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Doctor Who (New Series) - Season 9

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Doctor Who (New Series) - Season 9
Country UK
Channel BBC One
Genre Sci-Fi
Broadcast 2015
No. of Episodes 14
Main Cast
Character Actor
The Doctor Peter Capaldi
Clara Oswald Jenna-Louise Coleman

The following weapons were used in Season 9 of the television series Doctor Who (New Series):


Unidentified Pistol

In "The Magicians Apprentice", UNIT bodyguards accompanying Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman) carry unidentified pistols. They are never close enough in frame to properly see.

The handgun briefly seen in the UNIT bodyguards jacket in "The Magicians Apprentice".

Flintlock Pistol

In "The Woman Who Lived", Ashildr/Me (Maisie Williams) uses a flintlock pistol as her alias 'The Knightmare' whilst acting as a highwayman. Sam Swift (Rufus Hound) and his sidekick, as well as pikemen working for Ashildr also carry them.

Ashildr, under her alias 'The Knightmare', aims her pistol at a stagecoach in "The Woman Who Lived".
Sam Swift aims his pistol at Ashildr and The Doctor in "The Woman Who Lived".
A good side view of the pistol as Ashildr and Swift wrestle in "The Woman Who Lived".
A pikeman aims his pistol at The Doctor in "The Woman Who Lived".

SIG P226

In "The Zygon Invasion", several UNIT soldiers stationed in Turmezistan are seen with holstered SIG P226's.

SIG P226, 9x19mm
A UNIT solider with a holstered P226 takes aim at disguised Zygons in Turmezistan.

Glock 17

In "The Zygon Invasion", Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) is seen carrying a Glock 17 in a shoulder holster when she visits the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. In a continuity error, it changes into an smaller airsoft pistol when she is shown chambering a round. She is later seen using it during a flashback in "The Zygon Inversion", where it is revealed that she shot and killed the Zygon copy of Sheriff Norlander (Gretchen Egolf).

Glock 17 - 9x19mm
A promotional image of Kate Stewart entering the police station with her Glock drawn in "The Zygon Invasion".
Kate opens fire on the Zygon duplicate of Sheriff Norlander in "The Zygon Inversion".
Kate guns down two Zygons whilst saving The Doctor.

HFC HG-165 Baby Dark Hawk

In a continuity error in "The Zygon Invasion", Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave)'s full size Glock 17 briefly switches to an HFC HG-165 Baby Dark Hawk airsoft pistol when she chambers a round. The pistol is based on the smaller Glock 26, but has a rounded trigger guard, a minor beavertail and appears to have a curved extended magazine.

HFC HG-165 Baby Dark Hawk Airsoft Pistol
A side view of the pistol being chambered in "The Zygon Invasion". Note the distinctive trigger guard that differentiates it from a Glock.
A side view of the pistol, showing the rounded trigger guard.
A view of the chambered pistol "The Zygon Invasion". Note the smaller frame, curved trigger guard and front serrations.

Beretta 92FS Inox

In "The Zygon Invasion", Sheriff Norlander (Gretchen Egolf) of Truth and Consequences, New Mexico carries a Beretta 92FS Inox as her sidearm.

Beretta 92FS Inox - 9x19mm.
A promotional image of Sheriff Norlander aiming her Beretta in "The Zygon Invasion".
A closeup of the Inox as Sheriff Norlander cocks it in "The Zygon Invasion".
Sheriff Norlander approached Kate Stewart with her weapon drawn in "The Zygon Invasion".
Sheriff Norlander's holstered Inox as she speaks with Kate Stewart.

Heckler & Koch USP

In "The Zygon Invasion", several Heckler & Koch USPs are seen in the armoury of a UNIT safehouse in London. A UNIT soldier is later seen carrying one in the same episode.

Heckler & Koch USP - 9x19mm
The row of USP's (and other handguns) in the safe house armoury.
A UNIT solider aims her sidearm at the Zygons.

HA-125 SA Vector

In "The Zygon Invasion", a HA-125 SA Vector (an airsoft pistol manufactured by HFC) is briefly seen in the armoury of a UNIT safehouse in London.

HFC HA-125 SA Vector Airsoft Pistol
The SA Vector (second from right) in the UNIT safehouse armoury.

Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3

In "The Zygon Invasion", a Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3 (an airsoft pistol frequently used as a prop in the series) is briefly seen in the armoury of a UNIT safehouse in London.

Airsoft Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa 4.3-6mm Ball Bearing
The Hi-Capa (right) in the UNIT safehouse armoury.

Kimber Custom TLE II

In "The Zygon Invasion", UNIT Commander John Hitchley (Todd Kramer) carries what appears to be a Kimber Custom TLE II his sidearm. Judging by its weighted grip it is likely an airsoft pistol.

Kimber Custom TLE II - .45 ACP
Hitchley fires his Kimber in the air in "The Zygon Invasion". Notice the marking on the slide where the Kimber stamp appears to have been removed.
Hitchley aims his pistol at a Zygon duplicate of his mother in "The Zygon Invasion".


Accuracy International Arctic Warfare

In "The Magicians Apprentice", UNIT snipers are seen using Accuracy International Arctic Warfare rifles whilst accompanying Clara Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman).

Accuracy International AW - 7.62x51mm NATO
A UNIT sniper takes position in "The Magicians Apprentice".
A second UNIT sniper aims at Missy in "The Magicians Apprentice".
Another UNIT sniper takes aim in "The Magicians Apprentice".

Assault Rifles

Heckler & Koch G36C

In "The Zygon Invasion", several UNIT soldiers, including Colonel Walsh (Rebecca Front) carry the Heckler & Koch G36C as their primary weapon. Several of the rifles are also seen in the armoury in the UNIT safehouse in London.

Heckler & Koch G36C - 5.56x45mm
Colonel Walsh with her G36C as she and her soldiers prepare to attack a Zygon held village in Turmezistan in "The Zygon Invasion".
UNIT soldiers aim their G36Cs at Zygon duplicates of their family members in "The Zygon Invasion".
UNIT soldiers aim their G36Cs at Zygon duplicates of their family members in "The Zygon Invasion".
A row of G36Cs in the UNIT safe house armoury in "The Zygon Invasion".
A UNIT team aims their weapons at Zygon pods beneath London in "The Zygon Invasion".

Missile Launchers

FIM-92A Stinger (Modified)

In "The Zygon Invasion", Bonnie (Jenna-Louise Coleman), the Zygon duplicate of Clara Oswald, uses a modified, shortened FIM-92A Stinger to shoot down a plane carrying The Doctor (Peter Capaldi). Markings on the side state that it is an "A.A.P.L.S B-Type" manufactured by UNIT.

FIM-92A Stinger - 70mm
The markings on the side of the launcher in "The Zygon Invasion".
Bonnie prepares the launcher in "The Zygon Invasion".
Bonnie takes aim at the plane transporting The Doctor in "The Zygon Invasion".


Fictional Rifle

In "Last Christmas", scientists at the North Pole Research Station are seen armed with large fictional rifles to defend themselves from the Dream Crabs.

A group of scientists burst into the infirmary in "Last Christmas".
The scientists aim their rifles at The Doctor in "Last Christmas".

Toy Rifle

In "Last Christmas", one of Santa Claus's elves carries a toy rifle to try and seem intimidating.

The elf with his toy rifle in "Last Christmas".

Antique Dalek Blaster

In "The Magicians Apprentice" and "The Witch's Familiar", The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) arms himself with an old Dalek blaster to threaten Davros.

The Doctor activates the blaster in "The Witch's Familiar".
The Doctor aims the blaster at a young Davros in "The Magicians Apprentice".
The Doctor threatens a group of Daleks in "The Witch's Familiar".
The Doctor aims the blaster at a Dalek shell which (unknown to him) contains Clara in "The Witch's Familiar".

38th Century Military Rifle

In "Sleep No More", soldiers sent on a rescue mission to the Le Verrier Space Station carry a fictional rifle as their primary weapon. The gun has striped burgundy camouflage and a flashlight integrated into the top.

Commander Jagganth Daiki-Nagata aims her rifle at The Doctor and Clara in "Sleep No More".
A side view of Conscript Osamu Aimi-Chopra's rifle on the found footage in "Sleep No More".
Nagata aims her rifle at Rasmussen in "Sleep No More".

Gallifreyan Rifle

In "Hell Bent", Gallifreyan soldiers, including Gastron (Malachi Kirby) are seen armed with two variants of the standard Gallifreyan battle rifle. This weapon was previously seen in the 50th Anniversary Special episode "The Day of the Doctor".

Gastron with his rifle outside The Cloisters in "Hell Bent".
A row of Gallifreyan soldiers confront The Doctor in "Hell Bent". Notice the long and short barrelled variants.
The soldier in the centre with a short barrelled variant of the rifle in "Hell Bent".
The soldiers aim their rifles at The Doctor in "Hell Bent".

Gallifreyan Pistol

In "Hell Bent", certain members of the Gallifreyan armed forces, including The General (Ken Bones) and Gastron (Malachi Kirby) are seen carrying a Gallifreyan pistol as their sidearm. The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) later disarms the General of his pistol and uses it briefly.

The General prepares to throw down his pistol in defiance of Lord President Rassilon in "Hell Bent".
The Doctor aims the Generals pistol at him in "Hell Bent".
Gastron's holstered sidearm seen in "Hell Bent".

Gatling Gun

In "Hell Bent", a Gallifreyan military gunship piloted by Gastron (Malachi Kirby) is armed with a trio of Gatling style guns.

The Doctor faces down the gunships weapons in "Hell Bent".
A front view of the three Gatling guns in "Hell Bent".

Judoon Pistol

In "The Husbands of River Song", one of the many weapons on display in the residence of King Hydroflax is a Judoon Pistol.

Mendorax Dellora Pistol

In "The Husbands of River Song", the robotic body of King Hydroflax arms itself with a fictional pistol, which it later uses to threaten Nardole.

The robotic body holds the pistol to Nardole's head in "The Husbands of River Song".

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