res, although not as low quality as the world model for the Glock.

RPB Industries M11A1 - .380 ACP
John holds the suppressed MAC-11.
Reloading the MAC-11. The suppressor seems to shift slightly when doing this. Also note that John's hand seems to move right through the suppressor as if it's not even there.
A guard holds the MAC-11 while saluting.



A SPAS-12 with a green jungle camouflage appears as the only shotgun in the game. The weapon appears to fire semi-automatically. It is common early in the game, though later the player may can acquire it by equipping it in the loadout screen before a mission.

Franchi SPAS-12 combat shotgun with stock removed – 12 gauge
John holding the SPAS-12.
Reloading the SPAS.
John pumps the shotgun after reloading it. The entire gun seems to simply extend and stretch when pulled up like this.

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