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Illustrious Corpses (Cadaveri eccellenti)

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Illustrious Corpses
(Cadaveri eccellenti)
Illustrious Corpses Poster.jpg
US Theatrical Release Poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
FRA.jpg France
Directed by Francesco Rosi
Release Date 1976
Language Italian
Studio Produzioni Europee Associati
Les Productions Artistes AssociƩs
Main Cast
Character Actor
Inspector Amerigo Rogas Lino Ventura
The Chief of Police Tino Carraro
"The Lazy" Marcel Bozzuffi
Cusan Luigi Pistilli
Judge Rasto Alain Cuny

Illustrious Corpses (original title Cadaveri eccellenti) is a 1976 Italian-French detective thriller directed by Francesco Rosi and starring Lino Ventura as Italian police detective Amerigo Rogas who investigates the consistent assassinations of several attorneys and judges. The investigation leads him to the political conspiracy.

The following weapons were used in the film Illustrious Corpses (Cadaveri eccellenti):


Beretta Model 70

A Beretta Model 70 is Inspector Rogas' (Lino Ventura) personal firearm.

Beretta Model 70 - .32 ACP
Cadaveri eccellenti-Beretta-1.jpg
Rogas cocks his pistol.
A typical trigger guard allows to identify the pistol as Model 70.

Submachine Guns

Beretta Model 38/44

In several scenes carabiniers and soldiers carry Beretta Model 38/44 submachine guns.

Beretta Model 38/44 - 9x19mm
A carabinier with Beretta 38/44 on a railway station.
Airmen of the VAM (Air Force's airfield guards) guard the airfield. They can be recognized by the use of leather webbing (suspenders are visible) and the use of light blue shirts with blue neckties underneath the uniform (army would either use the standard kaki shirt or forego it)


Carcano M91TS

During the street unrest State Police members carry rifles that appear to be Carcano M91TS.

Carcano M91 TS Modificato - 6.5x52 mm
State Police members with Carcano rifles in the car.
The shape of the bolt handle (seen at the right bottom) allows to identify the rifle as M91TS rather than very similar M91/24.

Beretta BM59

In the final scene Italian soldiers carry rifles. They are seen only partially but the shape of the stock and rear sight allows to identify them as Beretta BM59. In the same scene paratroopers carry BM59 with folding stock.

Beretta BM-59 Civilian Model - 7.62x51mm
Cadaveri eccellenti-Rifle-1.jpg
Beretta BM59 "Truppe Alpine" - 7.62x51mm NATO
Paratroopers patrol the street. They carry rifles with folded stocks.

Machine Guns

Browning M2HB

In the final scene Browning M2HB heavy machine guns are seen mounted on Italian army tanks and APCs.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
An M2 is mounted on the tank turret.


An M85 heavy machine gun is mounted on M60 tank.

M85 heavy machine gun - .50 BMG
A barrel of M85 is seen on M60 (the third in the column).


In the final scene a hull-mounted machine gun is seen on the Bergepanzer 2 ARV. It appears to be an MG3 or its Italian version Beretta MG42/59.

MG3 Machine Gun - 7.62x51mm NATO
A hull-mounted machine gun in armored cover is seen.
A close view of the machine gun.


Numerous armored vehicles are seen in the final scene when the army counters the civil unrest.

A column of armored vehicles contains Leopard 1 tank, Bergepanzer 2 ARV, M60 tank, and an M109 155-mm self-propelled artillery.
A closer view of the Leopard 1.

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