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Z.O.N.A Project X VR

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Z.O.N.A Project X VR
Steam Box Art
Release Date: August 25, 2023
Developer: AGaming+
Publisher: AGaming+
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Genre: VR RPG Shooter

Released on August 25, 2023, Z.O.N.A Project X VR is a single-player VR game with RPG elements developed and published by Ukrainian studio AGaming+. It is heavily inspired by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. video game series and features a linear, story-driven campaign where the player assumes the role of Sergey, the sole survivor of a devastating attack who sets out to exact revenge on his assailants. The game takes place within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, and the player must navigate supernatural "Anomalies," defeat ferocious monsters, and scavenge for weapons, supplies, and powerful "Artifacts" to survive. A recent addition to the game is the "Raids" gamemode, which allows the player to scavenge for unique weapons and additional ammunition in more exploration-focused environments.

The following weapons appear in the video game Z.O.N.A Project X VR:


One handgun at a time may be carried in a holster attached to the player's belt. They take up one "small" inventory slot in the player's backpack or storage when not equipped.

IMI/Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mark XIX

The Desert Eagle Mark XIX is the player's starting sidearm, given to them during the first mission. It has a large, M1911-esque trigger and a prominent screw through the center of the grip, two features not shared by the real pistol. Its caliber is never directly mentioned in-game beyond a vague description of it being a "high-powered handgun," but its 7-round magazine suggests .50 AE. The cartridges modeled inside the magazine bear a much stronger visual similarity to unjacketed .45 ACP rounds than they do .50 AE rounds, however. It deals average damage per shot and its ammunition is plentiful, making it a dependable backup weapon throughout the game.

Magnum Research (MRI) Desert Eagle Mark XIX, current production model with Picatinny railed barrel and different safety catch - .50 AE
The Desert Eagle Mark XIX as it appears in-game. The circular green marking on the grip is also present on each of the pistol's magazines, allowing a player to quickly identify the correct type of magazine at a glance, especially in the dark.
Inspecting the left side of the Desert Eagle.
The other side. Don't mind the messy hideout, I've been meaning to do some spring cleaning.
Taking a closer look at the Desert Eagle's magazine and the ammunition contained within.
Inserting a 7-round magazine.
Chambering a round of ".50 ACP"; getting a finger caught in the Desert Eagle's action is generally not advisable.
Aiming down the Desert Eagle's sights. Wide and non-luminous, they restrict the handgun's usage to very close range.

Makarov PM

The Makarov PM was added in Update 1.00.30. It serves a similar 'generalist' role to the Desert Eagle, trading a small amount of damage for an extra round in the magazine. It can be found throughout the game and its ammunition and magazines are a common appearance.

Makarov PM - 9x18mm Makarov
The Makarov PM as it appears in-game.
Grasping at his PM for comfort, Sergey stands in the midst of a mazelike swamp.
Perhaps the way out of here is engraved on the other side of the gun?
No such luck. Loading the pistol sure wouldn't hurt, however.
Bringing a round into the chamber. Unfortunately, a black void is all that exists inside this handgun, preventing one from visually checking their firearm's status.
Aiming down the PM's crude irons at nothing in particular (although you can never be sure, especially in the Zone.)

PL-14 Lebedev

The prototype PL-14 Lebedev was added to the game on December 20, 2023 (update 1.00.48). It utilizes the same ammunition as the Desert Eagle and can hold 14 rounds per magazine, one less than it should. It is fitted with a large suppressor by default; this has the unfortunate effect of obscuring the handgun's iron sights. The PL-14 is, as of writing, the only handgun in the game that can mount a tactical flashlight.

Kalashnikov Concern Lebedev PL-14 prototype - 9x19mm

SIG-Sauer P226

A SIG-Sauer P226 known as the "Night Hawk" is the game's most powerful (and elusive) pistol. It is somewhat stylized, featuring custom grips and a compensator. The "Night Hawk" is extremely useful, dealing more damage per trigger-pull than almost any other firearm in the game and holding 12 rounds per magazine, the highest among the handguns. Examining the Hawk's magazine offers a possible explanation for its excessive damage; its rounds are short and very stout, resembling large-caliber black powder munitions more than the actual P226's 9x19mm.

SIG-Sauer P226 with accessory rails - 9x19mm
The SIG-Sauer P226R "Night Hawk" as it appears in-game.
Inspecting the left side of the Night Hawk.
The other side.
Taking a closer look at a Night Hawk magazine, which can hold up to 12 of... whatever this is chunky round is. One thing is for sure; it hits like a truck.
Bringing a magazine to the Hawk, where it is happily sucked into the gun through the power of VR!
Pulling back on the slide to prepare this Night Hawk for flight. This also gives a clearer view of the compensator.
Looking down the Night Hawk's iron sights. They'll get the job done, but not much else.


Remington 870

The Remington 870, specifically the Hard Wood Home Defense model, was added to the game on January 6, 2024 (update 1.00.53). It was the first firearm not fed by a detachable magazine and the first shotgun added to the game. The version in-game is chambered in .410 bore.

Remington Model 870 Hard Wood Home Defense - 12 gauge

Assault Rifles

AK-12 prototype

The 2015 AK-12 prototype can be found in select locations across Z.O.N.A Project X VR's story mode. The rifle that appears in-game has been used and abused, with the stock, pistol grip, and handguard wrapped in either dirty orange tape or leather straps, and a wristwatch adorns the handguard. The AK-12 utilizes 5.45x39mm ammunition, which is realistic, but the rifle's magazines are stamped "7.62x39," which is incorrect. It can use either a 39-round box magazine or a 79-round drum magazine.

AK-12 prototype, 2015 model - 5.45x39mm
The AK-12 prototype as it appears in-game.
Sergey inspects the left side of his fancy-schmancy AK within the dank depths of a military bunker. The fire selector is in the "safety" position, but this doesn't prevent the rifle from firing in exclusively full-auto.
The other side of the AK-12 prototype.
Inserting a fictional 39-round box magazine into the rifle. Again, despite the prominent "7.62x39" markings, the rifle uses 5.45x39mm ammunition both in-game and in real life.
Chambering a round. The bolt does not reciprocate, despite the game's attempts to hide this from the player, so the charging handle simply slides back and forth unburdened.
Aiming down the AK-12 prototype's iron sights, which are among the game's most usable. Of course, when you can stick a collimator sight on almost any rifle, this becomes less important.


Known incorrectly as the "AK-74", the AKMN can be found uncommonly and used by the player. Despite its designation, it has no AK-74-distinctive features, such as the muzzle brake, straighter gas block, or stock divot; however, it is loaded with a less curved magazine than the AKMN and is stated in-game to fire 5.45, sharing magazines and ammunition with the "AKS-74." It deals slightly more damage per shot than its shorter brother and fires slightly slower, allowing for more controllable fire (as it fires in full-auto only). It uses 30-round magazines. The AKMN comes with a Picatinny rail adapter, allowing it to mount the same optics as the game's other rifles.

AKMN - 7.62x39mm
The faux AK-74 as it appears in-game.
Back in the swamp, Sergey takes a close look at his rifle.
The other side of the "AK-74". The fire selector is set to safe, which should both prevent the rifle from either firing or chambering a round. Spoiler: it does neither.
Inserting a 30-round magazine.
Although the bolt can only travel a few inches, a round is brought into the chamber regardless.
Aiming down the AK's iron sights. Although the front sight post is small, they are still usable.

AS Val

The AS Val was added to the game on November 15, 2023 (update 1.00.42). It can use proprietary 30-round magazines or 20-round magazines from the previously-added VSK-94.

AS Val - 9x39mm

Rifles & Carbines


A so-called AKS-74 is the first longarm given to the player. It can be found commonly throughout the game, especially as loot from humans that the player fights. Although it is ostensibly an AKS-74, the rifle is fitted with a crude, Galil-esque wire stock that does not fold, implying that the rifle is a custom modification created by a crafty wastelander from a standard AK-74 with a broken or otherwise missing stock. It uses the same magazines as the AKM. It has high recoil and deals low damage-per-shot, meaning that the "AKS-74" is a less effective choice than most other rifles.

AKS-74 - 5.45x39mm
IMI Galil AR, a possible inspiration for the in-game AKS-74's not-so-folding stock - 5.56x45mm NATO
The "AKS-74" as it appears in-game, with its crude fixed stock.
Inspecting the hand-me-down rifle. It's nothing special, but it'll do in a pinch. Note that this rifle has also been fitted with a Picatinny adaptor for optics.
The other side of the rifle. Although it is hard to see, the fire selector of the "AKS-74" is properly set to full-auto.
Inserting a 30-round magazine of 5.45x39mm.
Cranking back on the bolt handle to chamber a round. Once again, the bolt travels for all of approximately two inches.
The AK's "sights" are laughably crude, consisting of a v-shaped rear post and a circular front bit, with no actual point of aim provided.
The only solution is to attach a proper optic.
Much better!

Colt M4 Carbine

A Colt M4 Carbine with a white finish was added to the game on December 20, 2023 (update 1.00.48). It is fitted with a 6-position collapsible stock, railed handguard (with attached vertical foregrip), and a suppressor. Although it does not feature iron sights, it is compatible with the concurrently-added LE117G green laser and any of the game's collimator sights.

Colt M4A1 with Aimpoint CompM2 reflex optic, Knight's Armament RAS railed handguard and vertical forward grip - 5.56x45mm

Colt Model 933

The Colt Model 933 can be found throughout the game incorrectly designated as the "M16." It has a yellow striped paintjob, a Magpul MOE Carbine stock, and an abnormally large, blocky foregrip. It fires exclusively in semi-automatic. Although the Model 933 deals above-average damage per shot, it is nigh-unusable as it lacks any iron sights to speak of and cannot mount an optic.

Colt Model 933 - 5.56x45mm
The Model 933 as it appears in-game.
The left side of the Model 933. Note that the fire selector is set to "safe".
The other side.
Inserting a 30-round magazine.
Charging the weapon.
"Aiming" the carbine; the lack of a rear sight is, for lack of a better word, crippling.


The only fictional weapon in Z.O.N.A Project X VR, the "CQ16" is a futuristic "what-if" take on a super-short carbine variant of the M16 rifle. It is most likely a store-purchased asset, given that the same weapon appears in Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare (as the "CQRifle"). The CQ16 is seemingly a mishmash of parts from a variety of German firearms, such as what appears to be the receiver of the MKb 42(W), the folding stock of the Heckler & Koch G36 (although how it folds is unclear, as the model doesn't appear to have a hinge anywhere), and the steeply-angled pistol grip of the original variant of the FG 42. It also features a white finish, distended lower handguard, and integrated collimator sight. Despite functioning as traditional bullets, its cartridges visually resemble cyan .410 bore shotgun shells. The CQ16 deals some of the lowest damage per shot of any weapon in the game, but this is offset by the weapon's very high rate of fire.

MKb 42(W) - 7.92x33mm Kurz
1st-pattern FG 42 - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Heckler & Koch G36V (formerly G36E) with export optical sight - 5.56x45mm NATO
The CQ16 in all its sci-fi glory.
Grabbing the CQ16 by its less-than-ergonomic pistol grip. The player's hand position is bugged, and the trigger appears unreachable.
The right side of the carbine. The three large "speed holes" above the front handguard serve no apparent purpose. Nor do the iron sights, as the gun comes fitted with a non-removable optic.
A closer look at one of the CQ16's magazines, revealing the "shells" contained within.
Inserting a 30-round magazine.
Pulling back on the cocking handle to chamber a round.
Aiming down the carbine's iron sights, which aren't very useful.
Looking through the CQ16's integrated collimator sight, which is much more functional.


The Saiga-9 can be obtained by completing an optional side mission early in the game. It appears to be modeled after the sporterized YAROVIT version of the Saiga-9 (albeit with a shorter barrel), featuring a FAB Defense GL-CORE S stock, a stumpy, rectangular foregrip, and a homemade suppressor. Despite firing pistol-caliber ammunition, the Saiga deals very high damage per shot (due to its usage of specialized "Artifact-cored" bullets) and is capable of killing most enemies in the game with a single headshot.

Saiga-9 YAROVIT - 9x19mm
The Saiga-9 as it appears in-game.
The left side of the Saiga-9, which is helpfully labeled as such.
The other side.
Inserting a 19-round magazine; this is incorrect, as the Saiga-9's standard magazines can only hold 10 rounds. Note that the magazine's feed lips and cartridges within are not modeled, causing it to appear as a solid brick.
Chambering a round of 9x19mm.
Aiming down the Saiga-9's iron sights.

Springfield Armory SAINT Edge ATC Elite

The Springfield Armory SAINT Edge ATC Elite was added on November 15, 2023 (update 1.00.42) and marks this rifle's first media appearance. The ATC Elite (or 27 'Ghost' as it is known in-game) is extremely powerful, dealing by far the most damage per shot of any weapon in the game. The weapon, its magazines, and its ammunition can only be found very rarely in the "Raids" gamemode, however. It is compatible with the game's various attachments via its Picatinny rails.

Springfield Armory SAINT Edge ATC Elite - .223 Wylde

Machine Guns


An FN MAG 58 with a synthetic stock is given to the player during an early-game mission and serves as their primary source of heavy firepower. It is known simply as the "HMG" and uses 200-round belt boxes. It is somewhat bizarrely depicted as closed-bolt, which allows the machine gun to store a round in the chamber. When used by the player, the FN MAG is essentially a souped-up assault rifle with a massive magazine, as it features controllable recoil and no handling disadvantages compared to the game's other longarms.

FN MAG 58 - 7.62x51mm NATO
The FN MAG (or "HMG") as it appears in-game. The in-game weapon's many differences from the reference image include the belt box-mounting brackets on the bottom of the receiver, the odd blue furniture, the lack of a bipod, the stubby heat shield on the barrel, and the positions of the carry handles.
Hefting the machine gun into frame for inspection purposes. It is, rather aptly, designated with a skull and purple line.
The other side. The right-side carry handle is visible here.
Attaching a 200-round belt. The weapon is said to fire ".50 caliber" rounds in-game, but the cartridges coming out of the box (and the fact that the weapon can be fired from the shoulder at all) say otherwise. Either way, it's doubtful that 200 rounds could fit in there.
Chambering a round. Yes, you read that correctly; this FN MAG fires from a closed bolt. It also apparently doesn't eject out the bottom of the receiver, since the belt box covers what would otherwise be the ejection port.
Aiming down the FN MAG's simple (but effective) irons while utilizing the leftmost carry handle.

Sniper Rifles


The VSK-94 can be found in a few locations throughout the game. Integrally suppressed, optics-compatible, and high-capacity, the VSK is a powerful weapon let down only by the scarcity of its ammunition. It fires in semi-automatic only, which is both a blessing (in terms of ammunition conservation) and a curse (when panic-firing in close-quarters).

VSK-94 - 9x39mm
The VSK-94 as it appears in-game. Note that this is the older model, as opposed to the current production model (which features a different handguard, among other things).
The left side of the suppressed sniper rifle.
The other side. The weapon's rather prominent cocking handle is clearly visible.
Inserting a 20-round magazine. The wide-bodied 9x39mm rounds can be seen inside it.
The bolt at maximum travel, which is a far cry from actually bringing a round into the chamber.
The VSK-94's simple u-notch and post sights aren't especially useful. Optics can also be attached to the rifle, thankfully.


F-1 Hand Grenade

The F-1 Hand Grenade was added on December 20, 2023 (update 1.00.48). It deals the most damage of the game's grenades, but this also means that it has the highest potential to harm the user.

F-1 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade

M67 Hand Grenade

The M67 Hand Grenade was added on December 7, 2023 (update 1.00.44).

M67 fragmentation grenade with "jungle clip".

RGD-5 Hand Grenade

The RGD-5 Hand Grenade was added on December 20, 2023 (update 1.00.48).

RGD-5 High-Explosive Fragmentation hand grenade

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