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Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe

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Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe (1995)

Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe (ガメラ 大怪獣空中決戦 Gamera: Daikaijū Kūchū Kessen) is the 9th entry in the Daiei produced Gamera film series and the first in Heisei period trilogy, followed by Gamera 2: Attack of Legion (1996) and Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris (1999). Unlike Shōwa period films, that were more children-oriented, the Heisei period trilogy has a dark and heroic tone. In the first film Gamera, a colossal fire-spitting and jet-flying turtle, fights against numerous giant bat-like predators known as Gyaos. The film is directed by Shusuke Kaneko, who would also direct Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack.

The following weapons were used in the film Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe:


Howa Type 64 Rifle

JGSDF personnel are armed with Howa Type 64 rifles. The rifles appear to be replicas.

Howa Type 64 - 7.62x51mm
Soldiers carry Type 64 rifles.
A soldier at the left carries a Type 64 rifle on sling.
Another view of the same scene.

Winchester Model 70

During the attempt to capture several Gyaos alive, JGSDF snipers use Winchester Model 70s as tranquillizer guns.

Pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 - .30-06
Snipers take aim at descending Gyaos.
Another view of the rifles.
Pink muzzle flashes are typical for Japanese flashpaper replica guns, widely used in filming. Why these air rifles have a muzzle flash is unknown, as combustion would be non-conducive to the tranquilizer surviving firing.

Machine Guns and Automatic Cannons

Browning M2HB Machine Gun

Browning M2HB heavy machine guns are mounted on Type 74 tanks.

Browning M2HB on vehicle mount - .50 BMG
An M2HB is mounted on the turret.

M61 Vulcan

20-mm M61 Vulcan six-barrel guns are mounted on JASDF F-4EJ and F-15J fighter planes.

GE M61 Vulcan Cannon - 20mm
F-4 up in the air.

Phalanx CIWS

General Dynamics / Raytheon Phalanx Close-In Weapon Systems with 20-mm M61 Vulcan six-barrel guns are mounted on JMSDF destroyers and Japan Coast Guard patrol boats.

GE M61 Vulcan in a Phalanx mounting - 20x102mm
PL 01 Nojima patrol boat appears in the opening scene. It carries a Phalanx CIWS on the superstructure.
A Haruna-class destroyer (second from the left) carries two Phalanx CIWS on both sides of the superstructure.

25-mm Oerlikon KBA Automatic Cannon

25-mm Oerlikon Contraves KBA cannons are mounted on Type 87 reconnaissance vehicle.

Oerlikon Contraves 25mm KBA cannon - 25x127mm
A Type 87, armed with 25-mm KBA gun.


Type 74 Battle Tank

Type 74 tanks are widely used in battle against kaiju.

Type 74 tank on the battlefield.

Type 81 Surface-to-air Missile

Type 81 Tan-SAM are used against flying Gamera and Super Gyaos.

JASDF launcher and Fire Control Systems vehicle

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