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Category:Machine Pistol

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If you're creating a new page for a Machine Pistol make sure to add [[Category:Gun]] and [[Category:Machine Pistol]] to the page so that it will be listed here.

Machine pistol is a very vague, "I'll know it when I see it" category usually applied to weapons that in some way fit a pistol form factor while being fully automatic or burst-capable. Many borderline examples are also listed as submachine guns.

Machine Pistols

<gallery widths=300px perrow=5> AEK-919K-right.jpg|AEK-919K “Kashtan” 52690a1x1 (1).jpg|Astra 902 ASTRA903.jpg|Astra 903 Beretta93-1-.jpg|Beretta 93R Coltscamp.jpg|Colt SCAMP Cz75fa.jpg|CZ 75 Automatic Frommerstopautomaticmp.jpg|Frommer Stop Machine Pistol Glock 18C.jpg|Glock 18 VP-70.jpg|Heckler & Koch VP70M InterDynamicMP9.jpg|Interdynamic KG-9 / Intratec TEC-9 Iomp2.jpg|International Ordnance MP2 AP9-Pistol.jpg|Kimel AP-9 IngramMAC10.jpg|MAC-10 MauserM712Schnellfeuer.jpg|Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer MiniUzi 01.jpg|Mini Uzi (and other variants) Tuma-MTE-224.jpg|MTE 224 VA OTs-23 Drotik.jpg|OTs-23 Drotik OTs-33 automatic pistol.jpg|OTs-33 Pernach PM63.JPG|PM-63 RAK PM-84.jpg|PM-84 Glauberyt Pp-2000.jpg|PP-2000 Makarov1130.jpg|RARAN 1130 CZ Vz.61.jpg|Sa vz. 61 Skorpion SIG MPX K.jpg|SIG-Sauer MPX K Pistol Russian Stechkin 9x18mm Makarov machine pistol 2.jpg|Stechkin APS SteyrM12 P.16.jpg|Steyr M1912/P.16 SteyrTMP.jpg|Steyr TMP Zigana F chrome.jpg|TiSAS Zigana F Frenchunion.jpg|UNION pistol VAG-73.jpg|VAG-73 Vbr-b-compact.jpg|VBR-Belgium PDW Linda Pistol.jpg|Wikinson Arms Linda Pistol

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