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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

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The following weapons were used in the anime series Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory:

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory (2018)



Beretta 80 Series Pistol

Based on the size of how it's drawn, Wraith appears to be wielding a Beretta 80 Series Pistols - "Cheetah" in "On My Own".

Beretta 84FS - .380 ACP
Wraith, in disguise, draws her Beretta 80 in "On My Own".

Beretta 92FS

Corrupt Royal Thai Police officers in Namsac use Beretta 92FSs as their sidearms in "Rotten Repose". They also appear to be the standard sidearm for the DGSE AD commandos as both Michel Lemon and his fellow commandos are armed with this in "Onward, Onward".

Beretta 92FS - 9x19mm
Corrupt RTP officers aims their weapons at Lemon and Sousuke in "Rotten Repose"
Close up of a cop's Beretta in "Rotten Repose". Note the safety is drawn off and hammer is actually in single action with the trigger also animated correctly further back to reflect the condition of the gun.
Lemon with his Beretta in "Onward, Onward"
Bardet practices with his Beretta in a makeshift shooting range in Florida.
The same commando but it appears the way they drew this makes the gun far too close to the man's face.

Browning BDA

The Browning BDA is seen in "The Fallen Witch" with an Amalgam agent.

Browning BDA, early production model, with lanyard ring - 9x19mm
An Amalgam agent disguised as an orderly threatens an ER nurse in "The Fallen Witch".

Browning Hi-Power

Ex-Mithril officer Lieutenant Commander Andrei Sergeivich Kalinin draws a Browning Hi-Power on Gavin Hunter in "Onward, Onward".

Browning Hi-Power Mk. III - 9x19mm
Kalinin aims his Hi-Power at Gavin Hunter in "Onward, Onward" during an ambush.

Glock 19

Sousuke is now carrying a Gen 2 Glock 19 as his primary sidearm over his Glock 26 from the previous series. This would be accurate to the novel. Mao captures a Glock from an Amalgam agent in "The Fallen Witch". Kaname steals one from an Amalgam commando in "Make My Day", which appears to be used as another side aside from the USP.

Glock 19 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm
Sousuke stands over the wreck of the ARX-7 Arbalest in the OP sequence "Even... If...".
Sousuke aims the pistol at Leonard inside Kaname's apartment in "Zero Hour".
A good shot of the pistol.
Looking down the sights in "On My Own".
A close up of Sousuke's Glock 19, battered after Eligor shows up. Note the 19 markings.
Sousuke chambers his Glock in "Rotten Repose". He has apparently changed the sights from the factory to a 3 dot.
The Glock 19 being aimed through the bushes at the end of "Giant Killing".
Mao grabbing the Glock from a stunned Amalgam agent in "The Fallen Witch".
The Glock shown unloaded, taken from Amalgam forces in "Make My Day".
Kaname threatening with her Glock in "Make My Day". Note that this one has a magazine extension.

Glock 26

The Glock 26 appears in "Make My Day" as a continuity error instead of the Glock 19 Kaname took from an Amalgam commando.

Glock 26 subcompact Pistol with extended magazine - 9x19mm
The supposed Glock 19 shown here changed to a Glock 26 after Kaname disarms herself in "Make My Day". It appears to have a mag extension.


The sidearm of one of Tessa's guards is a simple 1911A1 type as noted by the older hammer spur and general appearance in "Damage Control". The guard had the pistol with hammer down. Tessa takes possession of the pistol to prove her point.

World War II issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
Tessa holding the 1911 in "Damage Control"
After making her point, she holds the gun up.
...and thumbs the safety.

Heckler & Koch USP

An Amalgam operative is armed with a Heckler & Koch USP in "On My Own". Sousuke captures on from an Amalgam commando in "Onward, Onward", which appears to be their main sidearm.

Heckler & Koch USP - 9x19mm
Sousuke wrestles control of a USP in "On My Own"
Sousuke reaches for the USP and takes it in "Onward, Onward".
The USP gripped by Sousuke after firing it.
You can see a USP that was unloaded, taken from Amalgam forces in "Make My Day".

IMI Jericho 941F

Amalgam operative Kurama uses a Jericho 941 as his personal sidearm, first seen in "On My Own".

IMI Jericho 941 R (early model) - 9x19mm.
Kurama aims his Jericho at Sousuke in "On My Own".
Kurama threatens a teacher. Note that the safety is on the frame instead of the slide. This indicates that he is using a 941F.
The pistol aimed at Nami's temple as Kurama taunts Sousuke at the end of "Giant Killing".
Kurama shoots his Jericho in "One-Man Force". It's noted that they animated a strange ejection pattern. The casings are flying forward.

SIG-Sauer P226

Gauron's SIG-Sauer P226 with a suppressor/laser sight is seen in "Zero Hour" in a flashback sequence.

SIG-Sauer P226 pistol with Mystic Suppressor - 9x19mm.
Gauron aiming the suppressed P226 at Ms. Kagurazaka in "Zero Hour".


Smith & Wesson Model 36

A Smith & Wesson Model 36 is used by Nami in Namsac as her personal sidearm, first seen in "Welcome to the Jungle".

Smith & Wesson Model 36 with Pachmayr grips - .38 Special.
Nami aims the Model 36 at Dao in "Welcome to the Jungle".
A shot of the revolver with the exposed guide rod.
Another shot of the revolver, this time with the short guide rod.

Single Action Army

Leonard carries a Single Action Army with a nickel finish and an ivory grip and gave it to Kaname in "Make My Day".

Colt Single Action Army w/ 7.5" barrel - .45 Long Colt
Leonard offering his gun to Kaname in "Make My Day". Note the hammer is back in this shot.
Kaname takes aim with the SAA at Leonard. Note the hammer is now down as opposed to it being back when in Leonard's hand.
The following shot, the hammer is now seen pulled back despite no sound or animation of it.

Submachine Guns

FN P90

The FN P90 is seen in "Giant Killing" with Directorate-General for External Security Action Division commandos in Namsac. Lemon uses one in the following episode "One-Man Force".

FN P90 - left side view - 5.7x28mm
DGSE AD commandos regroup with Lemon in "Giant Killing".
Bardet covers Sousuke during a gunfight in "One-Man Force".
Lemon with his P90 as he laments Nami's death.
A slain AD commando with the P90 on his corpse.
Bardet covers for Lemon in "Onward, Onward". Note how Xebec correctly animated spent brass falling from the bottom of the weapon.

Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW

At an Amalgam base/airfield, several guards carry the Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW in "Zero Hour". Amalgam operatives were equipped with MP5Ks when pursuing Sousuke and Kaname throughout Chofu in "Damage Control".

9x19mm with PDW-style folding stock
A guard with an MP5K in "Zero Hour"
Amalgam operatives surrounding Sousuke and Kaname in "Damage Control".
An Amalgam operative chasing Sousuke and Kaname during a car chase.

Assault Rifles

Colt M4A1

The M4A1 Carbine appear to be the standard assault rifle for Amalgam ground forces and are equipped with Aimpoint CompM2s. Amalgam commandos, when they raid Merida Island in "Big One Percent", are first seen with these. Corrupt RTP officers use them in Namsac in "Giant Killing", and are also setup much the same because they are directly supplied by Amalgam. Sousuke takes one off a cop and uses it in his duel with Kurama in "One-Man Force". DGSE AD commandos are seen using them for training in "Stormy Night".

Sousuke is seen with an M4A1 outfitted with an M203 grenade launcher attached in "Stormy Night" and in "Make My Day".

Colt M4A1 SOPMOD with Aimpoint CompM2 reflex optic, Knight's Armament RAS railed handguard and vertical forward grip - 5.56x45mm
An Amalgam commando fireteam disembarks from the Mil Mi-26 Halo choppers onto the runway in "Big One Percent".
An Amalgam team with their M4A1s when they engage Jun-Kyu in "On My Own".
Corrupt RTP officers accompany their corrupt chief in the middle of "Giant Killing".
A corrupt RTP officer threatens Nami in "Giant Killing".
Sousuke with his newly acquired M4 in "One-Man Force".
Amalgam commandos open fire on Mithril PRT forces in "The Fallen Witch".
Good shot of the M4A1 being fired in "Onward, Onward", but it looks like the rifle is being fired by the right hand but it looks like it's on the left side with the back end somewhat melted into the guy.
DGSE AD commandos armed with M4s with MILES equipped in "Stormy Night". Note that in real life, M4s use Blank Firing Adapters that are colored yellow for them to properly work. Red colored ones are used for M16s.
Several M4A1s taken from disarmed Amalgam forces in "Make My Day". Not the cut out on the magazine is on the wrong side.

Heckler & Koch XM8 Compact

While protecting Kaname, Sousuke carries a Heckler & Koch XM8 Compact in "Zero Hour" and in "Damage Control".

Heckler & Koch XM8 Compact Carbine with full stock - 5.56x45mm
Sousuke with his XM8C in "Zero Hour"
Closeup of the XMC's barrel.
Closeup of Sousuke's XM8 in "Damage Control." Note the the animation didn't include the couplers on the magazine and is not translucent unlike the real one. Note the selector is on safe vs it on fire later in the episode.
Sousuke reloading, from the dialogue, his last mag while being surrounded by Amalgam agents. Also note the selector position vs when it was actually animated on safe when not in use.


Kurama uses a Galil SAR during his fight with Sousuke in "One-Man Force" throughout the abandoned Giant Killing arena stadium.

IMI Galil SAR - 5.56x45mm
Kurama taking his weapon off safe from the right side in "One-Man Force". This is strange because Galil variants have a safety selector on the left side as well but the animators probably didn't notice this and assumed its another AK clone.
Kurama takes aim at Sousuke after shooting him.
You can see the SAR's buttstock, charging handle and magazine.
Kurama opens fire with the SAR while using an AD commando's corpse as a shield.
Kurama lowers his rifle after the firefight ends.

SIG SG 552

The apparent standard issued assault rifle for Mithril is the SIG SG 552 equipped with ACOGs in "Damage Control" identified by their short barrels and flash hider. Kalinin and SRT operator Corporal Yang Jun-Kyu uses them to cover Tessa's retreat as well as Sergeant Major Melissa Mao in Merida base in "On My Own". Mithril soldiers are all seen equipped with SG 552s during their fight with Amalgam in "The Fallen Witch".

SIG SG 552-2, version with permanent scope rail - 5.56x45mm
Captain Teletha Testarossa's PRT escorts with the codename Kano with their SG 552s in "Damage Control".
In this shot, you can see the SG 552 with the ACOG on the upper receiver.
Lt. Cmdr. Kalinin with a SG 552 in "On My Own" while engaging an Amalgam commando fireteam.
Yang opens fire from the corner at Amalgam commandos while shielding Tessa.
Mao with her SG 552 after saving Tessa and a wounded Yang from Amalgam commandos.
Mithril PRT operators engaging Amalgam commandos in "The Fallen Witch".
PRT operators retreat after Fowler's Eligor shows up.
Surviving SRT/PRT operators react after hearing Tessa swear in front of them.

Sniper Rifles

Walther WA 2000

Kurz Weber's Walther WA 2000 makes a return and is used in "The Fallen Witch".

Walther WA 2000 first variant
Kurz covering Mao and Tessa in "The Fallen Witch"
Even he's shocked that Tessa would use foul language.

Machine Guns

Bushmaster M242 chaingun

The Bushmaster M242 chaingun is seen in Amalgam Humvees in Leonard's Mexican estate in "Stormy Night".

M242 Bushmaster Chain Gun (Current Model) - 25x137mm
Amalgam Humvees as seen in "Stormy Night" via spy satellite.
An Amalgam commando fires the M242 before Sousuke's M6 Bushnell takes it out.

General Dynamics GAU-12/U

Mithril-manned McDonnell Douglas FAV-8 "Super Harriers" (based on the AV-8B Harrier II) have General Dynamics GAU-12/U as their main weapon.

General Dynamics GAU-12/U with unfired rounds - 25x137mm
A Mithril "Super Harrier" prepares to conduct a VTOL takeoff in "Damage Control" from Merida's damaged runway after the initial attack.

General Dynamics GAU-19/A

Mithril MH-67 Pave Mares with the codename Gebo are equipped with a General Dynamics GAU-19/A gun. The USMC-marked Pave Mare used by Seals and Courtney show up in "Make My Day".

GD GAU-19/A with flash hider and mount - .50 BMG.
Gebo 9 appears behind the ARX-8 Arbalest with the ECS camo removed in "Zero Hour".
Gebo 9 provides air support to Sousuke and Kaname against Amalgam forces in "Damage Control".
Gebo 5 is seen doing recon over Merida Island after the initial cruise missile bombardment.
Some choppers are destroyed in a raid by Amalgam-manned Mil-Mi 28s in "Big One Percent".
The USMC Pave Mare comes under fire from a Behemoth in "Make My Day".

Oerlikon KBA Automatic Cannon

What seems to be an Oerlikon Contraves KBA is mounted on a 8x8 APC in a flashback in "Zero Hour".

Oerlikon Contraves 25mm KBA cannon - 25x127mm
The 8x8 APC near the hijacked JAL airline in "Zero Hour".

Shipunov 2A42

The Shipunov 2A42 is seen with Amalgam-manned Mil-Mi 28 Havoc gunships.

Shipunov 2A42 mounted on a Mi-28 Havoc - 30x165mm
An Amalgam Mil-Mi 28 escorts Mil Mi-26 Halo choppers in "Big One Percent".
The Amalgam Havoc unloads its payload on Sousuke's Crossbow in "Giant Killing".


M18 smoke grenade

The yellow M18 smoke grenade is used by Sousuke in the middle of "Damage Control" to signal Gebo 9's landing zone.

M18 smoke grenade - Yellow.
The M18 deploys yellow smoke in a deserted park in "Damage Control".

M67 frag grenade

The M67 frag grenade is used by Sousuke to take out an Alastor that ambushed Sousuke and Kaname in the Chofu suburbs in "Damage Control". Kurama uses it in "One-Man Force" to slow advance Sousuke and Lemon's DGSE AD team.

M67 hand grenade surplus
Sousuke engaging an Alastor in "Damage Control" while getting the safety pin out of the M67.
The primed grenade dropped between the Alastor's feet.
Kurama drops a primed M67 in "One-Man Force".



A MILES-modified mine is seen in "Stormy Night".

The mine rigged to explode during a MILES simulation in "Stormy Night".



Sousuke is seen with an M4 with an M203 grenade launcher in "Stormy Night" and in "Make My Day".

M4A1 carbine 5.56x45mm with M68 Aimpoint red dot scope, flip-up rear sight, and M203 grenade launcher 40mm
Sousuke with his M4/M203 setup in the middle of "Stormy Night", but apparently the animators forgot to put the rear sight on his carbine.
Sousuke fires the M203 in "Make My Day"

FGM-148 Javelin

An Amalgam operative used a FGM-148 Javelin to take out Gebo 9 in "Damage Control". Amalgam commandos use them to take out the Pave Mare used by Seals and Courtney in "Make My Day".

FGM-148 Javelin - 127mm
An Amalgam operative after firing his Javelin in "Damage Control".
The same operative taken out by Sousuke.
Amalgam commandos shot by Sousuke before they can fire the Javelins in "Make My Day".

Alastor Arm Cannon

The Alastors used by Leonard under Amalgam are armed with a mounted arm cannon on their right arm, which can be used as a machine gun or as a shotgun.

The Alastors approach Sosuke's Pajero from the back in "Damage Control" before firing the arm cannons as a machine gun.
The arm cannon fired with a shotgun round at the damaged Pajero windshield.
The Alastor opens fire on Sousuke's M6 during a raid on Leonard's Mexican estate in "Stormy Night".

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