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Lunatics: A Love Story

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Lunatics: A Love Story
Lunatics a love story video cover.jpg
Video Cover Art
Country Flag of the United States.jpg United States
Directed by Josh Becker
Release Date 1991
Language English
Studio Renaissance Pictures
Distributor Columbia Pictures Home Video
Becker Films
Dinsdale Releasing
Main Cast
Character Actor
Hank Stone Ted Raimi
Nancy Deborah Foreman
Ray/Mad Brain Surgeon/Mikhail Gorbachev Bruce Campbell
Comet George Aguilar

Lunatics: A Love Story is a surreal romantic comedy movie, produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, directed by Josh Becker and starring Ted Raimi (credited as Theodore Raimi here), Deborah Foreman and Bruce Campbell. It was shot in 1989, but not released until 1990.

The following guns were used in the film Lunatics: A Love Story:

Smith and Wesson Model 15

The Smith & Wesson Model 15 is seen carried by 6th street bandit leader Comet (George Aguilar) and then taken from him by Nancy (Deborah Foreman), which she uses to shoot Comet's left foot, wounding him (it was later said, that he's lost a toe). She later fires her revolver three times: at Comet's thugs (she misses and shot sign "Private parking"), at Hank Stone (Ted Raimi), whom she sees as a Comet in her hallucination, caused by Hank's hitting her in her head (who was also hallucinating). She then misses and shoots the window in Hank's apartment. The last time the gun used in the film is when Nancy uses it to shoot at a garbage truck because Hank thought that it was a giant spider. The spider is killed in Hank's hallucinations (shot in the eye), while the truck just drives away. Nancy then tosses the revolver in the sewer.

Smith & Wesson Model 15 with factory target grips - .38 Special
Comet's S&W Model 15 is carried in his pants and the film later proves that it's dangerous.
Nancy fires at Comet's feet.
Nancy fires at thugs with her eyes closed.
Nancy aims gun at thugs.
Nancy's bullet hitting sign "Private Parking". The fireworks looks suspicious.
Gun in the pocket of Nancy's jacket.
Nancy aims gun at Hank Stone (Ted Raimi).
Nancy fires her gun at window.
A close-up on the gun.
Nancy carrying her gun in the scene very similar to the famous suicide scene in Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound.
Nancy's shadow with the gun. Barrel clearly visible.
Another good close-up on the gun.
A close-up on the gun's hammer.
A close-up on the gun's cylinder.
A close-up on the gun's trigger and Nancy's finger.
Nancy fires her revolver at garbage truck/giant spider.

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