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Cry of Fear

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Cry of Fear
CoF cover art1.jpg
Cover art
Release Date: 2012
Developer: Team Psykskallar
Publisher: Team Psykskallar
Platforms: PC
Genre: Survival horror, First-person shooter

Cry of Fear is a standalone Half-Life mod developed by the independent game studio Team Psykskallar (Psykskallar is Swedish and can be roughly translated as "psychoheads"), the same studio behind the game Afraid of Monsters. Cry of Fear runs on the GoldSrc (or GoldSource) engine, which is a heavily modified version of the Quake engine that was made for and powered Half-Life. Unlike their previous game, Afraid of Monsters, Cry of Fear was built completely from scratch and doesn't share any assets with Half-Life. Development for the mod started in 2008 and after four troubled years of development, it released on popular modding site ModDB as a Half-Life mod in 2012. After being submitted to Steam Greenlight, it was accepted for a release on Steam and in 2013 was publicly released as a standalone game.

The game follows teenage protagonist Simon Henriksson as he wakes up in an alley after being the victim of a hit and run. With only his phone and a pocket-knife, he makes his way through the unnamed city (based off locations in Stockholm, Sweden) and encounters hallucinations and monsters. Throughout the night, he continues to question his sanity as he continues his way home.

Cry of Fear is significantly more complex than Team Psykskallar's previous game, Afraid of Monsters. Cry of Fear includes cutscenes, voice acting, an inventory system, and utilizes advanced graphical techniques. While Afraid of Monsters plays more like a shooter, Cry of Fear plays more slowly with a focus on survival more like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Cry of Fear also includes a deep plot whose themes are similar to aforementioned Silent Hill and movies such as Jacob's Ladder, relying heavily on symbolism.

The original mod is available on ModDB and the standalone game is available on Steam.

The following weapons appear in the video game Cry of Fear:



Cry of Fear is a survival horror game and not a straight up shooter. The player has limited inventory space, must use morphine syringes to regenerate health, can only save via the use of a tape recorder (on Nightmare difficulty one must have a tape that can only be used five times in order to save, somewhat similar to the use of typewriters and ink ribbons in the earlier Resident Evil games). Ammo and firearms are also fairly rare, and the player will probably end up using more melee weapons than firearms throughout the story, similar to the Silent Hill games.

The game has three modes, the first being the main story line following Simon.

Completing that unlocks the "Doctor Mode" where one gets to play as the Doctor character from the main story. While short, the Doctor mode is also significantly harder than the main storyline.

The third mode is a co-op campaign where up to four players can team up as Police Officers trying to find Simon. The co-op has a much bigger focus on action than the other modes.

While the extra modes have their own stories that tie into the main narrative, they are seen as non-canon.

The game features an enemy players should be weary of using firearms around called the "Drowned". If one has a firearm equipped close to them, they will force the gun to Simon's head, with the player having to click the mouse button to resist the urge to pull the trigger.

A small but interesting detail is how the game handles ammo. Weapons that are fed with detachable magazines only track the number of full magazines the player has picked up, and upon reloading one of these weapons, any rounds left in the magazine will be lost instead of magically added to the player's reserve ammo pool as in most video games. This means that one must consider potentially wasting ammo in favor of a faster reload and ensuring one won't run out early into a fight. Weapons with internal magazines - the Taurus 605, Remington 870, and Lee-Enfield - go for different systems depending on the weapon, which are noted in their specific sections below.


All handguns except for the Taurus Model 605 can be dual-wielded with any other non-handgun item such as melee weapon or some type of light source. However, it is not possible to reload or aim a handgun when it's being dual wielded. While Simon will hold any weapon in his right hand and support it with his left when using it alone, he will hold weapons in his left hand when dual-wielding any other item, indicating that he might be ambidextrous.

Glock 17

The Glock 17 is the most common firearm in the game, being the very first gun Simon gets his hands on. It's incorrectly labeled as a Glock 19 in-game (it even has Glock 19 markings), which includes holding 15 rounds in the 17-round Glock 17 magazines. It can however be identified as a Glock 17 due to its size. The Glock 17 is also used by the "Suicider" enemy type, making them the only non-boss enemy to use firearms while also making Glock ammo the single most abundant type.

Glock 17 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm Parabellum
Glock 19 (3rd Generation) - 9x19mm Parabellum. For comparison.
Simon's first encounter with the Glock 17 is all but usual.
Not phased by corpses hanging from the ceiling, he grabs the Glock pistol and begins racking the slide. Here, the length of the slide is obviously the same as a Glock 17.
Simon with his Glock 17 as he prepares himself to leave the apartment.
The Glock's iron sights are of the factory-standard variety.
Once out of ammo, the slide properly locks back and it's possible to see details inside the gun.
Reloading from empty. Simon drops the dry mag...
...and inserts a new one. Here it's possible to see the size of the grip is more in line with a Glock 17 than the slightly more compact 19. It's also possible to make out the incorrect Glock 19 markings.
Simon then racks the slide to chamber a round, which oddly has a black tip. Also noticeable (though difficult to spot) in this shot is that part of the interior of the slide, just ahead of the front edge of the ejection port, is not rendered, letting you briefly see through the gun. On a more positive note, Simon displays some excellent trigger discipline.
Simon with both Glock and a lit flare in hand, making his way through a vent as he encounters something really creepy. The Glock's model, as with all other handguns that can be wielded together with another item, is mirrored in this case.
A Suicider with a Glock 17 next to him after the committing the eponymous act. These enemies, once they spot Simon, will run towards him firing wildly. They can be easily taken care of with one headshot as their heads are rather large. However, if they get close enough to Simon, they will raise the gun to their head and kill themselves.
The Glock 17 can be fitted with a Streamlight TLR 1 weaponlight, making it even more effective as one doesn't have to put away their light source in order to reload, on top of being brighter and longer-reaching (though with a more narrow cone of light) than the phone. The game states that the "extra weight added to the end of the barrel will affect accuracy", albeit it's hard to notice any discernible difference.
The Streamlight TLR 1 weaponlight fitted onto the Glock 17 in a blood-stained apartment as Simon drops a magazine partway. A note is that it's still possible to dual-wield the Glock 17 with Simon's phone after acquiring the light, which will make the TLR 1 disappear from the model.

Heckler & Koch VP70M

The Heckler & Koch VP70M with its distinctive stock is a fairly rare weapon in-game. Due to the fact that it is locked to fire in three-round bursts (leading to strong recoil) and its ammo being somewhat rare, it is a rather impractical weapon.

Heckler & Koch VP70M with stock - 9x19mm Parabellum
The first VP70M is found lying on the ground at the end of an alley.
Not knowing what he's getting himself into, he picks it up. Note that it has the slide from an original VP70.
Taking a peek at the right side of the pistol.
Realizing that the pistol is crap, Simon makes his way to Akademibokhandeln, hoping he could trade it for a book. Akademibokhandeln is an actual chain of bookstores in Sweden. Note that despite being locked to three-round bursts, the selector is on semi-auto.
Finding the store closed, Simon sights up a Polis car (Swedish for police).
After an annoyed mag dump, Simon reloads his VP70M, first pulling out the mag...
...inserting a new one...
...then racking the slide. This is correct, as real VP70s do not have a slide hold-open mechanism.
Simon running into a Citalopram (named after an anti-depressant) whilst dual-wielding a VP70 and a flare.

Ruger P345

The Ruger P345 is first seen in a bowling alley in the mental hospital. When first picking it up, it's empty and there's no ammo around for it. Simon must bring it to the Doctor, where he's given the choice of either keeping it for himself or giving it to the Doctor. If one chooses to give it to him, it's not possible to acquire the Taurus Model 605 later on. The P345 is also the starting weapon in co-op mode, as all four Swedish cops will have one with a few extra magazines for it. While it has more stopping power than the Glock 17, it's overall a worse weapon, having a slower reload, smaller magazine capacity, rarer ammo, and more recoil.

Ruger P345 with stainless steel slide - .45 ACP
Simon tries bowling with an P345, which works better than expected.
The sights on the P345 glow in the dark, which might seem like a nice feature, but is largely useless as it wouldn't be possible to see whatever you're shooting at anyway.
Simon considering handing over the empty P345 to the Doctor or keeping it for himself.
After deciding to keep it for himself (leading to some nasty consequences) he reloads the pistol.
Inserting a new magazine.
Just about to hit the slide release.
Simon with his new-found P345 pistol, about to cross a lake at dawn. This is the first time a level takes place at day.

Taurus Model 605

A Taurus Model 605 with rubber grips, called the "Taurus .357 Magnum" in-game, is carried by the Doctor in the story mode and the unlockable "Doctor's Story" mode as well as being a obtainable weapon in Co-op mode. He will use it against Simon if the player chooses not to give the Doctor the P345 in the mental hospital, whereupon Simon can take it after defeating him. Doctor's Story has him start with one in his inventory, with 25 rounds in reserve.

It is very powerful, being able to take down most smaller enemies with just one shot. It can't however be dual-wielded with any other item, limiting its use. It also only holds five rounds, has very strong recoil and a long reload time. Additionally, reloading will cause Simon to drop every round loaded into the weapon, without attempting to retain any unfired rounds, then reload them one at a time - although the second half can be interrupted after any number of bullets have been loaded if the situation requires it.

Taurus Model 605 - .357 Magnum
The Doctor in the very beginning of Doctor mode holding on to his Taurus Model 605 revolver, wondering why tendrils are coming out of the walls.
The Doctor aims his revolver, preparing to put whatever it is out of its misery.
Reloading. About to swing out the cylinder.
The extractor is wisely used to get rid of the rounds.
Loading up, one round at a time.
The Doctor then not-so-wisely swings the cylinder shut.
The markings on the right side of the Model 605. These can't be seen during normal gameplay. The serial number is actually one from the Taurus Model 85, a similar revolver chambered only for the weaker .38 Special.

Browning Hi-Power Mark III

A Browning Hi-Power Mark III makes a brief appearance in the endings of the game, however it is only briefly usable in one of the endings. Hidden underneath the grip panels is an image of Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise, which cannot be seen in normal gameplay.

Browning Hi-Power Mark III - 9x19mm Parabellum
A good shot of the Browning Hi-Power. The Hi-Power model used in this cutscene has lighter textures than the one used in gameplay.
Simon inspecting the weapon. Here it's easy to ID the Hi-Power as a Mark III due to its ambidextrous safety and plastic grips.
Simon making his way out of his apartment, armed with a Hi-Power. Note that it's missing a hammer (which is actually inside the ejection port for some reason).
What he finds out there is hardly pleasant. It's not possible aim down sights during this sequence.
Reloading the Hi-Power simply shows it being pulled off-screen along with a bunch of noises telling us that it's being reloaded. The slide doesn't lock back once the magazine is dry.

Submachine Guns

Brügger & Thomet MP9

The B&T MP9, originally and incorrectly referred to as the earlier TMP, is only available to people who donated money to the game's development; it and its ammo take the place of some spawns for the VP70. It is not a particularly useful weapon as the recoil of firing in full-auto leads to very poor accuracy.

Brügger & Thomet MP9 with stock extended - 9x19mm
A texture-less render of the MP9. What confirms it as an MP9 and not a TMP is the different barrel end design, integrated rails and the integrated folding stock.
Simon making his way towards an escalator, MP9 in hand for whatever might be waiting at the top.
CoF MP9 holding2.jpg
Iron sights.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

To get the Heckler & Koch MP5A3 one must first make a "quality map" for the game, then they must contact ruMpel who will then invite the creator the Mapper's steam group, which will activate the weapon in-game for the player to use. An update in November 2020 changed this so anyone can join the Mapper group, meaning the weapon is now available to everyone. Once activated, the weapon will be available early on in the game. However, it's locked to full-auto and while one gets nine magazines for it when picked up, there are no other ammo pickups in the game for it.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with Navy trigger group - 9x19mm Parabellum
Aiming the weapon leads to this odd view, instead of peeking through the diopter sight, Simon looks slightly above it. Also note that the front sight doesn't have any proper post. These issues were fixed in the November 2020 update.
Simon aims his fixed MP5 at one creepy fuckin' painting.
Having dealt with the painting, Simon reloads his MP5; starting off with locking the bolt back...
...replacing the mag...
...and finishing off with the HK slap.
With a different FOV, the collapsed stock is clearly visible.


Remington Model 870

A Remington Model 870 with a 4-round magazine tube that holds 5 rounds is the only shotgun in the game. While its ammo is fairly rare, its power more than makes up for it. Its ability to reload at any time without having to lose ammo (thanks to its tubular magazine) is also very helpful. As with all long guns, however, it's limited by the fact that it can't be wielded along with a light source, having to settle for what light shines through Simon's bag if he leaves the phone light on when putting it away.

Remington 870 Wingmaster with 20" Home Defense barrel - 12 gauge
Simon meeting the 870's former owner.
Simon, seeing as he is running into monsters around every corner, decides to "borrow" the shotgun.
Iron sights.
Loading up...
Chambering a shell.
The world model for the 870 shows it with an extended magazine tube, despite having a standard length one on the first-person model.
Different models of the shotgun before its final form. The earliest models were actually modelled after the Mossberg 500 instead of the Remington 870.


Stag Arms AR-15

The Stag Arms AR-15, a civilian semi-auto rifle in reality, appears as the sole assault rifle in the game that does not require unlocking. The in-game model is a mix between Stag Arms' rifle and the military M16A2 - like the semi-auto rifle, it does not have a bayonet lug underneath the gas block and the first non-safe position for the selector switch is labeled as "fire" rather than "semi", but it also features the A2's upper receiver with built-in carry handle (the SA AR-15 features a railed upper with removable carry handle like the M4/M4A1 and M16A4) and an additional unmarked 3-round burst mode. It is a powerful weapon, though one should stick to semi-auto unless they've got a damn good reason, as the weapon has high recoil when firing in bursts and is generally overkill against most enemies. It's generally better to go for one shot to the head instead of three in the chest. It is loaded with 20-round magazines that correctly hold 20 rounds.

Colt M16A2 - 5.56x45mm NATO. Select Fire rifle (Safe/ Semi/ 3-Round Burst).
Simon finds an M16A2 on the ground after running away from a pesky chainsaw wielding freak. Here it's possible to note the lack of a bayonet lug on the gas block, indicating it as a civilian rifle.
Simon overlooking a park with his M16A2. This park bears strong resemblance to an actual park in Stockholm, Sweden, albeit the in-game rendition is much smaller. The orange building to the far left would be Stockholm's stadsbibliotek (Public Library) while a building to the right (out of frame) would be Handelshögskolan (School of Economics).
Iron sights.
Loading up the M16A2 with a new 20-round mag.
Pulling the charging handle to chamber a new round. The bolt doesn't seem to lock back on the last round.
While hard to notice, a nice detail with the AR-15 is that the fire selector actually moves when Simon flicks between the fire modes. Here's he's putting it on burst-fire...
...and here on semi. Note the markings on the rifle denoting the semi-auto mode as "fire" rather than "semi".

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk.III* (HT)

The Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk.III* (HT), the sniper variant of the No. 1 Mk.III*, is the only firearm in the game with some sort of optic/scope. While it's powerful, it has limited use as most of the combat in the game takes place at close ranges. Its 10-round magazine is always loaded with only 5 rounds. A minor detail is that when the player starts a reload on a partially-loaded magazine, the chambered round will be lost, while the rest will remain in the magazine.

Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk.III* (HT) - .303 British
Simon is definitely okay now that he has found a scoped SMLE.
Simon realizing his long wait for the bus has been a waste of time as the road is blocked.
We're gonna need a bigger gun to take care of this obstruction.
Regardless, Simon takes a shot at the van and cycles the bolt.
Five shots later and the van still hasn't blown up, so Simon reloads his rifle. Pulling back the bolt...
...and loading up.
Render of the Lee-Enfield No. 1 Mk.III* (HT).


The FAMAS G2 is only available to players who have completed the game on Nightmare difficulty, which is no easy feat. The effort is however worth it, as the weapon has infinite ammo. Its presence is possibly a reference to the team's first mod, Afraid of Monsters, wherein completing that game by seeing every possible ending unlocked the "gm_general", an Enfield L85 with infinite ammunition (Cry of Fear even recycles the infinity-symbol HUD icon from AoM for the FAMAS).

FAMAS G2 with its proprietary bipod deployed - 5.56x45mm NATO. Note the 30-round STANAG magazine.

Gewehr 43

The Gewehr 43 is only available in the co-op mode. The weapon deals slightly less damage than the SMLE with similarly high recoil, but has the obvious advantage of semi-auto fire and using sights more suited for the close ranges of the majority of the game's combat. Unlike the SMLE, the G43 correctly holds 10 rounds per magazine.

Gewehr 43 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
A player controlled Police Officer character with a G43 in co-op observing a real ruckus.
CoF G43 holding2.jpg
Iron sights

Cut Weapons

These firearms were cut or replaced before the game's final release.

Taurus PT92AF

A Taurus PT92AF was initially supposed to be the main handgun in the game, later being replaced by the Glock 17 for unknown reasons.

Taurus PT92AF (blued) - 9x19mm
Simon holding a PT92AF in an early version of the game. Note that the icon for the magazine in the bottom right corner shows a Glock-like magazine.
Simon shooting a wall, hoping to kill any monsters that might come out of them.
Shooting a Slower with his PT92AF, demonstrating another cut feature, headshots.

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