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The following weapons were used in the anime series Fate/Zero:

Fate/Zero (2011 - 2012)


Beretta 92FS Brigadier

In "Where Justice is Found", a young Kiritsugu uses a Beretta 92FS Brigadier as his main sidearm before he switches to the Calico.

Beretta 92FS Brigadier - 9x19mm
Aiming the Brigadier at a target.
Attaching the slide onto the pistol.
Pulling the slide after it's assembled.
Closeup of the Beretta before Kiritsugu fires it at a target. Note the barrel, which is for putting on a suppressor.

Calico M950

A Calico M950 is seen in "Land of Fuyuki City", present in the arsenal of Kiritsugu Emiya and Maiya Hisau. In the light novels, it's detailed that the duo use it as a backup weapon. It's first located in an arms cache case brought by Kiritsugu in "The Evil Forest". First used in "The Evil Forest" and "The Magus Killer" by both Kiritsugu and Maiya. They are seen again in "The Last Command Seal".

Calico M950 semiautomatic pistol - 9x19mm.
Kiritsugu checks the selector of the M950.
Pulling the bolt of the Calico M950.
Kiritsugu aiming the M950 at Lancer in "The Magus Killer".
Maiya after firing the M950 at a charging Kirei in "The Magus Killer".

Colt M1911A1

Natalia uses a M1911A1 as her sidearm in "Distant Memories". They are also partially seen in "Where is Justice" in an arms cache hidden in Natalia's luggage.

World War II issued Colt M1911A1 Pistol - .45 ACP
The holstered M1911A1.
Natalia aims the M1911A1 at a ghoul.
The M1911A1 being fired.
Natalia's M1911A1 hidden in her luggage.

Glock 17

Maiya Hisau pulls out a full-sized 2nd generation Glock 17 pistol as a backup weapon after losing her Steyr AUG from a surprise visit by Kirei Kotomine, first seen in "Night of Schemes". Located in an arms cache case brought by Kiritsugu in "The Evil Forest" and wielded once again by Maiya in "The Magus Killer".

Kiritsugu first wields it in "Knight on Two Wheels".

2nd Generation Glock 17 - 9x19mm.
Maiya's Glock before being knocked out by a "Black Key".
Loading up on the Glock in "The Evil Forest" after receiving word of "enemy" infiltration.
Pulling the slide of the Glock 17 after loading a magazine.
Maiya trying to aim the Glock 17 at Kirei before he knocks her out.
Kiritsugu using his Glock 17 to intimidate a drunk Byakuya Mato before firing the pistol at his leg and arm.

Remington 1866 Derringer

Natalia has a Remington 1866 Derringer as a backup weapon in "Where Justice is Found". It is never fired however.

Remington 1866 Derringer - .41 R.F. Caliber. 4th model - Blued with black grips
The holstered Derringer near a TV set.

Thompson Arms Contender

A Thompson Arms Contender pistol was used by Kiritsugu Emiya as his main sidearm in the 4th Holy Grail War, which appeared in both the anime and in the light novel series. It first appeared in "Land of Fuyuki City". In the novels, it is noted to have had a .30-06 Springfield barrel installed. In real life, .30-06 barrels are commercially available only for the similar but larger Thompson Encore frame. Kiritsugu's Thompson utilizes custom-made "Origin Bullets," created from magic involving his rib bones.

Thompson Center G2 Contender 14" Target Pistol - .223 Remington.
Doing a visual inspection of the Contender from the wooden box.
Good closeup of the Thompson Contender.
Kiritsugu aiming the Contender to test his reloading speed.
Loading the Thompson Contender in "The Evil Forest".
Kiritsugu smirks before he's about to fire the Contender at Kayneth.

Tokarev TT-33

A young Kiritsugu takes a Tokarev TT-33 from his dad's drawer in the episode "Distant Memories".

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Pre-1947 version.
The TT-33 with a couple of 7.62 magazines.
A 7.62 bullet in the chamber.
Kiritsugu aiming the TT-33.
The TT-33 lowered.

Walther PP

Natalia draws a Walther PP on a ghoul in "Where Justice is Found".

Walther PP - 7.65x17mm
Natalia aiming her Walther PP at a ghoul.


Webley Mk. IV

Kayneth uses a Webley Mk. IV to assassinate Risei while he was distracted in "The End of Honor". The revolver seems to have a shorter barrel than what the Mk. IV has, as well as a slightly different grip.

Webley Mk. IV Short barreled Duty Model
The Mk. IV in Kayneth's lap after he fired it at Risei.

Submachine Guns

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

A Heckler & Koch MP5A3 are used by Berserker in "The Sea of the ends" in a standoff when he and Saber fought in a parking lot building. In the light novel, Berserker was equipped with dual MP5A3s.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with original "slimline" forearm - 9x19mm
Berserker aiming a MP5A3 at Saber.
Berserker firing a MP5A3 at Saber while she seeks cover. The buttstock is visible, indicating the MP5A3 variant.

Assault Rifles

Steyr AUG A1

A Steyr AUG A1 with a black plastic body was used by Maiya Hisau as her main weapon in the anime, which was also portrayed in the light novel during the 4th Holy Grail War. She first uses it in "Blade of the Demonic Spear". Located in an arms cache case brought by Kiritsugu in "The Evil Forest". Also found in "The Last Command Seal" in Kiritsugu's arms cache.

Steyr AUG with black stock - 5.56x45mm.
The Steyr AUG as seen in Maiya's hands in the OP sequence. This one had a scope mounted instead of the Swarovski-type scope.
The Steyr AUG placed on top of a bed sheet next to the Walther WA 2000.
Kiritsugu ejecting the AUG's magazine to do a visual inspection.
Maiya aiming the AUG's night vision scope in "Blade of the Demonic Spear".
Maiya's AUG after being impaled by one of Kirei's "Black Keys" in "Night of Schemes".
You can see the AUG next to M950, the M67s and plastic explosives in Kiritsugu's assembled arms cache.


Remington 870

Natalia in "Distant Memories" used a sawed off Remington 870 as her main weapon in battling the ghouls in Alimango island. It's seen also in "Where Justice in Found" in a hidden arms cache placed in Natalia's luggage and being carried by Kiritsugu.

Remington 870 with sawed off barrel and stock - 12 gauge
Natalia pumps the 870 before attacking a ghoul.
Another shot of Natalia handling the 870 before firing it to kill a ghoul behind her.
Dropping the 870 after running out of shells.
Natalia's 870 hidden in her luggage with her M1911A1.

Sniper Rifles

Barrett M82A1M

Berserker uses a Barrett M82A1M as his main weapon when he confronted Saber in the episode "The Sea of the ends".

Barrett M82A1M - .50 BMG
Berserker porting the M82A1M. The blurry effects you can see on the rifle are intentional due to Berserker's powers, which allows anything he gets his hands on to be his Noble Phantasm. Note: A low profile and full length Picatinny rail indicate the rifle is A1M variant
Bit of a closeup of the M82A1M.
Saber slashes the M82A1M into two, including the riflescope.

Remington 700

In "Where Justice is Found", a young Kiritsugu uses a Remington 700 to take down a target in New York City.

Remington Model 700 (1970s Production) - .308 Winchester
Aiming the silenced 700.
Kiritsugu fires the silenced 700.

Walther WA 2000

A Walther WA 2000 is shown in "Land of Fuyuki City", serving as Kiritsugu Emiya's main weapon of choice in the series, as well as in the light novel during the 4th Holy Grail War. The only difference is that Kiritsugu had replaced the Schmidt & Bender 2.5–10X telescopic sight with either a AN/PVS04 or a IR heat vision scopes to locate the heat signatures of magi hiding from physical sight. He first uses it in "Blade of the Demonic Spear".

Later in "The Bloody Battle of Mion River", Kiritsugu uses the WA 2000 to assassinate Ryunosuke near the shore of Mion River to prevent his Servant Caster from harming Fuyuki City any further.

Walther WA 2000 second variant
Kiritsugu about to give a hand signal to Maiya in the OP sequence. You can see the WA 2000 on his right hand. It also has the mounted AN/PVS04 scope instead of the Schmidt & Bender-type scope.
Cocking the WA 2000 as part of a visual inspection.
Shouldering the WA 2000. Note the mounted AN/PVS04 scope.
Another view of the WA 2000 from the right side. Note Saber's command seal on Kiritsugu's right hand.
You can see the inserted magazine at the back of the pistol grip.
Kiritsugu aiming the WA 2000 at the Tosaka estate. He has a normal riflescope placed on the WA 2000's receiver.


M67 Grenade

What appears to be M67 fragmentation grenades are among the weapons in the arms cache assembled by Maiya in the local Fuyuki Hotel in "Land of Fuyuki City". They are seen again in "The Last Command Seal".

M67 High Explosive-Fragmentation hand grenade.
Kiritsugu inspecting the weapons assembled by Maiya. The M67s are located beside the WA 2000.
You can see the M67s next to the plastic explosives in Kiritsugu's assembled arms cache.

M18 Smoke Grenade

A M18 Smoke Grenade is thrown by Kiritsugu to distract Kirei, allowing Maiya to escape in "Night of Schemes". Has an error with M78 written in place of M18.

M18 smoke grenade - Yellow.
Recently detonated M18 smoke grenade.
Inert M18 smoke grenade.

Model 7290 Flashbang

A Model 7290 flashbang grenade is visually inspected by Kiritsugu from the arms cache Maiya assembled in the local Fuyuki Hotel in "Land of Fuyuki City". They are partially seen in "The Last Command Seal".

Model 7290 flashbang grenade.
Kiritsugu inspecting the weapons assembled by Maiya. The flashbangs are located below the Steyr AUG.
Kiritsugu making a visual inspection of the Model 7290 flashbang in his right hand.
You can see the Model 7290 flashbang in Kiritsugu's assembled arms cache at the rear of the picture.

Machine Guns

Hughes M230 Chaingun

A Hughes M230 Chaingun was seen fired by an Apache gunship on the television set in Waver's room when he was staying with the Mackenzies in Fuyuki City in "Land of Fuyuki City".

Hughes/Alliant Techsystems M230 30mm Chain Gun.
A shot of the Apache firing the Hughes 230 from a TV set while Rider was watching in Waver's room. Kinda funny for a split second, the Apache in the foreground has its rotors missing.

M61 Vulcan

A couple of Japanese Air Self-Defense Force F-15J fighters are armed with the M61 Vulcan as its main machine gun before they began to engage Caster in "The Bloody Battle of Mion River". Berserker controls one of the two F-15Js against Gilgamesh as its Noble Phantasm after Caster's tentacle monster killed the other pilot by consuming his fighter. Berserker uses the M61 as its Noble Phantasm in "The Golden Radiance" before Gilgamesh destroys it.

GE M61 Vulcan Cannon - 20mm.
One of the two JASDF F-15J fighters as they approached Fuyuki City airspace.
The possessed F-15J fires at Saber.
The M61 Vulcan machine gun after Lancer destroys the F-15J.
Berserker takes control of the M61 as his Noble Phantasm.
The M61's barrels aimed at a dashing Saber.


Walther Leuchtpistole

Kiritsugu uses the Leuchtpistole flare pistol in "The Golden Radiance" to signal an attack against Caster.

Leuchtpistole - 26.65mm
Kiritsugu raising the flare pistol from his raftboat.


A young Kiritsugu uses a Type 91 MANPADS in "Where Justice is Found" to take down an Airbus passenger jets full of ghouls to prevent it from reaching La Guardia airport.

Type 91 MANPADS launcher on static display - 80mm
Kiritsugu gripping the Type 91. Note the two lines of holes in the IFF antenna, showing this is not a Stinger.
Aiming the Type 91's sight from a motorboat.
Kiritsugu fires the Type 91 at the infected Airbus jet.

Plastic Explosives

Plastic Explosives are seen next to the Calico M950, which are among the weapons in the arms cache assembled by Maiya in the local Fuyuki Hotel in "Land of Fuyuki City". Later seen in "The Evil Forest". Located in an arms cache case brought by Kiritsugu in "The Evil Forest". They are seen in Kiritsugu's arms cache in "The Last Command Seal".

Kiritsugu inspecting the weapons assembled by Maiya. The plastic explosives are located next to the Calico M950.
The arms case Kiritsugu brought with him in "The Evil Forest". From left to right: Two blocks of plastic explosive, Calico M950, Glock 17 with 2 pistol magazines, the AN/PVS04 and the infrared scope and a Steyr AUG A1.
You can see the plastic explosives in Kiritsugu's assembled arms cache.

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