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You are Attagirl, Anita! (Ty molodets, Anita!)

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You are Attagirl, Anita!
(Ty molodets, Anita!)
Ty molodets Anita Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Vladimir Kochetov
Yevgeniy Nekrasov
Release Date 1957
Language Russian
Studio Odessa Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Anita Elena Dobrokhotova
Fernana Alla Brovchenko
Bacco Terracini Leonid Chinidzhants
Emilio Revera Aleksandr Gedinskiy
Uncle Manuel M. Klimov
Chief of Police Antonio Umberto Viktor Kolpakov
Piaccia Sergei Troitsky
Nina Rosita Yevgeniya Kemarskaya

You are Attagirl, Anita! (a direct translation of the original title Ty molodets, Anita!) is a Soviet 1957 (filmed 1956) adventure drama movie directed by Vladimir Kochetov and Yevgeniy Nekrasov. The story takes place in a nameless Mediterranean state (the characters have Italian and Spanish names, but all the inscriptions are in Spanish, and many details correspond to Francoist Spain). A group of Communist port workers acts to prevent a ship Magdalena with soldiers from depart to an African colony. One of the leaders of the group is young woman Fernana whose fiance Federico was killed in colonial war. She persuades shipmaster Terracini, Federico's father, to help the Communists. Fernana's younger sister, teenage Anita, is involved in these events.

The following weapons were used in the film You are Attagirl, Anita! (Ty molodets, Anita!):


Walther P38

In a flashback scene that depicts Federico Terracini's death in North Africa an officer (uncredited) uses a Walther P38 to shoot Federico who refused to participate in the shooting of two local men, an old man and a boy. A P38 is also seen in hands of a port worker in the final scene when a Communist group board a police boat to liberate arrested Fernana.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
The officer puts his P38 back in holster after he shoots Federico. The holster is for TT-33 pistol.
A port worker at the left holds a P38 during the attack on police boat.

Mauser Pocket Pistol

Mauser Pocket Pistols, most likely M1914 or M1934, are seen in hands of a Communist port worker and a police officer during the liberation of Fernana. Possibly a single prop is used.

1914 Mauser Pocket Pistol - 7.65x17mmSR
A port worker holds a pistol that appears to be a Mauser M1914 or M1934.
A police officer with Mauser pocket pistol.

Unidentified pistol

A pistol is seen in hands of a sailor Emilio Revera (Aleksandr Gedinskiy) who participates in liberating of Fernana. The gun resembles M1911 but it's hard to say for sure.

Revera's pistol is seen.
Revera holds his pistol.

Submachine Guns

Beretta Model 38/42 and 38/43

In the scene of loading onto Magdalena and in the flashback scene of Federico's death soldiers carry Beretta Model 38/42 submachine guns in both early and later model, the latter referred as Model 38/43. Model 38/43 still has recoil spring extension in the back of the receiver, removed on later Model 38/44, but the fluted barrel is replaced with unfluted one (visually more heavy than on 38/44).

Beretta Model 38/42 - 9x19mm. Model 38/43 has heavy unfluted barrel.
Soldiers carry Beretta SMGs when loading onto Magdalena. Most if not all of these guns appear to be Model 38/43.
The firing squad. A soldier at the foreground holds a Model 38/42 with fluted barrel.
The firing squad readies weapons. Both 38/42 and 38/43 SMGs are seen.
A good view of Federico Terracini's (uncredited) Beretta Model 38/43.

Machine Guns


A DShK is mounted on the bow of the police boat.

DShK on naval mounting - 12.7x108mm
One of the attackers prevents a policeman to fire the machine gun.

Other Weapons

Leuchtpistole Flare Pistol

Uncle Manuel (M. Klimov) fires a Leuchtpistole flare pistol to signal that the boat with arrested Fernana on board leaves the port.

Leuchtpistole - 26.65mm
Manuel readies to fire a signal flare.


Most policemen carry holsters for Nagant M1895 revolvers, often of Soviet Naval pattern. The holsters appear to be flat and empty.

Two policemen carry Nagant holsters of Naval pattern.

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