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Death of a Hoodlum (Muerte de un quinqui)

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This article currently has one or more unidentified weapons.
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Death of a Hoodlum (Muerte de un quinqui)
Muerte de un quinqui Poster.jpg
Original Spanish poster
Country ESP 45-77.jpg Spain
Directed by León Klimovsky
Release Date 1975
Language Spanish
Studio Producciones Grégor S.A.
Main Cast
Character Actor
Marcos Paul Naschy
Marta Carmen Sevilla
Elena Julia Saly
Ricardo Heinrich Starhemberg
Martín Frank Braña
Samano Francisco Nieto
Irene Mabel Escaño

Muerte de un quinqui (never released in English; direct translation of the title is Death of a Hoodlum) is a 1975 Spanish crime thriller directed by León Klimovsky. After a jewelry store heist, one of the criminals, Marcos (Paul Naschy), deceives his companions and disappears with the loot. While the other robbers search for him, Marcos hides in the remote province and is hired as a manservant on an estate where a disabled man lives with his wife and daughter.

The following weapons were used in the film Death of a Hoodlum (Muerte de un quinqui):


Astra 400

A suppressed Astra 400 pistol is used by Marcos (Paul Naschy) during the opening heist. Later, he is seen with this pistol in several scenes, using it with and without the suppressor. Astra 400 pistols are also used by Martín (Frank Braña) and his henchmen.

Astra 400 - 9x23mm Bergmann/Largo
Marcos aims his suppressed Astra at a jeweler.
Another view of the same scene.
Marcos' handguns: the Astra and Arminius revolver.
A heel mounted magazine release allows to identify the pistol as the Astra 400, contrary to the similar-looking Astra 600 which has a lanyard ring on this location.
Ciminals hold Astra pistols in the final scene.
Martín with an Astra pistol.
A close-up view of Marcos' Astra.

Star Model B

In the opening scene Samano, (Francisco Nieto), the second robber, is armed with an M1911-style pistol. Similar looking pistols are also seen in the hands of other criminals, including Martín (Frank Braña). As the movie is Spanish, these pistols are likely Spanish versions of the M1911, like the Star Model B (or maybe a Super B).

Star Model B - 9x19mm
Star Model B Super aka Star Modelo Super - 9x19mm
Samano holds his pistol during the heist. While the pistol looks mostly like a Star, it seems to lack the external extractor distinct to this pistol.
Samano is disarmed by a too bold customer. The pistol lacks a grip safety.
Martín loads a pistol. An Astra pistol is seen on the table.
One of Martín's thugs fires his M1911 in the final scene. His companion holds an Astra.
A young robber (Pedro Mari Sánchez) holds a nickel-plated M1911.

Arminius HW-1

A revolver that appears to be an Arminius HW-1 is Marcos' (Paul Naschy) backup weapon.

Arminius HW-1 starter revolver
Marcos draws his revolver.
Even in bed Marcos keeps a firearm in hand.
Marcos' handguns: an Astra 400 and Arminius revolver.
Marcos fires his revolver in the final scene.

Submachine Guns

Rexim Favor "Commando"

One more weapon used by Marcos (Paul Naschy) is a Rexim-Favor. It's a "Commando" version of this weapon, identifiable by its unshrouded barrel.

Rexim Favor "Commando" with wooden and metal skeleton stock - 9x19 mm
The submachine gun is seen in Marcos' car.
Marcos fires at pursuing motorcycle policemen.
Marcos loads his SMG in the final scene. Note the unattached skeleton stock.
Marcos reloads his SMG...
...and fires at his former companions.


Erma Werke Model E M1 Carbine

A semi-auto carbine is Ricardo's (Heinrich Starhemberg) favored weapon. In the final scene, it is used by Elena (Julia Saly), Ricardo's daughter. The carbine appears to be an Erma Werke Model E M1, a commercial version of the M1 Carbine in .22 LR caliber. The rifle has has the rear sight removed, leaving a bare dovetail scope mount.

Erma Werke Model E M1 Carbine with 10-round magazine - .22 LR
Despite his disability, Ricardo is a perfect shooter.
A closer view of Ricardo's carbine. Note the design of the bolt handle indicating that this is a Model E M1 chambered in .22 LR.
Elena fires the carbine in the final scene.

M43 Spanish Mauser

In one scene, two Guardia Civil gendarmes visit the estate. They carry M43 Spanish Mauser rifles, identified by straight bolt handles and auxiliary bayonet lugs. Strangely, these rifles have the muzzle parts of the barrel shorter than on a standard model.

Spanish Mauser M43 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
The barrel with auxiliary bayonet lug is seen. The bayonet lug extends nearly to the front sight, unlike the sample above.
The gendarme carries his rifle on a sling.
The straight bolt handle is seen.

Various Rifles

Several rifles are seen in Ricardo's (Heinrich Starhemberg) gun cabinet. In one, scene he threatens Marcos with one of these guns.

Several long guns are seen in the locker. The one in the middle appears to be the aforementioned semi-auto carbine.
Ricardo threatens Marcos. The rifle seems to be well-worn as the the barrel is tied to the stock by a piece of rope.
Another view of the guns in the cabinet.

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