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And God Said to Cain

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And God Said to Cain
E Dio disse a Caino
Satan der Rache
And God Said to Cain.jpg
And God Said to Cain (1970)
Country ITA.jpg Italy
GER.jpg West Germany
Directed by Antonio Margheriti
Release Date 1970
Language Italian
Studio Inter-Verleih Film-Gesellschaft
Peter Carsten-Produktion
Distributor Panta Cinematografica
Inter-Verleih Film-Gesellschaft
Main Cast
Character Actor
Gary Hamilton Klaus Kinski
Acombar Peter Carsten
Maria Marcella Michelangeli
Miguel Santamaria Guido Lollobrigida
Dick Acombar Antonio Cantafora
Francesco Santamaria Luciano Pigozzi

And God Said to Cain (Italian: E Dio disse a Caino), released in Germany as Satan der Rache (Satan of Vengeance), is a 1970 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Antonio Margheriti and starring Klaus Kinski as Gary Hamilton.

Ten years after being wrongfully imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, Gary Hamilton is pardoned to work as a bounty hunter and hunt down Acombar, who was responsible for Hamilton ending up wrongfully imprisoned.

The following weapons were used in the film And God Said to Cain:


Colt 1851 Navy

Acombar (Peter Carsten) carries a Colt 1851 Navy as his primary weapon. It is later replaced by a Griswold & Gunnison 1860. This Colt 1851 Navy appears to have an engraved iron frame instead the classic brass frame of the original model used in most Spaghetti Westerns.

Colt 1851 Navy (London Model) - .36 caliber
A good side shot of Acombar's Colt 1851 Navy.
Acombar dramatically fires his Colt 1851 Navy at the preacher of the town.
Acombar fires his Colt 1851 Navy to a person who suddenly entered his room without warning.
Acombar holds his Colt 1851 Navy while helping his son, who was wounded by a gunshot.
Acombar points his Colt 1851 Navy at the person he believes shot his son.
Note that in the background is a mounted Winchester Model 1873 and some kind of deformed shotgun (probably a non-functioning prop).

Colt Single Action Army

Acombar's gang is armed with Colt Single Action Armys during the search for Gary Hamilton. The latter also briefly uses a Colt Single Action Army.

Colt 1873 Single Action Army w/ 5.5" barrel - .45 Long Colt
One of the many members of Acombar's gang points his SAA at Gary Hamilton when he arrives in town.
Gary Hamilton fire his SAA from the shadows.
A Colt SAA and a Griswold & Gunnison 1860 are displayed in the living room of Acombar's mansion.
Dick Acombar point his SAA at his father after finding out what he did.

Griswold & Gunnison 1860

Inside the Acombar mansion, a Griswold & Gunnison 1860 is seen hanging with other firearms. Acombar (Peter Carsten) himself replaces his Colt 1851 Navy with a Griswold & Gunnison 1860 to face Gary Hamilton (Klaus Kinski).

Griswold & Gunnison 1860 - .36 caliber
The Griswold & Gunnison 1860 is seen hanging while Acombar reloads his Colt 1851 Navy.
Acombar uses one of the Griswold & Gunnison 1860s from his living room in the climactic battle with Gary Hamilton.
A close-up shot of the Griswold & Gunnison 1860 being reloaded by Acombar.


Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy"

The rifle most used throughout the film is the Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy", which is commonly seen in the hands of Acombar's allies, such as his horde of henchmen or the city's catacomb guard.

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" - .44 Rimfire (RF)
Acombar practices his aim with his Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy".
A full view of the Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy".
When his son finally arrives at the town, Acombar celebrates by inviting him to practice his aim with him.
Various Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boys" and Remington Zouaves are seen in Acombar's gun rack.
Some henchmen hold their Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boys".
Several members of Acombar's gang carry a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy", which they do not use again later.
One of the city's catacomb guards carries a Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" to defend the place.

Winchester Model 1873

Throughout the film, Gary Hamilton (Klaus Kinski) uses a Winchester Model 1873 as his primary firearm. One is also seen hanging in Acombar's mansion. The Winchester Model 1873 seen in the film appears to have a chrome receiver and lacks the right side plate.

Winchester Model 1873 w/ 20" barrel - .44-40 WCF
Two Winchester Model 1873 rifles can be seen in the old arms dealer's shop.
Note that there is a "Yellow Boy" trying to blend in.
The old gun dealer (Franco Gulá) shows one of his Winchester Model 1873s to Gary Hamilton.
Gary Hamilton examines the Winchester Model 1873 that the gun dealer gives him.
Gary examines his surroundings so he can aim his new Winchester rifle.
Gary loads his Winchester Model 1873.
A great shot of Gary Hamilton posing with his Winchester Model 1873 at sunset over the city.
Gary Hamilton hides in the city's catacombs to slowly execute Acombar's gang with his Winchester Model 1873.
A close-up shot of the Winchester Model 1873 being loaded by Gary Hamilton.
A close-up shot of the Winchester Model 1873 when Gary Hamilton enters Acombar's mansion.
Gary Hamilton confronts his old friend Acombar with his Winchester Model 1873 in his burning mansion.

Remington 1863 Zouave

Dr. Johnson (Giuliano Raffaelli) uses a Remington 1863 Zouave as the only firearm he uses in the film. A Remington 1863 Zouave can also be seen at the beginning of the film in a gun rack.

Remington Model 1863 Zouave Rifle - .58 Minié ball
Remington 1863 Zouave carbine - .58 Minié ball
Various Remington Zouave rifles and Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boys" are seen in Acombar's gun rack.
Dr. Johnson holds his Remington while Gary Hamilton is advised not to face Acombar.
Dr. Johnson fires his Remington in the stable of Acombar's mansion.


12 Gauge Double-Barreled Shotgun

A 12 Gauge Double Barreled Shotgun can be briefly seen in Acombar's mansion, but it is never used, being only a decorative element.

J. Stevens and Company Double-Barreled Shotgun - 12 gauge
A 12 Gauge Double-Barreled Shotgun, a Remington 1863 Zouave, and a Griswold & Gunnison 1860 are hanging in Acombar's living room.

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