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Road to Hell (Doroga v ad)

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Road to Hell (Doroga v ad)
Doroga v ad DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Nikolay Zaseev-Rudenko
Release Date 1988
Language Russian
Studio Dovzhenko Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Katya Rudenko Yelena Bardina
Aleksey Severin Stepan Starchikov
Marina Nechayeva Olga Sizova
Vladimir Korneyev Boris Shcherbakov
Boris Levitskiy Vladimir Korenev
Marta Cholman Lyudmila Gurchenko
Otto Stimmer Maris Liepa
Militsiya Col. Nikolay Stepanovich Goncharov Romualds Ancans

Road to Hell (Doroga v ad) is a 1988 Soviet made for TV two part crime movie directed by Nikolay Zaseev-Rudenko. Drug dealers try to involve Katya and Aleksey in their dirty business. But despite being threatened, they refuse the proposal and help Soviet and Czechoslovak law enforcement servicies to reveal the entire chain of drug trafficking.

The following weapons were used in the film Road to Hell (Doroga v ad):


Makarov PM

In several scenes Makarov PM pistols are used by personnel of Soviet Militsiya and Czechoslovak Veřejná bezpečnost (Public Security) law enforcement servicies (it's worth noting that PMs were never issued in Czechoslovakia, in this case Makarov pistols stand for CZ Vz.82). PMs are also seen in hands of drug mafia persons, notably Marta Cholman (Lyudmila Gurchenko) and her henchman (Yuri Kritenko).

Note: see additional images on talk page.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
In the scene of the arrest of drug couriers PMs are used by law enforcement officers: Soviet Militsiya Col. Nikolay Stepanovich Goncharov (Romualds Ancans) (at the right) and Czechoslovak Veřejná bezpečnost Lt.Col. Václav Ševčík (Nikolay Zaseev-Rudenko) (in center) and his unnamed colleague (Igor Chernitskiy) (at the left).
Wounded Czechoslovak operative fires at drug mafia gunman.
Lt.Col. Václav Ševčík and another operative (Anatoli Pereverzev) with PMs.
Marta Cholman's henchman with a PM.
Marta Cholman fires her henchman's pistol.
Soviet and Czhechoslovak law enforcement officers arrest Marta Cholman.
Marta surrenders her PM.
A Militsia operative (Anatoli Lukyanenko) with a PM.

Assault Rifles


A drug mafia gunman use AKS-74U.

AKS-74U - 5.45x39mm
Doroga v ad-AKS74U-1.jpg
A close view of the AKS-74U.
The gunman runs with his weapon.
He fires.
The AKS-74U on the ground next to killed gunman.
Lt.Col. Václav Ševčík (Nikolay Zaseev-Rudenko) picks up the gun.


AKMS assault rifles are seen in hands of Militsiya personnel during the operation against the drug lab.

AKMS - 7.62x39mm
Doroga v ad-AK-1.jpg
Doroga v ad-AK-2.jpg
Militsiya personnel with AKMS and PMs.

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