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A Man Called Blade (Mannaja)

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A Man Called Blade (Mannaja)
Mannaja Poster.jpg
Original Italian Poster
Country ITA.jpg Italy
Directed by Sergio Martino
Release Date 1977
Language Italian
Studio Devon Film, Intes Corporation
Main Cast
Character Actor
Mannaja Maurizio Merli
Theo Voller John Steiner
Ed McGowan Philippe Leroy
Deborah McGowan Sonja Jeannine
Burt Craven Donald O'Brien
Angela Martine Brochard
Johnny-Johnny Salvatore Puntillo
Dahlman Antonio Casale

A Man Called Blade (original title Mannaja ("Hatchet")) is a 1977 Italian Spaghetti Western directed by Sergio Martino and starring Maurizio Merli as a bounty hunter, nicknamed Mannaja (Blade in English release) for his perfect skill in throwing hatchets.

The following weapons were used in the film A Man Called Blade (Mannaja):

Single Action Army

Numerous characters, including Mannaja (Maurizio Merli), Voller (John Steiner) and all of his henchmen, carry Single Action Army revolvers. Voller, one of all, carries two revolvers with pearl grips.

Colt Single Action Army w/ 5.5" barrel known as the "Artillery" model. The most common of the SAA revolvers as it is just the right length. - .45 Long Colt.
Mannaja draws his revolver during the encounter in the bar.
Three of Voller's men (Nello Pazzafini at the right) with revolvers.
Voller's henchman fires.
Ed McGowan's bodyguard holds his revolver during the shootout in mining camp.
A close view of Mannaja's revolver.
Mannaja reloads his revolver.
Voller draws one of his pearl-grip revolvers.
Voller fires.

Pocket revolver

Ed McGowan's (Philippe Leroy) personal weapon is a nickel plated top break pocket revolver, most likely some European-manufactured version of Smith & Wesson Baby Russian.

Smith & Wesson Baby Russian - .38
McGowan draws his revolver...
...and aims at Mannaja.

Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy"

Numerous characters, including Mannaja (Maurizio Merli), use Winchester Model 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifles. As the movie was filmed in Italy, the rifles appear to be modern Uberti replicas.

Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Carbine - .44 RF
McGowan (Philippe Leroy) aims his Winchester in a flashback scene.
A guard of the mail-coach fires his rifle at pursuing highwaymen.
Voller's henchman holds a Winchester.
Dahlman (Antonio Casale), the chief of highwaymen, fires his rifle.
A close view of the muzzle.
Mannaja fires his rifle during the shootout in mining camp.
When running dry, Mannaja uses his rifle as a club.
Dahlman and one of his men (Riccardo Petrazzi) with "Yellow Boys".

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