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SCP: Secret Laboratory

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Work In Progress

This article is still under construction. It may contain factual errors. See Talk:SCP: Secret Laboratory for current discussions. Content is subject to change.

SCP: Secret Laboratory
Release Date: December 29, 2017
Developer: Northwood Studios
Publisher: Northwood Studios
Platforms: PC
Genre: First-Person Shooter

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a multiplayer first person shooter based on the online collaborative writing project the SCP Foundation. Heavily inspired by another horror game also based on the SCP Foundation, SCP: Containment Breach, and in fact originally also using many assets from that game, SCP: Secret Laboratory is set in one of the titular SCP Foundation's black sites, Site-02, amidst a site-wide breach of containment of deadly and scientifically inexplicable SCPs as well as all the death row inmates used as guinea pigs for the Foundation's experiments, known as D-Class, as Foundation response teams, known as Mobile Task Forces or MTFs, and another armed faction hostile to the Foundation, known as the Chaos Insurgency, scramble to retake and re-secure the facility by any means necessary.

The following weapons appear in the video game SCP: Secret Laboratory:


Firearms can be acquired in SCP: Secret Laboratory by looting one of Site-02's keycard-locked armories, or by running items through SCP-914; some roles also spawn with guns, grenades, and armor by default, and since all the items one is carrying are dropped on death, there's always the option of looting the corpse of another unfortunate player. With enough time with SCP-914 and a sacrificial firearm to transmute, one can acquire any firearm in the game, although access to SCP-914 is automatically barred off about 10 minutes after a round starts. Ammo can also be transmuted in this matter, but with an "exchange rate" system to prevent one from being fully kitted out at the start of the round, looting corpses is still generally the best way to go about acquiring more ammo.

Besides the ability to fire, reload, and aim down sights, the player can also unload the firearm he is holding by holding down the reload key; a useful feature given how most ammo types have more than one gun chambered for them. With a firearm, the player also gains the ability to "disarm" players from opposing factions by holding the use key on them for a period of time, which forcibly cuffs their hands behind their backs, removes everything from their inventory, and prevents them from picking up objects. This is particularly useful early in a round, where disarming D-Class and scientists and escorting them to the exit at gunpoint respawns them as an operative allied to your faction, but loses relevance as a mechanic as the round progresses. Equipping a firearm in your hands also renders you immune to being disarmed.

Even with an eight slot inventory, by default, the player is limited to only being able to carry one firearm and two grenades, and has a rather small cap on the amount of ammo they can carry (which is counted separately from the item inventory). This can be mitigated by equipping armor, which can also be found in the aforementioned keycard-locked armories; every role that isn't a D-Class inmate or a scientist also spawns with one. Armor comes in three tiers, with each progressive tier increasing the player's item and ammo caps by a bigger amount at the cost of a higher and higher stamina penalty; with Heavy Armor, the player can carry up to three firearms and four grenades, although they're still limited by the eight slot inventory. Unsurprisingly, armor also decreases ballistic damage done to the player by a percentage, with each tier of armor negating a larger percentage of damage, although this percentage is further modified by the "penetration" value of a firearm, which differs between firearms and can be even further modified depending on what attachments have been equipped. Additionally, armor is also locational, and will not protect against shots to limbs (although limb shots inherently deal less damage to begin with); the lowest tier of armor will also not protect against headshots while the other two tiers of armor will.

Speaking of attachments, several high-tech tables with monitors, known as "workstations", can be found strewn across Site-02. Interacting with these workstations allows the player to change the attachments equipped on his firearm and change the reticle of the red dot sight on his gun if he has one equipped. While most of the attachment options involve sights and other modules attached to Picatinny rails, it also allows the player to equip extended magazines and various ammo types (although what ammo types are available is dependent on the firearm); how ammo types can be switched on the spot is a question best not considered.

While the game does, per first-person shooter standards, have a reserve pool of ammo that reloading instantly grabs a full magazine from, it unusually does not display how much ammo is left in the magazine currently loaded in the firearm; some guns have ammo counter attachments, but equipping one usually means you are forgoing another more useful attachment.

Accessible from the main menu is an "operational guide", which offers lore segments and other tidbits on Site-02, the various available roles, all the SCPs, and most importantly all the firearms in the game. These lore segments explain the Foundation's rationale behind their adoption of firearms, provide analyses by Foundation personnel on the Chaos Insurgency's standard issue firearms and doctrine, and occasionally self-deprecatingly poke fun at some of the sillier gun-related things in the game.

SCP: Secret Laboratory has been through several updates and major overhauls of both its gameplay mechanics and gun models; all the mechanics listed in this overview segment and all the guns listed below were only implemented into the game in the v11.0.0 update, appropriately named the Parabellum update. Although a couple of guns have existed with the same names and roughly equivalent gameplay purposes from before the Parabellum update, a few even dating back to when the game first released in open beta, they were represented with cruder models and animations that, with one exception, visually have nothing in common with the ones that the Parabellum update replaced them with. There was also no +1 in the chamber mechanic prior to the Parabellum update.


Ruger SR9c

A two-tone Ruger SR9c with a stainless steel slide appears in game as the "COM-15", marking the Ruger SR9c's debut (and currently only appearance) in a video game. The only ammo type available for it is JHP. It incorrectly has a capacity of 12+1 instead of the 10+1 it actually should have, although its extended magazine attachment correctly has a capacity of 17 rounds. Only one naturally spawns per round, and in a random spot in the Light Containment Zone; the operational guide reveals that it was the misplaced personal carry pistol of Junior Researcher Dr. David Bonardi, an employee at Site-02. Being a subcompact pistol in a facility staffed by guards armed with Kevlar vests and PDWs, the SR9c is effectively a stopgap firearm for D-Class and scientists to use to defend themselves from each other (and facility guards, in the case of D-Class), but should be replaced with something better as soon as possible.

The COM-15 has been in the game since v6.0.0, where it functioned roughly the same as it did now as a misplaced early-game emergency pistol for noncombatant roles. It also had the same magazine capacity and attachments, minus the extended magazine that the Parabellum update added. The model was a generic pistol that looked like a ugly hybrid between Fallout 3's 10mm pistol and F.E.A.R.'s USP.

Ruger SR9C Compact Pistol with Laser and stainless-steel slide - 9x19mm
An official render of the SR9c, displaying all the attachments available for it. Note how the SR9c with a suppressor has magically gained an extended threaded barrel for the suppressor to attach to.


Added in the v12.0.0 update is a joke variant of the COM-15 called the COM-45. Originally a suggestion made by name in a very vague and grammatically dubious post on the Steam discussion forums seemingly calling for the implementation of a sidearm chambered in .45 ACP, the developers jokingly interpreted COM-45 as "three COM-15s grafted together" instead. The COM-45 can only be obtained by putting a COM-15 through SCP-914 on Very Fine, and even then there is only a 15% chance of obtaining it, with it significantly more likely turning into an MP7A1 or a .44 revolver instead. The COM-45 has a capacity of 36 rounds in the three conjoined magazines plus 3 in the respective chambers. In addition, it has been turned fully automatic, with a monstrous fire rate of 3600 RPM. Unfortunately, this high fire rate results in high amounts of recoil, meaning that the COM-45 is only effective when standing right next to the target you're shooting at, but the obscene damage output ensures that whatever SCP you're firing at will be badly hurt, and whatever unfortunate human opponent you're firing at will be utterly destroyed. The COM-45 is classified as a "special weapon"; as such, it has no available attachments. When aiming down the sights, the player character will randomly pick one of the three iron sights to aim down.

The COM-45, in all its ridiculous glory. It also has a black conjoined slide, as opposed to the two-tone stainless steel COM-15.

Heckler & Koch P30L

The Heckler & Koch P30L appears with an FDE frame, a threaded barrel with thread protector, and chambered in 9x19mm as the "COM-18". Besides a suppressor that is based on the SilencerCo Osprey 9, the P30L can also equip an HK match weight as a barrel attachment, listed by the workstation as an "extended barrel". The P30L correctly has a capacity of 15+1, and is equipped with AP ammo by default, although it can also equip a 21-round extended magazine and have its AP ammo swapped out for JHP. No role spawns with it, and it can only be naturally acquired from armories and weapon lockers. The model is fairly authentic to the real P30L, the only notable changes being the peculiar crosshair pattern on the rear sight instead of the two dots it should actually have, the custom straight trigger, and the engravings on the slide, missing the gun's name and replacing the HK rollmark with FG. Supplementary material reveals that this stands for "Foundation Gunworks", a firearms manufacturing subsidiary of the SCP Foundation in the SCP: Secret Laboratory universe; seemingly they are responsible for manufacturing all the firearms the Foundation uses, as well as the suppressor the P30L can equip.

Heckler & Koch P30L - 9x19mm
An official render of the P30L, equipped with a suppressor and laser sight. Note the Foundation Gunworks rollmark on the Osprey 9 and on the P30L slide.

Smith & Wesson Model 500

While generically referred to by the game as a ".44 Revolver", the revolver in SCP: Secret Laboratory is clearly based on the Smith & Wesson Model 500, albeit rechambered in .44 Magnum. The .44 revolver is not a Foundation-issued weapon, and as such does not naturally spawn in Site-02, only being issued to Chaos Insurgency Marauders as a sidearm (as is the .44 Magnum ammo that it's chambered in). By default, the .44 revolver fires in double action with a trigger pull delay of 0.1s, but unusually the player can also also hit the middle mouse button to cock the hammer and fire in single action mode, which is also more accurate and obviously has no trigger pull delay. Per video game standards, the revolver is treated as a super-magnum marksman weapon, the operational guide entry for it even mentioning as such; this is reflected in the attachments available for it, as besides an RMR, the revolver can also equip a silver pistol scope that is seemingly inspired by the Leupold FX-II pistol scope, as well as a fictional stock that attaches to the grip somehow. The barrel length can also be customized as an attachment; the default is called the "Medium Barrel" and is based on the 8.375' barrel, but this can be replaced with the "Short Barrel", which is based on the 4' barrel, and the "Long Barrel", which is based on the 10.5' Performance Center barrel, complete with the pertinent muzzle brake. By default, the revolver has a six-round cylinder, but this too is counted as an attachment and can be swapped out for an eight-round cylinder and even a silly-looking four-round cylinder; how one can swap out the cylinders and modify the timing of the revolver in a split second in the middle of a containment breach is a question best not considered. When reloading, a speedloader is used, regardless of the cylinder capacity; the reload animation does its best to obscure the ammo that should be loaded into the speedloader until the ammo is released into the revolver, as well as avoid showing the ammunition side of the speedloader, seemingly to avoid having to model and animate multiple speedloaders.

Smith & Wesson Model 500 with HIVIS sights - .500 S&W Magnum
Smith & Wesson Model 500 (10.5" barrel) with extended ejector shroud, accessory rail, and sling - .500 S&W Magnum
Smith & Wesson Model 500 (4" Barrel) - .500 S&W Magnum
An official render of the ".44 Revolver", showcasing all of the attachments it can equip. The one on top is the default revolver, the one in the middle has the "Telescopic Sight", "Long Barrel", "Heavy Stock" and "4-Shot Cylinder" attachments, and the one at the bottom has the "Dot Sight", "Short Barrel" and "8-Shot Cylinder" attachments.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP7A1

The Heckler & Koch MP7A1 appears as the "FSP-9". It is modeled with a 40 round magazine but only has a mag capacity of 30+1, although this might have something to do with the fact that the FSP-9 is also chambered in 9x19mm; the operational guide mentions that the design was retrofitted for 9x19mm for logistical purposes (why the Foundation didn't just use another PDW design that was already in 9x19mm, like the gun in the entry directly below this one, is another question entirely). It is the standard issue firearm of facility guards, who spawn with one, and it can be acquired from armories and weapon lockers. The sights are modeled as always being flipped up. By default, the grip and stock are folded, but amusingly, these are considered attachments, which means that they can only selected to be unfolded at a workstation. Not only that, but they are noted to increase the draw time of the weapon, because enabling them means the player character has to take time to unfold the grip, extend the stock, or both every time they draw their MP7A1. As a Foundation-issue firearm, the FSP-9 is manufactured by Foundation Gunworks in the SCP: Secret Laboratory universe.

The MP7A1 has been in the game since v6.0.0. Unlike every other firearm that was in the game before the Parabellum update, the MP7A1 has been the only firearm that has remained the same firearm when the Parabellum updated all the gun models; it was even called the MP7 before the name change. The MP7 functioned roughly the same as it did now as the facility guard standard issue firearm. By default, the MP7 bizarrely had no rear sight, and its front sight was shifted to the back of the picatinny rail where the rear sight should've been. It had a magazine capacity of 35 rounds. It also had similar attachment options available for it, minus the flash hider, flashlight, and laser pointer. The folding foregrip was always extended, and the telescopic stock was always extended in the viewmodel but always retracted in the world model.

Heckler & Koch MP7A1 with 40-round magazine - 4.6x30mm
An official render of the MP7A1. The one on the right is the default MP7A1, while the one on the left has the "Holographic Sight" (based on the EoTech HWS XP3S), "Suppressor", "Extended Stock", and "Foregrip" attachments. Note the "FG" rollmark above the trigger on both sides. Also note the weird dots on the magazine; seemingly the modeler not only decided to include witness holes that look nothing like the witness holes the MP7 actually has, but they also appear to not know what witness holes are for, because they don't go all the way through.

KRISS Vector Gen II

The KRISS Vector Gen II appears chambered in 9x19mm under the slightly corrupted designation of the "Crossvec"; the operational guide entry reveals that, in-universe, this name was partially derived from the acronym C.R.O.S.S., which stands for (or rather was painfully backronymed from) "Compact Response Operative Submachine gun Selection program". The lower receiver of the Vector is a slightly lighter shade of black than the top receiver. The Vector has a whopping magazine capacity of 40+1 and is uses JHP ammo by default; it can be equipped with AP ammo instead as an attachment, but unfortunately for balance purposes the magazine capacity is decreased by 10 rounds if one does so. It is the standard issue firearm of MTF Privates, who spawn with one, and it can be acquired from armories and weapon lockers. As with the MP7A1, the folding stock is treated as an attachment, albeit unfolded by default, and like the MP7A1 folding it at a workstation decreases the draw time because the player character will no longer spend half a second unfolding the stock every time he draws the Vector. As a Foundation-issue firearm, the Crossvec is manufactured by Foundation Gunworks in the SCP: Secret Laboratory universe.

KRISS USA Vector Gen II - .45 ACP / 9x19mm Parabellum
An official render of the Vector. The Vector on the right has the "Suppressor" attachment, while the Vector on the left has the "Night-Vision Scope", "Suppressor", "Retracted Stock", and "Foregrip" attachments. Note the "FG" rollmark near the muzzle on both sides, where either "KRISS VECTOR" and "KRISS" would normally appear. Also note the attachments; the foregrip seems to be based on a Magpul RVG, but the real point of interest is the suppressor unique to the Vector. This appears to actually be based on an airsoft Angry Gun KSV tracer unit, which itself is very, very loosely based on the SilencerCo Osprey 9 suppressor; why the model of the suppressor for the P30L wasn't just reused is unclear. Also also note the magazine's weird witness holes that don't actually do anything, similar to the MP7A1's magazine; this is even more factually incorrect since MagEx2 magazines have witness ports on their back, rather than their sides.


Standard Manufacturing DP-12

The Standard Manufacturing DP-12 appears under the generic designation of "Shotgun". The DP-12 has a capacity of 7+7 for each magazine tube, as well as +2 in both chambers. Like the real deal, the DP-12 fires both barrels in sequence before the gun is pumped, although there is an attachment option to modify the DP-12 so both barrels are fired at once with one trigger pull. The pellets fired have some unusual properties, like always counting as torso hits no matter where in the target they land, or that when a blast kills a target, any "extra" pellets that weren't needed to kill the target will pass through and potentially hit someone behind the target, despite the fact that this should be physically impossible. The DP-12 is not a Foundation-issued weapon, and as such does not naturally spawn in Site-02, only being issued to Chaos Insurgency Marauders as a primary firearm (as is the 12 gauge buckshot ammo that it takes). Supplementary material reveals that in-universe, the shotgun is manufactured by Standard BGT. Co., a company based in the fictional city of New France, Connecticut, as a parody of the DP-12's real manufacturer Standard Manufacturing, LLC., which is based in New Britain, Connecticut. The shotgun is also revealed to have the very silly name of "Double Barrel Baguette Shotgun".

Standard Manufacturing DP-12 - 12 gauge
An official render of the DP-12. The one on the bottom is the standard DP-12 with the pump locked back, while the one on the top has the "Choke" attachment.


Maxim Defense MDX 508

The Maxim Defense MDX 508 chambered in 5.56x45mm makes its debut in a video game as the "MTF-E11-SR", which presumably stands for "Mobile Task Force Epsilon-11 Standard Rifle", Epsilon-11 being the Foundation designation for the Mobile Task Force responsible for securing facilities undergoing multiple containment breaches. Multiple magazine options are available as attachments for the MDX 508, but bizarrely, all of them have a slightly inflated magazine capacity compared to what they were visually modelled off of; the standard 30-round STANAG magazine holds 40 rounds, the drum magazine based off the Magpul PMAG D-60 holds 65 rounds, and the weird straight magazine that is too long to be a 20-round STANAG magazine and too short to be a Brownells 25-round magazine, as well has having a floorplate that doesn't seem nearly as slanted as it should be, holds 30 rounds. By default, the MDX 508 is loaded with FMJ ammo. AP and JHP ammo options are also available, but for balance purposes the standard magazine and the Magpul drum magazine can only load FMJ, while the straight low-capacity magazine can only load AP and JHP. Beyond magazines, multiple other attachment options are available; for instance, the Magpul RVG's M-LOK brother, the Magpul MVG, can be equipped as a foregrip, while the default pistol brace can be swapped out for proper stocks, like the Magpul MOE Carbine stock as the "Lightweight Stock" (how this is supposed to be lighter than the pistol brace is anyone's guess) and the DoubleStar ACE M4 SOCOM stock as the "Recoil-Reducing Stock", amongst several other attachment options. However, the most notable is the "Body" options: by default, the E11-SR uses the "Carbine Body" attachment, which is just a standard MDX 508, but it can be swapped to "Rifle Body", which effectively equips the handguard from a Maxim Defense MD11 along with a custom rifle barrel long enough to clear the handguard; needless to say this is not a factory configuration that is available from Maxim Defense. The MDX 508 is the standard issue rifle of MTF Specialists (the role that scientists and detained D-Class respawn as if they successfully escape the facility) and MTF Sergeants, and it can also be acquired from locked gun racks in Site-02. As a Foundation-issue firearm, the MDX 508 is manufactured by Foundation Gunworks in the SCP: Secret Laboratory universe.

The E11-SR has been in the game since it first released in open beta, having always served as the standard issue MTF firearm, though as different firearms before it reached its current form. From release to v6.0.0, the E11-SR was represented as a generic energy rifle that had a 30 round capacity, which was taken from the Unity asset store. From v6.0.0 to the Parabellum update, the E11-SR was an HK416, also with a mag capacity of 40 rounds. It had similar attachment options as the E11-SR has now, with the exception of a recoil-reducing "Gyroscopic Stabilizer" that would wind up being removed in the Parabellum update.

Maxim Defense MDX 508 - 5.56x45mm NATO
Maxim Defense MD11 - 7.62x51mm NATO
An official render of the MDX 508. The MDX 508 on the top has the "Rifle Body" and one of the "Low-Cap Magazine" attachments, while the MDX 508 on the bottom has the "Suppressor", "Lightweight Stock", "Foregrip", "Flashlight", and "FMJ Drum Magazine" attachments. Note how the barrel is practically flush with the handguard, with no length of threaded barrel to actually screw on muzzle devices. The different magazine models are also displayed in the bottom right corner.

AK Hybrid

An AK chambered in 7.62x39mm appears in the game, generically referred to as such. Unusually, it doesn't appear to be directly based off an AK-47; its barrel assembly resembles that of an AK-104, but extended to be way too long, though still ultimately shorter than a standard full sized AK, though a "muzzle" attachment, listed as an "Extended Barrel", restores the barrel length to that of an AK-103 or an AKM. Besides the aforementioned "Extended Barrel", the AK is capable of equipping the AK-103 and AK-104 muzzles brakes (referred to in-game as the "Muzzle Brake" and "Muzzle Booster" respectively) as muzzle attachments, as well as a PBS-1 generically referred to as "Suppressor", but just to further muddy matters, by default the AK is equipped with a slanted AKM muzzle brake, confusingly called the "Standard Barrel". The AK is heavily and extensively customized with aftermarket parts, being fitted with stylized versions of the Krebs Custom M-LOK handguard with a rail that extends to where the rear sight would normally be fitted, and the Magpul AK MOE grip, as well as a custom side mount that appears to be based topologically on a Midwest Industries Picatinny side mount that has had its structural pillars doubled in width. Amusingly, the in-universe analyst that is quoted in the AK's entry in the Operational Guide is unable to identify the handguard and side mount and speculates that they are completely proprietary to the Chaos Insurgency, implying the two silly possibilities that in the SCP: Secret Laboratory universe, the Chaos Insurgency has the manufacturing power to produce these aftermarket parts en-masse for their AKs instead of just acquiring one of the many alternatives available on the civilian market, or that the analyst is really bad at his job. By default, the AK has a BUIS rear sight, but it can be swapped out for a holographic sight based on the Valdai PK-120, a collimator sight that bizarrely has an ammo counter stuck on it, and a 6x telescopic sight. The AK can also be equipped with a foregrip that appears to be a Zenitco RK-2 foregrip, mounted to the handguard by means of a B-25U angled mount. By default, the AK is fitted with a Magpul MOE AK stock, but this can be replaced with a wooden stock under the name of the "Heavy Stock" in-game; it can also be completely removed entirely. Also by default, the AK is equipped with AP ammo and fitted with a Tapco mag for a correct mag capacity of 30+1, although the ammo type can be swapped out for JHP ammo and the magazine can be swapped out for a ProMag drum magazine with a mag capacity of 55 (as opposed to the actual mag capacity of 50 rounds). The AK is not a Foundation-issued weapon, and as such does not naturally spawn in Site-02, only being issued as a standard-issue firearm to Chaos Insurgency Conscripts (the role that D-Class and detained scientists respawn as if they successfully escape the facility) and Chaos Insurgency Riflemen, as is the 7.62x39mm ammo that it is chambered in.

AK-104 - 7.62x39mm
The default AK. Note the barrel assembly: structured rather like an AK-104, but too long to actually be one. The slanted AKM muzzle brake and other available muzzle options doesn't help matters either.
An official render of the AK, equipped with the "Holographic Sight", "Suppressor", "Heavy Stock", and a drum mag. Note the stylization of a milled stadium shape in the rear sight block. (Image taken from Jan Janiszewski's Artstation.)


"3-X Particle Disruptor"

Machine Guns

Heckler & Koch MG5

Heckler & Koch MG5 A2 - 7.62x51mm NATO
An official render of the MG5.

Heckler & Koch MG36


Model 7290 Flashbang Grenade

"High-Explosive Grenade"

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