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American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James

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American Bandits:
Frank and Jesse James
American Bandits James Poster.jpg
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Fred Olen Ray
Release Date 2010
Studio ARO Entertainment
Distributor Entertainment One
Main Cast
Character Actor
Marshal Kane Peter Fonda
Frank James Tim Abell
Jesse James George Stults
Ed Bass Jeffrey Combs
Otis Michael Gaglio
Marshal Burdette Anthony Tyler Quinn
Carrie Siri Baruc
Mary Lauren Eckstrom

American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James is a 2010 direct-to-video Western movie directed and written by Fred Olen Ray and starring Tim Abell and George Stults as infamous brothers Frank and Jesse James. During the robbery of the Army wagon with large gold shipment, Jesse is seriously wounded, and Frank need to bring him to doctor, so he splits the gang up. But US Marshall Kane (Peter Fonda) is in hot pursuit, and someone within the outlaw band plans betrayal. The plot is set in the late 1860s, so many screen guns are anachronistic.

The following weapons were used in the film American Bandits: Frank and Jesse James:


Smith & Wesson Schofield

Both Frank (Tim Abell) and Jesse (George Stults) James carry Smith & Wesson Schofield revolvers.

Smith & Wesson Schofield Model 3 with blued finish - .45 Schofield (right side)
Jesse James holds his S&W Schofield revolver during the robbery of the gold shipment.
Frank James fires at a wounded soldier who had just wounded Jesse.
Rev. Simpson (Ian Patrick Williams) examines Frank's revolver.
Frank's revolver lies on the table.
Jesse puts his revolver to the head of Ed Bass (Jeffrey Combs), who is holding Frank's revolver in his left hand.
Frank aims his revolver during the standoff with Ed Bass.
Frank fires at Ed.
Jesse fires at Ed.
A close-up of Jesse's revolver in Ed's hand.
Ed takes aim.

Moore Revolver

Frank James (Tim Abell) also carries a rather rare Moore revolver, designed by Daniel Moore and manufactured by Moore's Patent Firearms Co. in Brooklyn, New York from 1861 until 1863 (other sources claim from 1864 to 1870). This 7-shot revolver was chambered in unique .32 Teat-fire ammunition, created to get around the Rollin White patent. The barrel lengths varied from 4 to 6 inches; the screen gun is a 5-inch model.

Moore's Patent Firearms Co. Single Action Belt Revolver with 5-inch barel - .32 RF
The grip of the holstered Moore revolver is seen under Frank's left hand.
Frank demands Doc Gamble (Ron Harper) to cease the cardplay and go visit Jesse.
Another view of Frank's Moore revolver in the same scene.
Frank hols the Moore revolver in the saloon.
Frank holds the revolver when he meets Tyler, Carrie and Jed in a deserted town.
Another view of the same scene.

Single Action Army "Cavalry" Model

Single Action Army "Cavalry" Model revolvers are used by Marshal Burdette (Anthony Tyler Quinn), gang member Cobb (Christopher Weir) (both have nickel plated revolvers with ivory grips), and a Union Sergeant and three soldiers who guard the gold shipment. The film poster shows Jesse James holding a SAA "Cavalry" revolver which doesn't match his screen gun.

Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model with nickel finish and ivory grips
Colt Single Action Army with 7.5" barrel known as the "Cavalry" model - .45 Long Colt
A Sergeant fires his revolver at the attacking outlaws.
A soldier fires from below the wagon.
Another soldier fires his revolver.
Cobb fires his nickel plated revolver at the soldiers.
Cobb's bright nickel plated revolver is seen at the left.
Marshal Burdette at the doors of Rev. Simpson's house.
Burdette aims his revolver.
A perfect view of the grip of Burdette's revolver during his night meeting with Jesse James.
Burdette holds Jesse at gunpoint.
Burdette's revolver lies on the ground.

Colt 1871-72 Open Top

An aged gang member Hank (Peter Sherayko) is armed with a Colt 1871-72 Open Top revolver. This gun, with blue finish and brass parts of the frame seems to be an Uberti/Cimarron replica.

Cimarron 1872 Open Top Navy - .38 Colt/Special
Hank holds his revolver after the attack on the wagon.
Hank holds Carrie (Siri Baruc) as hostage.
He aims the revolver at Carrie.
A close-up of the revolver.

Remington 1875

Gang member Ed Bass (Jeffrey Combs) carries a Remington 1875 revolver. Judging by the finish and the brass parts of the frame, this is an Uberti/Cimarron replica.

Ubertl replica of a Remington 1875 - .45 Long Colt
Ed confronts Frank James.
Ed, with his own Remington in the right hand and Frank's "Cavalry" SAA revolver in the left hand, is held at gunpoint by Jesse.
Ed surrenders to Jesse. The brass parts of the Remington revolver are seen.
Ed fires at James brothers.
He holds his revolver, being wounded in the leg.
The grip of Ed's holstered revolver is seen.

Merwin and Hulbert Revolver

Marshal Kane (Peter Fonda) carries a Merwin and Hulbert revolver that is seen only in holster. This is a long barreled (judging by the length of the holster) model with the "skullcrusher" ivory or pearl butt. First or Second Model seems to be a good guess.

For reference: Nickel plated Merwin & Hulbert Secod Model with 7 inch barrel and "skullcrusher" butt - .44-40
The "skullcrusher" ivory or pearl butt of Marshal Kane's revolver is seen.
Another view of Kane's holstered revolver.
The revolver in holster lies at the background in the scene in Marshal's office.


Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy"

During the robbery of the gold shipment, Frank James (Tim Abell) and Ed Bass (Jeffrey Combs) are armed with Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" carbines. Ed later gives his carbine to Tyler (Ted Monte). In the climactic scene, Mary Simpson (Lauren Eckstrom) fires a "Yellow Boy" carbine.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Carbine - .44 RF. This is a modern replica similar to the screen guns.
A close-up of the firing Winchester during the attack on the wagon.
Ed Bass fires at the soldiers.
Frank James holds his carbine in the same scene.
Ed fires at a wounded soldier on ground. The grip of his holstered Remington 1875 revolver is seen.
Ed examines his Winchester after the robbery.
Frank holds his Winchester after the robbery.
Ed reloads his carbine in the scene in the deserted town. The saddle ring is seen.
Ed takes aim at riding Jed.
Tyler holds Ed's carbine.
Mary fires at Ed.


Colt Model 1878

Otis (Michael Gaglio), a former Confederate soldiers, holds a double barreled shotgun, most likely a Colt Model 1878 during the encounter with Frank James in a deserted town. Similar shotgun presents on the film poster as Marshal Kane's gun but he doesn't use this weapon on screen.

Colt Model 1878 - 12 Gauge
Otis aims at Frank.
American Bandits-Shotgun-2.jpg
Otis holds the shotgun.

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