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Harlock Saga

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Harlock Saga (1999)

Harlock Saga is a six-part OVA sequel / remake of the 1978 television series Space Pirate Captain Harlock. It is primarily based on Das Rheingold, the first part of the 1869 German opera Der Ring des Nibelungen by Richard Wagner and makes frequent use of music scores from the opera performed by the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. It is the fourth anime adaptation of the Harlock franchise and is the first entry in the series to use CGI.

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The following weapons were used in the OVA Harlock Saga:

Luger P08

Alberich uses a Luger P08.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm.
A drive-by shooting using a vintage handgun in a science-fiction setting. Only in a Leiji Matsumoto anime.
Alberich shoots out Tadashi's tires.
Alberich draws his Luger P08 while Tadashi's back is turned.
Alberich fires his Luger P08.

Cosmo Dragoon (custom Cosmo Percussion M78)

Harlock and Tochiro's preferred handgun is the Cosmo Dragoon, a custom variant of the fictional Cosmo Percussion M78 laser pistol modeled after the Colt Dragoon (hence the name). The weapon is one of four or five (the number varies from series to series) unique high-powered pistols built by Tochiro.

Original Colt Dragoon 1st Model - .44 Cal.
"HELLO THERE!" Tochiro pulls his sidearm.
Tochiro and Emeraldas pass through a Federation ship's thermal scanner, revealing his Dragoon hidden under his cloak.
Tochiro presents Tadashi with his father's old Cosmo Dragoon.
A closeup of the Cosmo Dragoon's barrel.
A closeup of the Cosmo Dragoon's frame and grip.
Harlock draws and fires his Cosmo Dragoon at Alberich.

Gravity Sabre

Harlock's primary weapon is an laser rifle known as the Gravity Sabre, which doubles as both a stockless laser rifle and a sword. Despite its name, the Gravity Sabre's size and cup hilt cause it to bear a closer resemblance to an 18th century Italian rapier than to a sabre. This is one of the few series where Harlock does not use the Gravity Sabre, and instead leaves it in its holster.

A shot of Harlock's cape and Gravity Sabre during the opening credits.
Here the Gravity Sabre can be clearly seen in its holster.

Howa Type 64

Tochiro carries a Howa Type 64 rifle while on the surface of Valhalla.

Howa Type 64 in 7.62x51mm
Tochiro opens fire on one of Wotan's sentry bots.
Tochiro looks on in amusement as Harlock disposes of the sentry bot using his favorite tactic; ramming it with a giant spaceship.

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