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Nude Nuns with Big Guns

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010)

Nude Nuns with Big Guns is a 2010 nunsploitation spoof about Sister Sarah (Asun Ortega) who, after almost being beaten to death, takes revenge on those who drugged and abused her; corrupt local clergymen and members of the motorcycle gang ‘Los Muertos’.

Filmed on a relatively low budget, the movie has the same ingredients as such classics as From Dusk Till Dawn and El Mariachi; sleazy bars, violent encounters, dusty road-side gas stations and artfully shot Texmex landscapes with accompanying dramatic Mexican guitar play.

It is likely that for budgetary reasons most guns have been procured from suppliers of non-firing replica guns. The actual supplier cannot be identified with certainty so for reasons of simplicity, the original gun is assumed below.

The following guns were used in the film Nude Nuns with Big Guns:

M1928 Thompson

For the final shoot-out at the strip club that serves as the HQ of the ‘Los Muertos’ motorcycle gang, Sister Sarah (Asun Ortega) packs a M1928 Thompson submachine gun. She uses it to deadly effect on unlucky visitors and gang members who stand in her way of final revenge.

M1928 "Tommy Gun" with 50-round drum magazine - .45 ACP
Sister Sarah taking the M1928 Thompson submachine gun from the trunk of her car as she prepares to enter the strip club.
”Knock, knock, knocking on Heaven’s door...”
With a determined look on her face, Sister Sarah is taking deadly revenge on gang members who abused her and her fellow sisters.

Colt M1911A1

Motorcycle gang ‘Los Muertos’ president Chavo (David Castro) carries an unidentified variant of the M1911A1. It may very well be some kind of non-firing dummy pistol because it has a strange ‘weathered’ look, the hammer does not lock back even when the trigger seems to be pulled back, and on many occasions it is held close too close for comfort next to actor’s faces.

Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Chavo pulling his M1911A1 during the confrontation with the American tourists who were unlucky enough to wander into his ‘hood’.
During an argument with members of his gang, Chavo is using his M1911A1 to make his point come across. Note the unfortunate attempts of the actors to look like ‘real’ gang-members.

Ruger GP100

The receptionist of the Palms Motel takes a stainless 4” Ruger GP100 revolver as she apprehends Sister Sarah who was found out to be taking refuge in her motel.

Blued Ruger GP100 - .357 Magnum
The receptionist making her way to Sister Sarah’s room after having retrieved a Ruger GP100 from underneath the reception counter.
”In case you haven’t noticed, I am the one with the gun!“

Smith & Wesson Schofield

When Sister Sarah is almost beaten to death by a visitor of the strip club, she is saved by Mr. Foo (Maxie J. Santillan Jr.) who gives her a pair of ornately engraved Smith & Wesson Schofields in nickel finish to carry out her revenge plans. She uses these revolvers during most of the following shoot-outs, carrying them backwards (‘grips aimed forward’) in shoulder holsters over her nun’s habit.

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 with nickel finish - .45 Schofield
”If you’re gonna be doing the Lord’s work, you’re gonna need the Lord’s tools!“
Sister Sarah cocking the hammer of one of her Smith & Wesson Schofields before she enters one of the rooms of the strip club during the final shoot-out.
A good shot of the distinctive loading mechanism of the Smith & Wesson Schofields with the barrel and cylinder flicking downwards to expose the chambers.
While counting drug money, evil Mother Magda (Emma Messenger) feels the barrel of one of Sister Sarah’s Smith & Wesson Schofields against her head. Game over!
Sister Sarah using the American’s to dispose of yet another few clergymen conspiring with members of the ‘Los Muertos’ motorcycle gang.

Single Action Army

Chavo (David Castro), Kick-Stand (Xango Henry) and most other bad guys pack Single Action Army ‘Cavalry Model’ non-firing replica’s of unknown make. Some have the characteristic ejector rods removed or shortened and most of the time they are carried in a casual style in a belt across the hips.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 7.5" barrel - .45 Long Colt
When a package of cocaine is missing from the mission bus in which it was transported, Chavo interrogates the passengers with his Single Action Army revolver.
”Get over here, Sister, I won’t hurt you…“
A Father in a wheelchair pulls a Single Action Army on Sister Sarah during a gunfight in a church. Note that the barrel appears to be filled indicating this is probably a non-firing replica.
For most of the movie, Chavo’s henchman Kick-Stand (left) carries a Single Action Army in his belt. Not very practical but probably a good way to look cool in the eyes of the director.

J.C. Higgins Model 20

During Sister Sarah’s raid on the cocaine processing facility, a ‘heroic’ member of the ‘Los Muertos’ motorcycle gang who guards the place is seen with a J.C. Higgins Model 20 with sawed-off stock and barrel.

J.C. Higgins Model 20 - 12 Gauge

Reck Miami 92F

Apart from the Smith & Wesson Schofield’s that Sister Sarah keeps in shoulder holsters, she’s also packing a couple of nickel finished Reck Miami 92F’s in waist holsters. Apart from some dramatic cocking and loading shots, the Reck Miami 92F’s are not seen used by her.

Reck Miami 92F, nickel finish - 9mm P.A.K. blanks
Sister Sarah loading her Reck Miami 92F’s before she sets out on yet another ‘mission’. The gun can be easily identified by the black plastic levers. Note the incredible lack of trigger discipline.
Sister Sarah cocks her Reck Miami 92F in preparation of another revenge mission. Again, trigger discipline does not seem to be in her dictionary…

Colt 1878 shotgun

For her confrontation with the devious Father Carlito, Sister Sarah packs a sawn-off Colt 1878 shotgun. It is seen when she is making preparations but is never used in real action.

Colt 1878 reproduction - 12 Gauge

Unidentified pistol

Father Carlito (Perry D'Marco) takes an unidentified compact gun from a cut-out bible when Sister Sarah catches up with him. It has gold-plated levers and bears some resemblance to the Bersa Thunder 380 (which has a version with gold-plated levers). Also, Makarov PM and Walther PPK have been suggested, but not enough details can be seen for a positive identification.


Unidentified revolvers

During the final gunfight, several thugs show up carrying unidentified revolvers. They could be the previously used Single Action Army (left) and Ruger GP100 (right) but again there are not enough details for positive identification.


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