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Dubrovsky (1989)

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Dubrovsky 1988 Poster.jpg
The poster for the theatrical release
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Vyacheslav Nikiforov
Release Date 1989
1990 (TV)
Language Russian
Studio Belarusfilm
Kadr Studio
Distributor Gosteleradio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Vladimir Andreevich Dubrovskiy Mikhail Efremov
Marya Kirilovna Troekurova Marina Zudina
Kirila Petrovich Troekurov Vladimir Samoylov
Andrey Gavrilovich Dubrovskiy Kirill Lavrov
Prince Vereyskiy Anatoliy Romashin
Anton Pafnutyevich Spitsyn Viktor Pavlov
Shabashkin Vladimir Konkin
Grigoriy Gennadiy Frolov
Timokha Andrey Smolyakov
Arkhip Vladimir Shakalo

Dubrovsky (also spelled Dubrovskiy) is a 1989 (filmed 1988) Soviet historical adventure mini series, a screen adaptation of the classic Russian novel by Aleksandr Pushkin, directed by Vyacheslav Nikiforov. The plot is set in 1820s. An aged nobleman Andrey Dubrovskiy (Kirill Lavrov) conflicts with his neighbour, a greedy, rich and powerful aristocrat Kirila Petrovitch Troekurov (Vladimir Samoylov). With the help of perjury, Troekurov takes land from Dubrovskiy, and the old man dies. Dubrovskiy's son Vladimir (Mikhail Efremov), determined to avenge his father, gathers a gang of his serfs and turns from an officer to a noble brigand. But Dubrovskiy abandons his plans of revenge when he falls in love with Troekurov's daughter Masha (Marina Zudina).

The film exists in two versions: the theatrical version, released under the title Blagorodnyy razboynik Vladimir Dubrovskiy (Noble Brigand Vladimir Dubrovsky) and the four-part mini series. The current page is based on the mini series.

The original novel was often adapted for screen, in Germany as Dubrowsky, der Rauber Ataman (1921), USA as The Eagle (1925), Italy as Aquila Nera (1946) and Il vendicatore (1959), and USSR/Russia (1936, 1989 and 2014).

The following weapons were used in the miniseries Dubrovsky:


Percussion Cap Travel Pistol

When Vladimir Dubrovskiy (Mikhail Efremov) appears at Troekurov's estate under the guise of the Frenchman Deforges, the teacher of Troekurov's little son, he carries a Percussion Cap Pistol, anachronistic for 1820s, in the inside pocket of his frock coat. Close-ups reveal this pistol as a flintlock gun converted into a percussion cap gun. It has short barrel that doesn't protrude from the handguard. The exact model is unknown but probably this is a travel pistol, more compact than military models but larger than common pocket pistols.

For reference: flintlock travel pistol converted to percussion, Manufacture d'arme de Liege, Belgium. The screen gun looks similar except for the presence of the muzzle cap and the lack of the ramrod head.
When Troekurov plays a cruel joke on the "Frenchman", luring him into a room where a bear is held, Dubrovskiy calmly draws his pistol.
He fires at the beast. Only faint smoke on the lock is seen.
"Deforges" draws his pistol when fake brigands break into the feast.
A close-up of the pistol. It can be seen that the pistol was produced as a flintlock gun.
The cocked hammer is seen.
Dubrovskiy aims the pistol at landowner Anton Spitsyn (Viktor Pavlov), revealing his true identity.
The pistol is seen from another side.

Double Barreled Percussion Cap Pistol

When Vladimir Dubrovskiy (Mikhail Efremov), acting under the guise of Deforges, accompanies Troekurov in the trip, he carries two guns: a flintlock Model An XIII pistol (see below) and a double barreled percussion cap pistol. Such weapon could be used as a travel or hunting gun.

A French double-barrelled percussion pistol, circa 1830 - .59 caliber. The screen gun looks similar to this sample, especially the grip.
"Deforges" carries both pistols tucked into his belt. The double barrel is seen.
Two hammers on both sides of the pistol are seen.
The grip is seen when "Deforges" gives the pistol to Troekurov's son Sasha (Yan Khviler).
Sasha plays with the pistol.
A good view of the pistol in Sasha's hands. The support for the absend ramrod is seen under the barrels.

Chatellerault Cavalry Mle 1822T Percussion Cap Pistol

Many brigands, notably Dubrovskiy's valet Grigoriy (Gennadiy Frolov), are armed with Chatellerault Mle 1822T cavalry percussion cap pistols. Prince Vereyskiy (Anatoliy Romashin) draws an Mle 1822T pistol when his carriage is attacked by the brigands. The Mle 1822 pistols were originally produced as flintlock guns, and only in 1840s they were converted into percussion cap guns, gaining the index "1822T" ("T" for "transforme").

Chatellerault Model 1822 T Percussion Cavalry Pistol - .69 cal.
A mounted brigand holds an Mle 1822T pistol. The gun is seen blurry due to fast ride.
Another view of the pistol.
A close-up of the barrel and the ramrod of Grigoriy's pistol.
The lock of Grigoriy's pistol is seen.
A brigand carries an Mle 1822T pistol tucked into his belt. This pistol lacks the ramrod.
Grigoriy holds the pistol.
Prince Vereyskiy aims an Mle 1822T pistol when his carriage is attacked by the brigands.
Vereyskiy fires.

Percussion Dueling Pistol

After Prince Vereyskiy (Anatoliy Romashin) fires an Mle 1822T pistol, he draws another gun that is seen unclear but seems to be a Percussion Dueling Pistol.

For reference: Modern replica of Lepage percussion dueling pistol.
Prince Vereyskiy holds his second pistol.
The faceted barrel is common for dueling pistols.
The percussion cap lock is seen.

Unidentified Percussion Cap Pistols

Grigoriy (Gennadiy Frolov) holds a Percussion Cap Pistol of unclear model during the attack on Prince Vereyskiy's carriage. This is a military style gun with the long handguard and the belt hook. The trigger guard of the pistol matches Russian 1809 and 1839 flintlock models as well as their conversions to percussion cap locks, but the barrel band is placed in a different way that on any of these pistols.

Grigoriy fires in air. The belt hook can be seen.

In one scene a brigand holds a pistol with nearly vertical grip, common for dueling and target pistols, but with a long handguard.

A brigand holds his pistol. The long handguard is seen.
Another view of the same pistol. The brigand also carries a Chatellerault Mle 1822T pistol tucked into his belt.

Russian M1809 Cavalry Flintlock Pistol

A pair of Flintlock Pistols, most likely Cavalry M1809, is seen on the wall in Andrey Dubrovskiy's bedroom. Kirila Petrovitch Troekurov (Vladimir Samoylov) carries a pair of M1809 pistols when he makes a trip to the burned estate of Dubrovskiy.

Russian Cavalry Pistol M1809 - .70 cal
One of the pistols is seen on the wall in Andrey Dubrovskiy's bedroom. The frizzen is barely seen as it is folded along the barrel.
Vladimir Dubrovskiy (Mikhail Efremov) takes another pistol from the wall.
Grigoriy (Gennadiy Frolov) carries both pistols tucked into his belt.
The grip of one of Troekurov's pistols is seen.
The flintlock of the same pistol is seen better.
Both pistols are seen when Troekurov returns to his estate.

French Saint Etienne 1810 Model An XIII Cavalry Flintlock Pistol

When Vladimir Dubrovskiy (Mikhail Efremov), acting under the guise of Deforges, accompanies Troekurov in the trip, one of his guns is a French Saint Etienne 1810 Model An XIII Cavalry Flintlock Pistol.

Saint Etienne 1810 Model An XIII Cavalry Pistol - .69 cal
"Deforges" carries two pistols. The grip and the flintlock of the An XIII pistol are seen. The furniture of the gun seem to be steel rather than brass, possibly as a result of repair.
"Deforges" hands the flintlock pistol to a manservant. The ramrod is absend.
The pistol in hands of the manservent.

Long Guns

Percussion Cap Carbine

In several scenes Dubrovskiy's brigands and Troekurov's armed servants carry long guns, but nearly all of them are seen in distance and very unclear. Only a small number of long guns can be seem more or less clear. Most of those guns are carbines with percussion cap locks, anachronistic for 1820s. There are at least two different models, one with a semi-pistol grip and another with a straight grip.

For reference: Russian M1849 percussion cap cavalry carbine. The screen gun with the straight grip bears resemblance with this gun.
A mounted brigand holds a carbine, supposedly a percussion cap gun. It is seen blurry due to the fast ride.
Another view of the same gun. This is a gun with a straight grip.
A brigand at the foreground left holds a percussion cap carbine when the gang attacks a landowner's estate. The semi-pistol grip is seen.
Same gun is seen in distance.
Arkhip (Vladimir Shakalo) carries a percussion cap carbine. This gun has a semi-pistol grip. It is possible that the carbine is a visually modified modern break-action shotgun.
Grigoriy (Gennadiy Frolov) holds a carbine during the attack on Prince Vereyskiy's carriage.
The percussion cap lock of a brigand's carbine is seen.

Unidentified musket

In one scene a peasant holds a long musket. The lock isn't seen but the gun has a military style muzzle cap. It may be a Russian M1808 Infantry musket or a French Mle 1777 that was a base design for the Russian model.

For reference: Charleville Mousquet Modele 1777 - .69 caliber. Russian M1808 looks similar.
A peasant holds a musket at the background. The muzzle cap is barely seen.
Another view of the same scene.

Double Barreled Shotgun

When Kirila Petrovitch Troekurov (Vladimir Samoylov) returns from the hunt, he carries a Double Barreled Shotgun. Despite it is seen not very clear, it still can be identified as a modern break-action hammerless shotgun.

Troekurov holds a double barreled gun.
He hands it to a manservant. No kind of exposed hammers can be seen.
It can be seen that the gun is double barreled.


A pair of muzzleloading cannons is seen in Troekurov's estate. They are used for ceremonial saluting. The size and shape of the cannons are similar to Russian 6-pounder M1805.

A cannon is seen at the background.
The barrel of the same cannon.
Another cannon is seen firing, without any recoil.

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