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Guns (1990)

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Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Andy Sidaris
Release Date 1990
Main Cast
Character Actor
Bruce Christian Bruce Penhall
Shane Abilene Michael J. Shane
Donna Hamilton Dona Speir
Tong Danny Trejo
Juan Degas Erik Estrada

Guns is a 1990 action movie about a group of Federal agents trying to uncover an international arms smuggling ring. It stars Sidaris regulars Bruce Penhall as Bruce, Michael J. Shane as Shane and Dona Speir as Donna with Danny Trejo, Erik Estrada and George Cheung in supporting roles as bad guys.

The movie was directed by Andy Sidaris as part of his “Bullets, Bombs and Babes” (a.k.a. “L.E.T.H.A.L. Ladies”) film series. These action movies were predominantly filmed on the island of Oahu in Hawaii and featured a cast mostly made up of Playmates in the roles of secret agents.

The following weapons were used in the film Guns (1990):


Beretta 950BS Jetfire

The Beretta 950BS Jetfire is used by assassins Tito (Richard Cansino), Cubby (Chu Chu Malave) and Cash (Devin DeVasquez) as well as by Federal agents Bruce (Bruce Penhall), Donna (Dona Speir) and several of their uncredited colleagues.

Beretta 950BS Jetfire - .25 ACP
Tito with a suppressed Jetfire during a hit at a beach club. Just like his partner Cubby, he usually dresses in drag as a disguise.
An equally ‘glamorous’ Cubby also using a suppressed Jetfire in an assassination attempt, like Tito disguising in drag.
Cash during a hit with a pearl-gripped and suppressed Jetfire, note the dangerous way she’s holding the gun.
Donna checking her Jetfire as the team of federal agents is about to set out on a mission.
Cash experiences a stovepipe jam on her Jetfire during the shootout in her apartment.

Raven Arms MP-25

The Raven Arms MP-25, a regular gun in Andy Sidaris movies, is being handled by Federal agent Nicole (Roberta Vasquez).

Raven Arms MP-25, nickel plated with faux pearl grips - .25 ACP
Nicole holding her MP-25 as the team of federal agents prepares for a bust, note the pearl grips.
Nicole defending herself with the MP-25 from assassins at a casino toilet. Note the pronounced profile of the gun.
Nicole holding her MP-25 at a gun trafficker during a bust, strangely (and dangerously) she seems to be pulling the trigger!

Dan Wesson Model 15-VH

Shane (Michael J. Shane) once again carries his trademark Dan Wesson Model 15-VH. It is also used by his fellow team member Donna during the shoot-out at the gym.

Dan Wesson Model 15-VH - .357 Maximum (not Magnum)
Shane loading the Model 15-VH, allowing a good view of the massive barrel of the gun.
Shane checking the casino theatre with his Model 15-VH. Note the distinctive cylinder latch just ahead of the cylinder.
The Model 15-VH drops on the floor during a fight, giving a clear view of the overall looks and the Dan Wesson logo.
Donna using the Model 15-VH to fend off ninjas at a gym where she and team members were exercising.

Heckler & Koch P7

The Heckler & Koch P7 is used by thugs Tong (Danny Trejo) and Rustam (Rustam Branaman), as well as by Federal agents Edy (Cynthia Brimhall) and Kym (Kym Malin).

Heckler & Koch P7 with suppressor - 9x19mm
Abe puts the Heckler & Koch P7 on the table, right before Rustam grabs it, note the H & K logo plus ‘P7’ on the grip.
Edy checking evidence while she holds the Heckler & Koch P7. The silencer is probably fake.
Kym (Kym Malin) caressing her Heckler & Koch as she awaits the signal to get into action.
Heckler & Koch P7 - 9x19mm
Tong with the Heckler & Koch P7 as he searches the casino theatre in the finale.

Single Action Army

In a flashback scene to the death of his brother, Federal agent Abe recalls how his brother used a Colt Single Action Army to defend himself from thugs in a helicopter.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 5.5" barrel known as the "Artillery" model - .45 Long Colt
Abe’s brother (uncredited actor) defending himself with the SAA, note the distinctive cylinder under the barrel.

Luger P08

Arms trafficker Juan Degas (Erik Estrada) carries a Luger P08 with a laser aimpoint in the casino. It is never fired which is just as well since the attachment would block the upward motion of the slide of the gun.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Juan holding the Luger P08 on a hostage, the (unrealistic) laser aimpoint probably making the P08 look more ‘evil’.
Juan contemplating his faith, the distinctive round magazine release clearly giving his gun away as a Luger P08.

Harrington & Richardson Model 733

A bodyguard (David Grossman) tries to stop the kidnapping of a senator with a Harrington & Richardson Model 733. An uncredited Federal agent is also seen with this pistol.

Harrington & Richardson Model 733 - .32 S&W Long
The bodyguard with his Model 733 during the kidnapping, obviously not being able to use it.
A Federal agent with the Model 733 during a briefing before the raid at the casino.

Kimar 911

The teamleader of the Federal agents Lucas (William Bumiller) carries a M1911A1-style gun, because of the thick wooden grips with large screw holes, it’s most probably a Kimar 911.

Kimar 911 - 9mm PAK
Lucas revealing his Kimar 911 right before a raid, note the crude wooden grips and the fact that he’s not using a holster.
Probably the best proof that this is not a real gun: Lucas cocking the gun with his finger on the trigger...

Submachine Guns

Intratec TEC-22

Like in Hard Hunted, Bruce continues to carry a Intratec TEC-22 as his side arm. Unexplainably, he manages to carry it under his shirt.

Intratec TEC-22 - .22 Long Rifle
Bruce defending himself with the TEC-22 during the firefight at the casino restroom. Note the distinctive Ruger 10/22 magazine.
A detailed view of Bruce’s TEC-22 during the same scene. Note the threaded barrel and the somewhat crude shape of the gun.
Bruce waving his TEC-22 around in the finale, maintaining his extremely poor trigger discipline.


In the final scene at the docks in Hawaï, several detectives can be seen holding the IMI Uzi on gun traffickers.

IMI Uzi with buttstock collapsed - 9x19mm
Rather than aiming his Uzi to hold up the gun traffickers, this detective seems just to be posing for the camera.
Another detective with an Uzi at the docks, calling in back-up during the bust.

Assault Rifles

Ruger MZ14 Bullpup

A Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup rifle with a 20-round magazine and a fake rocket launcher features prominently. Juan buys a shipment from corrupt Chinese government official Sifu (George Cheung).

Ruger Mini-14 in a Muzzelite MZ14 Bullpup stock - 5.56x45mm
Juan testing his new purchase on a few beach targets as Sifu looks on approvingly.
”The latest in Chinese technology! It is an instrument of beauty! It is an instrument of death!”
A good view of the right side of the MZ14 as thugs unbelievably fire a missile from inside a plane cockpit.
The same scene from another angle, showing ‘proof’ of the Chinese origin of the MZ14 in the form of a ‘Chinese’ star.


During the bust at the Hawaï docks, police officers are supported by Army soldiers, all carrying M16A1 rifles.

M16A1 with 20 round magazine - 5.56x45mm
Two soldiers aiming their M16A1’s, showing the charging handle, forward assist and 20 round magazine.


Winchester Model 1200 Mariner

Federal agent Abe (Chuck McCann) uses a Winchester Model 1200 Mariner with pistol grip on two suspects that he’s questioning about the murder of his brother.

Winchester Model 1200 Mariner - 12 gauge
Abe aims his Model 1200 at the suspects, giving a good view of the distinctive sights on the barrel.
The typical Model 1200 forestock is visible when Abe blows smoke from the barrel.


Fake rocket launcher #1

Donna carries a fake rocket launcher throughout the movie, apparently made from plastic pipes mounted on an unidentified air pistol.

Donna with her launcher after she’s just downed a helicopter, without aiming and recoil at all…
A good view on the profile of the launcher, a few seconds later she’ll actually use the launcher to shoot somebody down.

Fake Rocket Launcher #2

The agents are attacked by thugs firing what should represent a rocket launcher from a helicopter (!). Visual examination reveals an electrical wire intended to ignite the charge in the barrel.


Mk II Hand Grenade

Assassin Cash uses a booby-trapped Mk II hand grenade when she kills Abe in the Lake Mead sequence.

Mk 2 training grenade
Irresistible but deadly in the Nevada heat; a can of cold beer covering a live Mk II grenade…

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