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Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

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Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives (1986)

The following weapons were used in the film Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives:


Colt Trooper Mk V

What appears to be a Colt Trooper Mk V is used by Officer Pappas (Michael Swan).

Colt Trooper Mk V - .357 Magnum
Officer Pappas (Michael Swan) fires his Colt Trooper Mk V at Jason Voorhees (C.J. Graham) but to no effect.

Dan Wesson Model 15-VH

Deputy Rick Cologne (Vincent Guastaferro) uses a Dan Wesson Model 15-VH with a huge laser sight attachment as his on duty weapon which is later stolen by Megan Garris (Jennifer Cooke).

Dan Wesson Model 15-VH - .357 Magnum
"Wherever the red dot goes...ya bang!"
Deputy Rick Cologne (Vincent Guastaferro) aims his Dan Wesson Model 15-VH.
Megan Garris (Jennifer Cooke) takes the Dan Wesson Model 15-VH from the holster.
The laser sight in action.

Smith & Wesson Model 19

Sheriff Mike Garris (David Kagen) points a nickel Smith & Wesson Model 19 when Tommy Jarvis (Thom Mathews) barges in the sheriff's office.

Nickel Smith & Wesson Model 19 - .357 Magnum
Sheriff Mike Garris (David Kagen) aims his Smith & Wesson Model 19 at Tommy Jarvis (Thom Mathews).

Herbert Schmidt Revolver

Darren Robinson (Tony Goldwyn) threatens Jason Voorhees (C.J. Graham) with a Herbert Schmidt Revolver he keeps in the glove compartment.

Herbert Schmidt Revolver - .22 LR
The Herbert Schmidt being taken out of the glovebox.
Darren Robinson (Tony Goldwyn) aims the Herbert Schmidt.


Ithaca 37

Sheriff Mike Garris (David Kagen) uses an Ithaca 37 during his fight with Jason. Despite having a eight round tubular magazine he only fires four shots before switching to his Smith & Wesson Model 19 (presumably he thought it wouldn't take more than four rounds to take down one man).

Ithaca 37 with extended magazine tube - 12 Gauge
Sheriff Mike Garris (David Kagen) with his Ithaca 37.
The sheriff aims his Ithaca 37 at Jason.
The sheriff fires his Ithaca 37.


Remington Model 700

A Remington Model 700 can be seen in sheriff Garris' gun cage.

Remington Model 700 - .308 Winchester
The Remington Model 700 in the gun cage.


Nelspot 007 Paintball Gun

Some business executives play a game of paintball in the woods using Nelspot 007 pistols.

Roy (Whitney Rydbeck) sneaks around with his paintball gun.
Stan (Matthew Faison) holds his paintball gun.
Katie (Ann Ryerson) aims her paintball gun.
Roy stupidly shoots Jason Voorhees with his paintball gun.

Gun Cage

A handful of weapons are kept in the gun cage at the sheriff's office.

The gun cage is seen.
The gun cage is seen.
Sheriff Garris with his gun cage.

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