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Flatfoot in Egypt

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Flatfoot in Egypt
Flatfoot in Egypt.jpg
DVD Cover
Country ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Steno
Release Date 1980
Language Italian
Studio Merope
Main Cast
Character Actor
Commissioner "Flatfoot" Rizzo Bud Spencer
Sgt. Caputo Enzo Cannavale
Jack Connor aka "The Swede" Karl-Otto Alberty
Elver Zakar Adel Adham
Hassan Angelo Infanti
Edward Burns Robert Loggia
Connie Burns Cinzia Monreale
Bodo Baldwyn Dakile
Prof. Cerullo Leopoldo Trieste

Flatfoot in Egypt (original title Piedone d'Egitto) is a 1980 Italian crime comedy directed by Steno. It's the fourth and the last film about the adventures of Naples police Commissioner "Flatfoot" Rizzo (Bud Spencer), preceded by Flatfoot (1973), Flatfoot in Hong Kong (1975), and Flatfoot in Africa (1978).

The following weapons were used in the film Flatfoot in Egypt:


Beretta M1934

In several scenes Sgt. Caputo (Enzo Cannavale) is seen with a pistol that appears to be a Beretta M1934. A Beretta M1934 is also seen in Edward Barns' case.

Beretta Model 1934 - .380 ACP
Caputo holds his pistol.
Burns' pistol.
Caputo holds his pistol in the final scene.

Beretta Cheetah

"The Swede" (Karl-Otto Alberty) carries a pistol of Beretta 80 Series, most likely a Beretta 84.

Beretta 84F - .380 ACP
"The Swede" enters the room with a pistol in hand.
"The Swede" holds his pistol in the final scene.
He threatens Professor Cerullo.
The pistol on the floor.

Beretta M1951

Beretta M1951 pistols are seen in hands of various criminals.

Beretta M951 - 9x19mm
Don Carmine's bodyguard (Giovanni Cianfriglia) draws a Beretta.
He fires.

Walther P38

In the opening scene Don Carmine's bodyguard's (Giovanni Cianfriglia) pistol switches from Beretta M1951 to Walther P38 due to continuity error.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
The gangster with P38.
He fires at Rizzo.

Various handguns

Various characters are seen with handguns that aren't seen clear enough to be identified.

A drug dealer holds a long barreled revolver in the opening scene.
The revolver is seen at the left.
An Egyptian policeman aims his pistol at Rizzo.
Lt. Kebir (Mahmoud Kabil) carries a pistol in holster in the final scene.

Submachine Guns


A TZ-45 is used by "The Swede" (Karl-Otto Alberty).

TZ-45 with extended stock - 9x19 mm
"The Swede" fires from the helicopter.


M1 Garand

M1 Garand rifles are seen in hands of bedouins.

M1 Garand semiautomatic Rifle with leather M1917 sling - .30-06
A bedouin at the left holds a Garand rifle.
Garands and various bolt action rifles are seen in the bedouin camp.
Hassan's guards with Garands.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III*

Some bedouins are armed with Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* rifles.

Lee-Enfield No.1 Mk.III* - .303 British
An SMLE is seen next to Hassan.

Various rifles

Bolt action rifles of various models are carried by bedouins and Egyptian troops.

Hassan's bodyguards with rifles.
M1 Garands and bolt action rifles are seen in the bedouin camp.
A bedouin at the right carries a rifle that resembles a Karabiner 98k but without a bolt handle (supposedly a damaged piece).
Lt. Kebir's soldiers carry various rifles.
Egyptian soldiers with rifles are seen at the background.

Other Weapons


Some Bedouins are armed with old-fashioned Jezail muskets.

Jezail musket
One of the bedouins carries a jezail.
A jezail is seen behind Hassan.

Camera Gun

In one scene "The Swede" (Karl-Otto Alberty) uses a gun hidden in movie camera.

Flatfoot in Egypt-CameraGun.jpg

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