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Maximum Risk

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Maximum Risk (1996)

Maximum Risk is the 1996 action film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Alain Moreau, a cop working in Nice, France, who discovers that a body at murder scene is the twin brother he never knew he had. Upon further investigation, Alain finds out that his twin was part of the Russian mafia and had a finacee (Natasha Henstridge) and then finds himself on the run from the mobsters when he's mistaken for his brother. The film marked the American feature film debut of Hong Kong director Ringo Lam, who would later collaborate with Van Damme for 2001's Replicant and 2003's In Hell.

The following weapons were used in the film Maximum Risk:


Smith & Wesson Model 66

The Russian mobster Ivan Dzasokhov (Zach Grenier) carries a Smith & Wesson Model 66 snub revolver.

Smith & Wesson Model 66 Snub with Pachmayr grips - .357 Magnum
Ivan Dzasokhov checks the load in his S&W 66 revolver.
Ivan holds his revolver on Sebastian (Jean-Hugues Anglade).
Sebastian about to knock Ivan's revolver out of his hand.
Ivan Dzasokhov (Zach Grenier) again points his revolver at Sebastian in the climax.

Glock 17

Glock 17 pistols are used by many of the Russian mobsters. Alain Moreau (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) takes one and uses it when he confronts the mobsters at the sauna. NYPD officers who arrest Moreau also use Glock 17s, and Alex (Natasha Henstridge) also handles but doesn't fire one.

Glock 17 9mm
Alain Moreau holds a mobster's own Glock 17 on him.
Alex holds the mobster's Glock.
Alain points a Glock at Ivan Dzasokhov.
Another mobster with a Glock 17.

SIG-Sauer P226

FBI Agents Pellman (Paul Ben-Victor) and Loomis (Frank Senger) carry SIG-Sauer P226 pistols as their sidearms. Alain Moreau (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) also uses their P226s in some scenes.

SIG-Sauer P226 9x19mm
Agent Loomis flashes his SIG-Sauer P226 at Alain.
Alain (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) takes Loomis' own P226 and holds it on him.
Another view of Alain, now pointing Loomis' P226 at Pellman.
Pellman and Loomis load up their P226s in their hotel room.
Pellman holds his P226 on Alex.
Alain (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) about to grab Pellman's P226.

Beretta 92FS Inox

When Alain Moreau (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) goes to the bank in Nice to retrieve his brother's safety deposit box, he finds that his brother has left him a Beretta 92FS Inox (which is supposedly his "favorite", according to the tape). This pistol is used heavily in the final shootout.

Beretta 92FS Inox 9mm
Alain (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) listens to a tape recording left by his brother, while the Beretta 92FS Inox sits in the safety deposit box.
Alain (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) chambers the Beretta.
A close-up of the Beretta's muzzle as he fires.
Alain (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) tries to rescue Sebastian from a burning van.
Carjacking with the Beretta.
Alain (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) about to hit the slide release after reloading. Note that there is clearly no round about to be chambered.

Ruger KP89

During the sauna shootout, a Russian mobster shoots at Alain Moreau with a Ruger KP89.

Ruger KP89 9x19mm.
One of Ivan's thugs with his Ruger KP89.
The gunman fires his Ruger.
Chasing after Alain.

Colt Python

A 4" Colt Python can be seen in the background carried by a French police officer during the bank shootout.

Colt Python with 4" Barrel - .357 Magnum
A policeman with a Colt Python (circled in red).

Manurhin MR-73

Manurhin MR-73 is used by one of the French police officers during the climax of the movie.

Manurhin MR-73 Gendarmerie with three inch barrel, rubber grips and adjustable sights

Submachine Guns


The mob enforcer "Red Face" (Stefanos Miltsakakis) uses a MAC-10 machine pistol to shoot at Alain Moreau (Jean Claude Van Damme‎) .

MAC-10 - .45 ACP
Red Face sticks the MAC-10 out of the window of his car.
He unloads the MAC into Alain's taxi.

Mini Uzi

One of the Russian mobsters uses a Mini Uzi during the shootout outside the bank in Nice.

Mini Uzi SMG with stock folded - 9mm
The van driver with his Mini Uzi.

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