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A Farewell to Arms (1957)

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A Farewell to Arms
A Farewell to Arms Poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Country Flag of the United States.jpg USA
Directed by Charles Vidor
Release Date 1957
Distributor 20th Century Fox
Main Cast
Character Actor
Frederick Henry Rock Hudson
Catherine Barkley Jennifer Jones
Alessandro Rinaldi Vittorio De Sica
Father Galli Alberto Sordi

A Farewell to Arms is a 1957 screen adaptation of the famous novel by Ernest Hemingway, directed by Charles Vidor and starring Rock Hudson and Jennifer Jones. It is set in the Italian Campaign of World War I, with the use of the Battle of Caporetto placing it in 1917.

The following weapons were used in the film A Farewell to Arms:


Beretta M1934

Italian officers are seen with pistol holsters but they mostly look flat and empty. Only once a grip of a pistol can be seen. The pistol has a magazine spur which in combination with the shape and side of the holsters allows guessing that the pistol is anachronistic Beretta M1934.

Beretta Model 1934 - .380 ACP
A Farewell to Arms-Pistol-1.jpg


Carcano M91

Italian infantry carry Carcano M91 rifles.

Carcano M91 Long Rifle - 6.5x52 mm
Italian soldiers on rest...
... and on march.
A close view of the barrel.
Soldiers with Carcano rifles and machine guns march on a mountain road.

Carcano M91 TS

Italian military police and some other soldiers are seen with Carcano M91 TS carbines.

Carcano M91 TS Modificato (modified) - 6.5x52 mm
A motorcyclist carries a Carcano M91 TS on the sling.
Military policemen with M91 TS carbines pursue escaping Frederick Henry.
Another view of the same scene.

Carcano M91/38 Cavalry Carbine

Most Italian military policemen are armed with Carcano M91/38 Cavalry Carbines. They are nearly indistinguishable from the original M91 Cavalry Carbines, used during WW1.

Carcano M91/38 Cavalry Carbine with folded bayonet - 6.5x52 mm
Military police with M91/38 carbines.
A military policeman with an M91/38 carbine with unfolded stock stands behinds the members of court-martial.
Unfolded stock is seen at the background.

Machine Guns

Fiat-Revelli M1914

Fiat-Revelli M1914 machine guns are used by Italian troops.

Fiat-Revelli M14 machine gun - 6.5x52 mm
A Farewell to Arms-MachineGun-2.jpg
Soldiers carry Fiat-Revelli machine guns during the march on a mountain road. One of the machine guns has a smooth barrel cover while the other one has a ribbed one. Both versions were used during WW1.
A Fiat-Revelli is seen near the doors of Italian army court-martial.


During the battle in Alps, Italian troops use mountain guns. They appear to be Austria-Hungarian 75-mm Skoda Gebirgskanone M15. While these guns weren't used by Italy in WW1, numerous captured M15s were issued to the Italian army after 1918 as Obice da 75/13 and used until 1945.

Gebirgs-Kanone Modell 15 - 75x129 mm R
An Italian battery fire at Austrian troops.

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