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Dino Crisis

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Dino Crisis
DC1 Box.jpg
Cover art from Dino Crisis (1999)
Release Date: 1999
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
Publisher: Capcom/PAL: Virgin Interactive
Series: Dino Crisis
Platforms: Playstation
Genre: Survival horror

Dino Crisis is a 1999 video game developed by Capcom Production Studio 4 and released in 1999. Produced by Shinji Mikami, the game took inspirations from Resident Evil's RPG features such as item management and exploration. However, unlike other so-called "Resident Evil clones" that had been released since 1997, Dino Crisis instead relied on 3D environments as opposed to pre-rendered backgrounds, and a greater focus on physical puzzles to advance in the game. As horror-themed action-adventure gaming was still in its infancy, Dino Crisis rejected the label of "Survival Horror" in Japan, which was seen as merely a tagline for Resident Evil. Instead it was marketed as "Panic Horror" to demonstrate its uniqueness. However, due to the dominance of Resident Evil over similarly-styled horror games overseas, "Survival Horror" became accepted as the general name for the genre.

The game centers around an espionage team who must find a way to survive in a secret government facility that is being infested by time-displaced dinosaurs. The PlayStation version was met with a positive response from critics, while the Dreamcast and PC versions were criticized for not taking advantage of the respective platforms' superior hardware. While Dino Crisis did not achieve the same level of success Resident Evil did, it was popular enough to gain two sequels: (Dino Crisis 2 and Dino Crisis 3) and a light gun-based spin-off in Capcom's Gun Survivor series, known as Dino Stalker in America and Gun Survivor 3 : Dino Crisis in Japan. Capcom's Ace Attorney franchise would eventually reuse the fictional Borginian Republic the game is set in, albeit with a substantially altered geographic location.

The following weapons appear in the video game Dino Crisis:

Glock 34

The Glock 34 is Regina's handgun of choice in Dino Crisis. Regina begins the game with this weapon by default, regardless of what difficulty the player has chosen. Equipping the Handgun Slides will convert it into the Glock 35, enabling the use of the more powerful 40 S&W caliber rounds.

Glock 34 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm
The Glock 34 in Dino Crisis
Regina aims the Glock 34 at a Velociraptor

Glock 35

Regina can upgrade the Glock 34 into the Glock 35 by finding the Handgun Slides. The game correctly states that the weapon is chambered for .40 S&W caliber rounds, but it can also nonsensically use 9mm Parabellum rounds if switching ammo. When Regina is equipped with the Glock 34 (or the Glock 35 loaded with 9mm Parabellum) she will hold the weapon with one hand when aiming, but when aiming the Glock 35 loaded with the more powerful 40 S&W Bullets, she will instead hold it with two hands.

Glock 35 - .40 S&W
The Glock 35 in Dino Crisis

Ingram MAC-10

Tom, an agent of the Secret Operation Raid Team, uses an Ingram MAC-10 as a self-defense weapon. Unfortunately, it is unavailable to the player.

Ingram MAC-10 - 9x19mm
Tom aims the MAC-10 in Dino Crisis

Franchi PA3/345

A Franchi PA3/345 is Regina's shotgun of choice in the game. It is known as "Shotgun Model PA3." The PA3 variant used in the game appears to be the PA3/345 variant, identifiable by its 345mm (13.6") barrel and 5-round capacity. It can be upgraded by finding the Shotgun Parts in order to fully convert the PA3 into a SPAS-12, something which would not be possible in real life. The Franchi PA3/345 can be found in the inventory at the beginning of the game if the player is playing on the Easy Mode difficulty. On other difficulties, it can be found inside the Management Office, early on inside Facility 1F. Interestingly, the shotgun behaves differently based on what upgrades are installed rather than being static. Adding the buttstock to the PA3 logically reduces recoil and increases the rate of fire by allowing Regina to work the pump faster, while adding the extended barrel without the stock results increased power but extremely punishing recoil (which will unrealistically knock her back a step each shot) and a slow rate of fire due to her taking much longer to work the pump. Adding both obviously gives the player the best of both worlds.

Franchi PA3/345 - 12 gauge
Franchi PA3/345 in Dino Crisis, without stock
Franchi PA3/345 in Dino Crisis with stock
Regina wielding the Franchi PA3/345 with stock attached
Regina fires the Franchi PA3/345 without stock at an attacking Velociraptor
Regina fires the Franchi PA3/345 point-blank at an attacking Velociraptor

Franchi SPAS-12

The Franchi SPAS-12 shotgun is referred to as the "SPAS12" in-game, and is available after finding the Shotgun Parts and upgrading the Franchi PA3 (something not possible in real life). Unless the Shotgun Stocks upgrade is equipped, the SPAS-12 will have an incredibly strong recoil, resulting in slow follow-up shots. Additionally, when the stock upgrade is equipped, Regina will aim the shotgun from the shoulder instead of firing from the hip.

The use of the SPAS-12 in the game is most likely a reference to the original Jurassic Park (1993), as it was notably used throughout the film by the main characters against the Velociraptors.

Franchi SPAS-12 Short Barreled Version - 12 gauge
SPAS-12 in Dino Crisis, without stock
SPAS-12 in Dino Crisis, with stock
Regina wields the SPAS-12 with stock.

Heckler & Koch HK69A1

The HK69A1 is referred to in-game as the "Grenade Gun" (more specifically "40mmHK Grenade Pistol"), and is the strongest weapon in the game. Both Grenade Bullets and Heat Bullets are usable for this weapon. The Grenade Gun can be upgraded to the Custom Grenade Gun, which can fire 3 rounds before needing to be reloaded.

The Grenade Gun can be found in the inventory at start of the game if the player is playing on Easy Mode. On other difficulties, it can be found inside the Hangar, at the Facility Outdoors.

Heckler & Koch HK69A1 - 40x46mm
The HK69A1 in Dino Crisis
Regina stands over Tom's corpse as she wields the HK69A1

Custom Grenade Gun

The Grenade Gun can be upgraded to the Custom Grenade Gun, which adds a revolver mechanism on the frame of the HK69A1 enabling it to fire 3 rounds before needing to be reloaded (nonsensical, as the revolver mechanism should allow for more than just 3 rounds). This particular grenade launcher design is fictional, using the HK69A1 frame as a base and adding a fixed stock and a revolver mechanism for the grenades, similar to that of a DefTech 40mm multi launcher.

Defense Technologies 40mm multi launcher
The Custom HK69A1 in Dino Crisis
Regina wields the custom HK69A1.

Dr. Kirk's Glock

Dr. Kirk briefly uses a pistol to hold up Regina. It appears to be the same in-game model as Regina's Glock, but since both the Glock 34 and Glock 35 use the same in-game model, it's impossible to tell which one he has.

Regina finds herself in a sticky situation.


Rick is armed with an older model FN FAL with an optical sight. Rick is notably the only other character in the game besides Regina to fire his weapon on screen; Gail only fires his rifle off-screen while the screen fades to black before Tom fires his MAC-10.

FN FAL, older variant with humped stock and ramp rear sight - 7.62x51mm
Rick with his FN FAL.
Render of Rick with his FAL. Note the humped stock.

Gail's Assault Rifle

Gail uses a stockless assault rifle with an optical sight. Character renders of him reveal it to be an AR-15 type weapon with the buffer tube completely removed, which would in reality render it completely inoperable.

Rocky Mountain Arms Patriot - .223 Remington. The closest approximation to Gail's rifle on IMFDb.
Gail walks away from Regina with his rifle in hand after being falsely accused of vandalizing a fence by her.
Render of Gail with his AR-15.

Fictional Demo Charge

Regina uses a demo charge to finally deal with the T-Rex in the game's final cutscene.

Regina readies the demo charge.
The detonator in Regina's hand, activated by pulling a pin similarly to most hand grenades.

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