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Golden Kamuy (2024)

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Golden Kamuy
Gōruden Kamui
Theatrical release poster
Country Japan.jpg Japan
Directed by Shigeaki Kubo
Release Date 2024
Language Japanese
Studio Credeus
Distributor Toho (Japan)
Netflix (worldwide)
Main Cast
Character Actor
Saichi Sugimoto Kento Yamazaki
Asirpa Anna Yamada
Yoshitake Shiraishi Yuma Yamoto
Tokushiro Tsurumi Hiroshi Tamaki
Hyakunosuke Ogata Gordon Maeda
Kohei Nikaido
Yohei Nikaido
Shuntaro Yanagi
Toshizo Hijikata Hiroshi Tachi

Golden Kamuy (Japanese title: ゴールデンカムイ, Gōruden Kamui) is a 2024 Japanese historical action film based on the 2014-2022 manga series of the same name by Satoru Noda. Taking place in Hokkaido, Japan in 1906, the film follows Saichi "Immortal" Sugimoto (Kento Yamazaki), a hardened veteran of the Russo-Japanese War. Sugimoto hears of a legend of a large stash of Ainu gold, hidden in Hokkaido with the directions leading to them tattooed on the backs of a group of escaped prisoners. As Sugimoto sets out to get the treasure for himself, he meets young Ainu huntress Asirpa (Anna Yamada), who joins Sugimoto on his search for the gold. The film follows Sugimoto and Asirpa as they search for the gold, and make friends and enemies along the way as they discover the many people who are also searching for the gold and the tattooed prisoners. The film was released in Japanese theaters on January 19, 2024, with a Netflix-exclusive worldwide release following on May 19 of the same year. A sequel television series, Golden Kamuy: Hokkaido Tattooed Prisoners Scramble Arc, is set to begin airing later in 2024.


The following weapons were used in the film Golden Kamuy (2024):


Borchardt C-93

First Lieutenant Tokushiro Tsurumi (Hiroshi Tamaki) uses a Borchardt C-93 as his sidearm throughout the film.

Borchardt C-93 - 7.65x25mm Borchardt
Tokushiro Tsurumi (Hiroshi Tamaki) enters the bank with his Borchardt drawn.
Tsurumi fires his Borchardt at Toshizo Hijikata.
Tsurumi looks down on a captured Sugimoto.
Tsurumi aims the pistol at Sugimoto in the film's climax.

Colt Model 1903

A Russian merchant gives Lieutenant Tsurumi a Colt Model 1903 in a post-credits scene.

Colt 1903 Hammerless with Colt Wood Grips - .32 ACP
The Russian merchant offers Tsurumi the pistol.
Tsurumi inspects the pistol.
Tsurumi holding the pistol as he looks over at Ogata.

Luger P08

Tsurumi's Borchardt briefly appears as a mocked-up Luger P08 in a continuity error.

Luger P08 - 9x19mm
Tsurumi fires his "Borchardt" into the air.


Type 26 Revolver

All of the Imperial Japanese Army officers are correctly depicted with the Type 26 Revolver as their standard sidearm throughout the film.

Type 26 Revolver - 9x22mmR Japanese Revolver
A Type 26 in the hand of Kanjiro Kasahara (Kentarô Shimazu).
Sugimoto (Kento Yamazaki) interrogates Kasahara and Shiraishi with the former's revolver.
Tatsuuma Ushiyama (Katsuya) aims a Type 26 at Toshizo Hijikata.
A close-up of Ushiyama's revolver.
A faceless Seventh Division officer attempts to shoot a bear with his revolver.
An armed man fires his revolver at the IJA.
Yohei Nikaido (Shuntaro Yanagi) holding his Type 26.
Yohei gives the revolver to his twin brother.
Kohei Nikaido (Shuntaro Yanagi) fires the revolver at Sugimoto in the film's climax.
Kohei and another Seventh Division officer aim their revolvers at Sugimoto.


Arisaka Type 30

All of the Imperial Japanese Army characters throughout the film, including Saichi Sugimoto (Kento Yamazaki), are correctly depicted with the Arisaka Type 30 as their standard-issue rifle.

Arisaka Type 30 - 6.5x50mmSR Arisaka
Sugimoto's Arisaka resting against a boulder.
In a flashback, a prisoner grabs a dead IJA officer's Arisaka.
Sugimoto (Kento Yamazaki) with his Arisaka.
"...Type 26 Revolver...that won't reach me."
Hyakunosuke Ogata (Gordon Maeda) aiming his rifle as Sugimoto fires at him, using his Type 30 bayonet and a tree trunk as a makeshift brace.
In a flashback to the tattooed prisoners' escape, multiple IJA officers with Arisakas attempt to kill Toshizo Hijikata.
A Seventh Division officer aims his Arisaka at Sugimoto.
A close-up of the rifle's trigger.
Hajime Tsukishima aims his rifle at Captain Kouji Wada. The hook safety is visible.
Twin brothers Kohei and Yohei Nikaido (Shuntaro Yanagi) aim their rifles at Tatsuuma Ushiyama.
One of the Nikaido twins racks his Arisaka.
Sugimoto aiming an Arisaka in the film's climax.
Arisaka Type 30 with Type 30 bayonet - 6.5x50mmSR Arisaka
In the film's prologue, a wave of Imperial Japanese soldiers charge at the Imperial Russian Army with their Arisakas at the Siege of Port Arthur.
Saichi Sugimoto (Kento Yamazaki) ambushes a Russian soldier with his rifle.

Mosin Nagant M91/30

The Imperial Russian Army is incorrectly and anachronistically depicted using the Mosin Nagant M91/30 instead of the accurate M1891 model in the film. Multiple Mosin Nagants also appear during a post-credits scene. Many of the rifles used have the hooded front sights removed and the bayonets affixed to their barrels. Apart from that, some appear to be replicas based on the M91/30 rather than the correct M1891.

Mosin Nagant M91/30 - 7.62x54mm R
Multiple Imperial Russian soldiers fire their Mosins at the charging Japanese soldiers at the Siege of Port Arthur in the film's prologue. All of them have front barrel bands. The right one still has a hooded front sight.
The Russians aim their rifles at Sugimoto.
A wave of Russians charge at Sugimoto.
A Russian soldier drops his Mosin as he is attacked by Sugimoto.
A cache of Mosins given to Toshizo Hijikata from a Russian merchant in a post-credits scene.
Hyakunosuke Ogata (Gordon Maeda) holds a Mosin Nagant in a post-credits scene. The shot offers a view of the post-1936 rounded receiver; period-accurate M1891s have hex ones.

Winchester Model 1892

Toshizo Hijikata (Hiroshi Tachi) briefly uses a Winchester Model 1892 in the film.

Winchester Model 1892 w/ 20" barrel - .32-20 WCF
Toshizo Hijikata (Hiroshi Tachi) fires the Winchester Model 1892 at Lieutenant Tsurumi.
Another Winchester presented from a Russian merchant in a post-credits scene.

Machine Guns

Maxim 1895

The Imperial Russian soldiers in the film's prologue use a Maxim 1895 machine gun during the Siege of Port Arthur. First Lieutenant Tsurumi also correctly refers to the guns as "Maxim guns" later on in the film.

Maxim 1895 on tripod - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The Russians fire the machine gun at the charging Imperial Japanese soldiers.
The Russians manning the machine gun.


Dynamite stick

An armed man uses a stick of dynamite as he is chased by the IJA officers in Otaru. Multiple dynamite sticks also appear in a post-credits scene.

The armed man with the lit stick of dynamite.
Yoshitake Shiraishi (Yuma Yamoto) attempts to blow the fuse out.
Multiple sticks of dynamite on a table.

Russian explosives

Imperial Russian soldiers throughout the film use an explosive with a fuse.

A lit Russian explosive on the ground during the Siege of Port Arthur in the film's prologue.
A Russian soldier holds on to a lit explosive in a flashback.


28 cm Howitzer L/10

Multiple 28 cm Howitzers are used by the IJA during the Siege of Port Arthur in the film's prologue.

A 28 cm howitzer during the siege of Port Arthur.
A 28cm Howitzer being fired in the film's prologue.
A close-up of one of the Howitzers.

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