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Lawrence of Arabia

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Lawrence of Arabia
Movie poster
Country UKD.jpg UK
Directed by David Lean
Release Date 1962
Language English
Studio Horizon Pictures
Distributor Columbia Pictures
Main Cast
Character Actor
T.E. Lawrence Peter O'Toole
Prince Feisal Alec Guinness
Auda Abu Tayi Anthony Quinn
General Allenby Jack Hawkins
Sherif Ali Omar Sharif
Turkish Bey José Ferrer
Colonel Brighton Anthony Quayle
Jackson Bentley Arthur Kennedy

Lawrence of Arabia is the 1962 epic directed by David Lean and starring Peter O'Toole as T.E. Lawrence.

The following weapons were used in the film Lawrence of Arabia:


Webley Mk.VI

The British Webley Mk VI revolver is the main weapon of Major T.E. Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) throughout the film. Tafas (Zia Mohyeddin), Sherif Ali (Omar Sharif) and Auda abu Tayi (Anthony Quinn) also are seen with the Webley Mk VI.

Webley Mk. VI
Lawrence tosses his Webley Mk.VI aside when he rests.
Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) offers his Webley Mk. VI as a gift to Tafas (Zia Mohyeddin), who hesitantly accepts it.
Lawrence uses his Webley during a confrontation with Gasim.
Lawrence is caught up in a bloodlust and slaughters retreating Turks with his Webley Mk VI.
Lawrence furiously breaks open his Webley Mk.VI after he empties it on the Turks.

Mauser C96

The German Mauser C96 is the weapon used by the Turkish officer to wound Lawrence during the takeover of the train. These guns can be seen in the hands of other characters, including the Turkish Bey (José Ferrer) while in Deraa. Several Turkish officers during the attack on Aqaba can be seen using unidentified revolvers.

Mauser C96
A Turkish officer opens fire with his Mauser during the attack.
A shellshocked Turkish officer shoots at Lawrence repeatedly, but is too disoriented to make a proper shot.

Rifles & Muskets


The Lee-Enfield rifle is used by the Arabs and British throughout the movie. Turkish soldiers also use these weapons in several scenes, interchanging with Mausers, presumably depending on what country the scenes were shot in (Jordan, Spain or Morocco) and the availability of the rifles. While likely not intentional, this is not entirely inaccurate as the Turks did re-issue the SMLEs captured at Gallipoli.

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk. III* - .303 British
Two of Lawrence's men with Lee-Enfields
Turkish soldiers armed with Lee-Enfields kill the bloodthirsty Talal.
British Soldiers armed with Lee-Enfields.

Mauser M43

The Turkish army uses the Spanish Mauser M43 rifle in the film in place of the issued Turkish M1903, likely as this movie was filmed in Spain.

Mauser M43 - 8 x 57mm Mauser
Next to Lawrence (Peter O'Toole), Mauser M43 rifles are seen.
Retreating Turkish column, armed with Mausers
Good detail on the M43, notice finger grooves and sling bar on butt

Jezail Musket

Several of Lawrence's bodyguards towards the end of the film are armed with some type of Jezail musket, a commonly used musket (notable for its rounded, forked stock and long barrel) found in the Middle East. They can be found with all types of muzzle-loading ignition - matchlock, flintlock (often Snaphaunce or Miquelet), and percussion.

Jezail musket
A bodyguard holds the Jezail.
Jezail muskets are seen in the hands of the bodyguards.
The Jezails are seen.

Machine Guns

Browning M1919A4

Browning M1919A4 machine guns are seen used by the Turks in the first train attack scene. This is an anachronism since the movie takes place from 1916 to 1918.

M1919A4 - .30-06
Turks are overrun by Lawrence's Arabs.

M1914 Hotchkiss

The Turks are seen deploying a French M1914 Hotchkiss machine gun when Lawrence and the Arabs attack the retreating Turk column.


Vickers Gun

The Arabs use the Vickers Gun when they assault the trains. Interestingly, Lawrence asks General Allenby earlier in the film for instructors for the Lewis guns he had requested, it seems he was provided with the Vickers' instead, at least as far as the film shows.

Arab manning a Vickers Gun during the attack.
Vickers Gun is fired from armored car.
Vickers with ribbed water jacket.
Arabs open fire with the Vickers with a ribbed water jacket.
Vickers with a ribbed water jacket is fired by the Arabs.


Webley & Scott Signal Pistol

Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) and Col. Harry Brighton (Anthony Quayle) both use a Webley & Scott Signal Pistol over the course of the movie.

Webley Signal Pistol of WWI
Lawrence use a Webley & Scott Signal Pistol to fire off a flare to signal the Arabs to stop shooting.
Colonel Harry Brighton (Anthony Quayle) fires off a flare with a Webley & Scott Signal Pistol.


The retreating Turkish column tow a Howitzer (possibly a French 75 or a German 77) along with them.


Sea Battery

Lawrence and the Arabs conquer Aqaba to eliminate the threat to supply ships, that the sea batteries possesses. Mentioned earlier in the film by Brighton as being 12-inch guns, they are non-firing mock-ups.

The sea battery is seen.

Weapons Platforms

Turk Fighter Plane

The Turkish planes used in the raid on Feisal's camp appear to be disguised De Havilland Tiger Moths, a biplane used by the British Royal Air Force from 1932 to 1959, and the default biplane for British movies.


Rolls Royce Whippet Armored Car

Vickers Mk.1


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