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Mean Guns

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Mean Guns
Mean guns poster.jpg
Video Release Poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Albert Pyun
Release Date 1997
Language English
Studio Filmwerks
Distributor Mean Guns Inc.
New City Releasing
Main Cast
Character Actor
Lou Christopher Lambert
Vincent Moon Ice-T
Marcus Michael Halsey
Cam Deborah Van Valkenbourgh
Barbie Tina Cote
Hoss Yuji Okumoto
Crow Thom Mathews
D Kimberly Warren

Mean Guns is a 1997 cult action/thriller/crime film directed by Albert Pyun and stars Christopher Lambert, Michael Halsey, Deborah Van Valkenbourgh, Kimberly Warren and Tina Cote as crime syndicate members who are forced by a crime boss (Ice-T) to play a deadly assassination game in a new empty high-tech prison. The prize is 3 million dollars and freedom, but all is not so simple as it looks.

The following weapons were used in the film Mean Guns:



Beretta 92FS

The Beretta 92FS is one of the most frequently used guns in the film. Lou (Christopher Lambert) is seen using four different Beretta pistols, including one taken from African-American thug named Blondie (Jahi J.J. Zuri); three of which he tosses in the process of the game. Lou, Bob (Jerry Rector) and Crow (Thom Mathews) are also seen dual-wielding Berettas along with other guns. Cam (Deborah Van Valkenbourgh) receives her Beretta 92FS gun from Marcus (Michael Halsey). Barbie (Tina Cote) also uses a Beretta 92FS (taken from Lenny, the thug she killed with a baseball bat). There's also various thugs, including Ricky (James Wellington), using the Beretta 92F (most likely even the same props) during the film.

(Beretta 92F (Early Model)
Lenny's Beretta 92F lying on the kitchen floor, before it's taken by Barbie.
Moon watches on a monitor as Lou (Christopher Lambert) aims his Beretta 92F at D (Kimberly Warren).
Lou (Christopher Lambert) fires his dual Beretta's.
Crow (Thom Mathews) with his Beretta 92FS(right).
Barbie (Tina Cote) reloads the Beretta 92FS.
Hoss (Yuji Okumoto) holds the Beretta 92FS.
Crow (Thom Mathews) draws his Beretta 92FS on Barbie (Tina Cote).
Barbie (Tina Cote) armed with the Beretta 92FS in a standoff.

Beretta 92FS Centurion Inox

A female syndicate member (credited as "Mambo Woman" in end credits and played by Jill Pierce) is seen taking up what appears to be a Beretta 92FS Centurion with an Inox finish and a suppressor.

Beretta 92FS Centurion - 9x19mm
"Mambo Woman" (Jill Pierce) racks the slide of the suppressed pistol.
"Mambo Woman" (Jill Pierce) racks the slide of the suppressed pistol.

Smith & Wesson Model 39

Bob (Jerry Rector) dual-wields what appear to be 9mm Smith & Wesson 39 pistols in nickel. This also appears to be the pistol wielded by Cam (Deborah Van Valkenbourgh) and Crow (Thom Mathews) at various instances.

Smith & Wesson Model 39-2, nickel finish - 9x19mm
Bob (Jerry Rector) dual-wields Smith & Wesson 39 nickel pistols.
Cam (Deborah Van Valkenbourgh) aims her pistol at Lou.
Another view of the pistol held by Cam..
Crow (Thom Mathews) hands off the empty pistol.
Barbie reloads the pistol.
Bob (Jerry Rector) dual-wields Smith & Wesson 39 nickel pistols when confronting Hoss.

Desert Eagle Mark I

A Desert Eagle Mark I is the personal sidearm of Marcus (Michael Halsey). It's the only gun not taken by Moon guards, possibly because of Marcus's status in syndicate, or because his nonsense phrase about eggs and bacon that he says to the guard is a special password to save own gun, while in the prison.

Desert Eagle MK I - .357 Magnum.
Marcus pulls his Desert Eagle Mark I during the opening shootout.
Marcus's Desert Eagle Mark I lying in Lou's car.
Marcus holds the pistol during a confrontation.

Desert Eagle Mark VII

A chrome Desert Eagle Mark VII is the pistol used by D (Kimberly Warren) in the film. D's Desert Eagle was also used by Lou in one scene. When first entering the prison, Hoss (Yuji Okumoto) gives up his own Desert Eagle to the guard, after jokingly aiming it at him, while Crow (Thom Mathews) says "Bang". Crow himself uses a Desert Eagle (dual-wielding it with the Beretta 92FS) in the climatic shootout in the restroom. At one point in the film, Moon (Ice-T) opens up a special case with four chrome Desert Eagles for the "Grand Finale".

Desert Eagle Mark VII - .357 Magnum, Nickel finish.
When first entering the prison, Hoss (Yuji Okumoto) gives up his own Desert Eagle to the guard, after jokingly aiming it at him, while Crow (Thom Mathews) says "Bang".
D (Kimberly Warren) with her Desert Eagle before shooting Ricky.
D (Kimberly Warren) aims her Desert Eagle at thugs.
Lou (Christopher Lambert) aims D's Desert Eagle at Marcus.
On the left, Crow (Thom Mathews) dual-wielding his Desert Eagle and Beretta 92FS.
A syndicate thug holding the Desert Eagle during the kitchen shootout.
Moon (Ice-T) shows off one of his special Desert Eagle pistols.
Marcus holding the chrome Desert Eagle, given to him by Moon.
The chrome Desert Eagle lying on the floor.

Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket

During the shootout in the restroom, Barbie (Tina Cote) finds a nickel-plated Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket lying on the floor. She picks it up and later is seen pulling it on Hoss.

Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket Nickel with pearl grips - .25 ACP
Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket is seen on the floor.
Barbie puts her Colt Model 1908 Vest Pocket to the head of Hoss.
Barbie (Tina Cote) with the pistol.


Colt Trooper Mk V

Syndicate boss Vincent Moon (Ice-T) weapon of choice appears to be a nickel Colt Trooper Mk V revolver. He uses the revolver four times throughout the movie, during confrontations with Commissioner Guilbert (Hoke Howell), biker (Moss Mossberg), long-haired, bearded hippie and an unknown long-haired thug. The nickel revolver also appears to be used by Hoss during a shootout in the restroom.

Colt Trooper Mk V 4ยดยด - .357 Magnum
An angry Moon (Ice-T) fires his Colt Trooper at Commissioner Guilbert.
Moon (Ice-T) fires his Colt Trooper Mk V at long-haired hippie thug.
D briefly holds the revolver.
A thug attempts to go outside armed with the revolver.
Hoss fires the revolver.
Hoss on the left armed with the revolver.

Ruger Security Six

A Ruger Security Six is first seen in the movie as the revolver "D" gives up before she enters the prison. This revolver also appears to be used by Blondie (Jahi J.J. Zuri) when all the thugs starting to click their empty guns to each other and is later used by Cam (Deborah Van Valkenbourgh) in the climatic shootout.

Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum, .38 Special (note adjustable rear sights). Standard barrel lengths offered were 2.75, 4, and 6 inches.
A Ruger Security Six, the predecessor to Moon's Ruger Service Six, is first seen in the movie as the revolver "D" gives up before she enters the prison.
Close-up of the revolver. Note the "Security Six" imprint.


A close-up of Security Six being loaded.


Cam, aiming her Ruger Security Six on thug.
Cam (Deborah Van Valkenbourgh) holds the revolver while outside the prison.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB

A Smith & Wesson Model 10 Heavy Barrel appears to be held by Blondie (Jahi J.J. Zuri). A closeup of the revolver is later seen.

Smith & Wesson Model 10 HB - .38 Special
Blondie (Jahi J.J. Zuri) holds his empty revolver on Bob and Barbie.
Closeup of the revolver.


Mossberg 500 Cruiser

Hoss (Yuji Okumoto) wields a Mossberg 500 Cruiser fitted with a ribbed barrel and a Surefire forend, The shotgun was taken from long-haired thug named Joey and is also seen used by Crow (Thom Mathews). Bob uses a Mariner Cruiser just before beginning of the game and later uses it during a confrontation with Hoss, Crow and Barbie. Also Moon seen on photos with Mossberg 500 Cruiser.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser with plain barrel, no heat shield - 12 gauge
Hoss raises his Mossberg shotgun at Barbie (Tina Cote).
Barbie (Tina Cote) is threatened with the shotgun. Note the ribbed barrel and Surefire foreend.
Mossberg 500 Mariner Cruiser - 12 gauge
Bob with his shotgun after the beginning of the game.
Bob fires his shotgun at Hoss, Crow and Barbie.
Bob's shotgun near his head and two pistols near.

Mossberg 590 Mariner

Lou and Marcus are seen Mossberg 590 Mariner shotguns with high-capacity magazine tube and pistol grip through the film. These shotguns are also used by various thugs in the film.

Mossberg 590 Mariner Cruiser 12 gauge with high-capacity magazine tube and pistol grip
Lou (Christopher Lambert) aims his shotgun. Little another angle.
Lou (Christopher Lambert) struggles someone with his shotgun.
Lou (Christopher Lambert) fires his shotgun in an unusual way.
Marcus reloading his shotgun.
Nice shot on the shotguns barrel.
Another thug holding a shotgun.

Weapons Dump

After his initial speech to the unarmed syndicate mobsters, Vincent Moon (Ice-T) has his henchmen dump buckets of pistols and shotguns down onto the floor so they can start shooting.

Moon's men dump the weapons down to the gangsters.
The weapons fall down to the gangsters.
The weapons on the stairs.

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