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Goryunov SG-43 Machine Gun

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Goryunov SGM Machine Gun - 7.62x54mm R.
Goryunov SGM Machine Gun on Sokolov mount - 7.62x54mm R. The SGM was the 'modernized' version of the SG-43 with a fluted barrel (to aid cooling). The SGMT was the solenoid controlled tank-mounted version of the gun.
SGMT machine gun 7.62x54mm R. Solenoid-operated version intended for use as a coaxial weapon on tanks

The Goryunov SG-43 was introduced during WWII, intended to replace the M1910 Russian Maxim as the standard medium machine gun. Like the 1910 Maxim, the Goryunov is usually seen on the 'Sokolov' wheeled-turntable mount. It was replaced by the PK machine gun in the 1960s.

Semi-automatic SG-43 machine guns exist in the United States, usually original receivers built up using imported parts kits from places like China or Poland.



  • Type: Medium machine gun
  • Caliber: 7.62x54mmR
  • Weight: 30.4lbs (13.8kg), 90.4lbs (41kg) on wheeled mount
  • Length: 45.3 in (115 cm)
  • Barrel length: 28.3 in (72 cm)
  • Feed System: Belt, usually 200 or 250
  • Fire Modes: Full-Auto (500-700 rpm)

The Goryunov SG-43 Machine Gun and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Note Date
Maksim Perepelitsa Soviet soldiers On a mount with shield and mounted on BTR-152 armored personnel carrier 1955
Soldier's Heart (Soldatskoye serdtse) Soviet soldiers Mounted on BTR-40 and BTR-152; SG-43 and SGMB 1959
The Black Seagull (Chyornaya chayka) Cuban seaman Mounted on patrol boat 1962
The Third Flare (Tretya raketa) Soviet soldiers 1963
Attack and Retreat (Italiani brava gente) SGMT, mounted on AT-P artillery tractor 1964
And All Will Be Quiet (Potem nastapi cisza) Polish soldiers 1966
The Tunnel (Tunelul) Soviet soldiers On tripod 1966
Spring on The Oder (Vesna na Odere) Soviet soldiers On a mount with shield 1967
Ishtar Gunrunners On a mount with shield 1967
The Marathon (Maratón) Czechoslovak soldiers 1968
I Was Nineteen (Ich war neunzehn) Soviet soldiers 1968
The Scouts (Razvedchiki) SGMB, mounted on BTR-152 APC 1968
Liberation: The Fire Bulge Soviet soldiers 1969
Kill Rommel! Afrika Korps soldiers Mounted on armored car 1969
Liberation: Direction of the Main Blow Nikolay Olyalin Capt. Tsvetayev 1969
The Naval Mettle (Morskoy kharakter) SGMB, mounted on BTR-60P APC 1970
Black Sun (Chyornoye solntse) Government troops and rebels Visually modified to resemble Browning M1919A4 1970
Mission in Kabul (Missiya v Kabule) SGMT, mounted on Afghan T-55 tanks; Seen in documentary footage 1971
Listen on the Other Side (Daisny tserguudee sonsotsgoo!) SGMB, mounted on Mongolian BTR-152 1971
Liberation: The Battle of Berlin Polish soldiers 1971
Liberation: The Last Assault Soviet soldiers 1971
Chronicle of the Night (Khronika nochi) African soldiers SGMB, mounted on BTR-152 1973
Poem of Kovpak: Alarm (Duma o Kovpake: Nabat) German soldiers SGMB, mounted on BTR-40 1973
Long Miles of War (Dolgie vyorsty voyny) Soviet soldiers On bipod 1975
Long Miles of War (Dolgie vyorsty voyny) SGMT, mounted on fake German tank 1975
Front Beyond the Front Line (Front za liniey fronta) German soldiers SGMB, mounted on BTR-152 1977
Special Destination Force (Otryad osobogo naznacheniya) Leonid Shumskiy Viktor Grachyov SGMB, mounted on BTR-152 1978
Across the Gobi and the Khingan (Govi Khyangand tulaldsan ni) Soviet soldiers 1981
Front in the Rear of the Enemy (Front v tylu vraga) Soviet soldiers 1981
Come and See (Idi i smotri) Soviet partisans Mounted on AT-P armoured artillery tractor 1985
A Man from the Boulevard des Capucines (Chelovek s bulvara Kaputsinov) Oleg Tabakov Harry McQ Visually modified 1987
The Beast of War Soviet soldiers SGMT, mounted on Ti-67 tanks 1988
His Battalion (Ego batalyon) Vitaly Zikora Capt. Nikolai Voloshin 1989
Stalingrad Soviet troops Modified to resemble Maxim M1910/30 machine gun 1993
Uprising Jewish insurgents 2001
Deathwatch Modified to resemble Vickers Machine Gun 2002
Katyn Soviet soldiers 2007
Philosophy of a Knife archive footage 2008
Tobruk Czech troops Modified to resemble Vickers Machine Gun 2008
A Woman in Berlin Waffen SS soldiers 2008
The Golden Mean (Zolotoe sechenie) on the image 2010
Kandahar Taliban fighters 2010
Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan Vietcong machine gun team SG-43 on Sokolov mount with shield 2019


Title Actor Character Note Date
Bors Mounted on BTR-40 1968
Blott on the Landscape East German soldiers 1985
Our Mothers, Our Fathers Soviet soldiers 2013
The Saboteur 3: Crimea (Diversant. Krym) Mounted on a ship 2020

Video Games

Game Title Referred as Mods Notation Release Date
Steel Beasts SGMT, mounted on T-55 tank 2000
Call of Duty: United Offensive 2005
Rainbow Six Siege Unusable; in cutscene 2015
Enlisted 2021
Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront 2021
Military Conflict: Vietnam SGMT mounted on T-54 2022

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