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La Linea - The Line

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La Linea - The Line (2009)

La Linea - The Line is a 2009 thriller directed by James Cotten, starring Andy Garcia, Ray Liotta, Danny Trejo and Esai Morales. The film takes place in Tijuana, Mexico. The story revolves around Mark Shields, played by Ray Liotta, who has been hired by an unknown party to kill Esai Morales's character Pelon. The latter is one of two men up to receive control of the drug empire of the ill Javier Salazar, played by Andy Garcia. Pelon soon finds himself locked in a deadly struggle with the second heir to the throne, Diablo (Jordi Vilasuso). With the CIA, too, attempting to stop Pelon for their own reasons, Mark Shields sets out to complete his mission and come to terms with his past.

The following weapons were used in the film La Linea - The Line:



Beretta 92F/FS

One of the firearms used by Pelon's and Diablo's bodyguards is the Beretta 92F/FS.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm
One of the cartel members fires his Beretta 92F/FS during the shootout at the cafe.
During the opening sequence, Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) aims a suppressed Beretta 92F/FS at an Asian dealer after taking out his bodyguards.


The Beretta 92F/FS lies next to a two-tone Jericho 941 in the Making-of.

Beretta 92FS Inox

Pelon's personal sidearm is a Beretta 92FS Inox. Shields (Ray Liotta) can also be seen utilizing one. Before the last fire fight in the warehouse, Pelon's Inox is briefly replaced with a two-tone Beretta 92F/FS.

Beretta 92FS INOX - 9x19mm
Pelon (Esai Morales) firing his Beretta 92FS Inox.
Pelon's (Esai Morales) Beretta locks empty during his final confrontation with Shields.
Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) aims his own Beretta 92FS Inox during the end of the warehouse fight.

Colt M1911A1

When the mercenaries attack the warehouse, one of Pelon's men is seen firing a Colt M1911A1.

Pre-War Colt M1911A1 Pistol Commercial - .45 ACP
The man to the left fires his Colt M1911A1 as the mercenaries begin their assault.

Glock 17

Seen twice. Martin (Gary Daniels) uses a two-tone Generation 3 Glock 17, which is also seen briefly in the hands of one of Pelon's thugs. During the scene at the estate at the end of the film a Generation 2 model was used.

2nd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm
Martin (Gary Daniels) fires his two-tone Glock 17 during the stand-off at the cáfe.
Pelon (Esai Morales) has a Glock 17 held to his head.


IMI Desert Eagle

A cartel member can be seen holding a IMI Desert Eagle in the warehouse.

A matte stainless Desert Eagle MK I - .357 Magnum
The man to the right holds a Desert Eagle as Mario (Danny Trejo) confers with Pelon.

Para-Ordnance P-14

One of Pelon's henchmen can be seen wielding a Para-Ordnance P-14 during the stand-off in the café.

Para-Ordnance P-14 - .45 ACP
Here you can clearly read Para Ordnance on the slide of the gun.

SIG-Sauer P226

Among the weapons available to Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) at the arms dealer is a SIG-Sauer P226.

SIG-Sauer P226 pistol - 9x19mm
While Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) picks his Beretta 92FS Inox off the table, the SIG-Sauer P226 can be seen.

Smith & Wesson 5906

Diablo's personal sidearm is a Smith & Wesson 5906. One of Pelon's men can also be seen with one, shortly before he is shot by Shields outside the warehouse.

Smith & Wesson 5906 from Collateral - 9x19mm
Diablo (Jordi Vilasuso) is hit, his Smith & Wesson 5906 still in hand.

Submachine Guns


When confronting Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) in the warehouse, the IMI Uzi is Mario's (Danny Trejo) weapon of choice.

IMI Uzi - 9x19mm
Mario (Danny Trejo) opening up on Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) with his Uzi.

Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW

The mercenaries hired by Mr. Anthony confront Pelon outside his warehouse, armed with MP5K's with PDW-style folding stocks.

MP5K with the PDW-style folding stock attached, commonly used in films to emulate the PDW - 9x19mm. The real MP5K-PDW can be distinguished by its longer barrel and newer trigger group.
One of the two mercenaries send by Mr. Anthony (Bruce Davison) firing his MP5K-PDW.
Here you can see the PDW-style folding stock that was attached to the MP5K PDW.


One of the actors firing the MP5K PDW in the Making Of.


Custom CAR-15

Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) uses two differently customized members of the M16 family in La Linea - The Line. The first one is equipped with a quadruple rail system, foregrip and a suppressor. The second was customized with a free floating handguard and a suppressor. Both carbines are equipped with an ACOG and tactical flashlight. Both have nondetachable carry handles and A2 upper receivers.

Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) picks up the first of two ARs in the Arms Dealers flat.
Shortly before going after Pelon (Esai Morales), Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) checks the ACOG on his AR Carbine.
Shields (Ray Liotta) loads the carbine.
Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) flicks off the safety when gunning for Pelon (Esai Morales).


The Line - CAR15 special.jpg


Only seen during the fire fight outside the warehouse, is a M16/SP1 with A2 handguards attached.

M16/SP1 with A2 style handguards – 5.56x45mm
One of Pelon's (Esai Morales) thugs with an M16/SP1 fitted with A2 style handguards.

Norinco Type 56

When Shields (Ray Liotta) visits the arms dealer, one of the weapons available to him is a Norinco Type 56 with a under-folding stock.

Norinco Type 56-1 (under-folding stock variant) - 7.62x39mm
The Norinco Type 56 lies next to the Carbines and an Heckler & Koch MP5 with "slimline" handguard.

Remington 700PSS/700P

Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) uses a Remington 700PSS/700P during a flashback to a failed assassination attempt.

Remington 700PSS with Harris bipod, in .300 Win Mag
Mark Shields (Ray Liotta) with a Remington 700PSS/700P in a flashback.
He sights in on the target with his Remington 700PSS/700P.


Mossberg 500 Cruiser

Only seen once, during the engagement between the cartel members and the mercenaries.

Mossberg 500 Cruiser with plain barrel, no heat shield - 12 gauge
One of Pelon's men firing the Mossberg 500 Cruiser.

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