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Wild Field (Dikoe pole) (1991)

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Wild Field (Dikoe pole)
Dikoe Pole poster.jpg
Film poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Nikolai Gusarov
Release Date 1991
Language Russian
Studio Yekaterinburg
Main Cast
Character Actor
Ataman Sidor Boris Rubashkin
Nikita Sarychev Vladimir Antonik
Fatima Matlyuba Alimova
Lub Oleg Korchikov
Kon-Holova Les Serdyuk
Muzaffar Mintai Utepbergenov
Eldar Bimbulat Vatayev

Wild Field (Russian title Дикое поле; Dikoe pole) is a 1991 Soviet film

The following weapons were used in the film Wild Field (Dikoe pole):

Flintlock Pistol

Kon-Holova (Les Serdyuk) carry Flintlock Pistol on the belt.

Russian Cavalry Pistol M1809 - .70 cal
Dikoe pole pistol 1.jpg

IZh-18 (mocked-up as flintlock musket)

Ataman Sidor (Boris Rubashkin), Nikita Sarychev (Vladimir Antonik), Fatima (Matlyuba Alimova), Lub (Oleg Korchikov), Muzaffar (Mintai Utepbergenov), Kon-Holova (Les Serdyuk), Ustin (Valentin Golubenko), Lukyan Chiga (Nikolai Gusarov), Martyn (Nikolay Shevkunenko), Foka (Yuriy Alekseev), Yermolaika (Oleg Pyankov) uses IZh-18s, which mocked up as varios types of Doglock Muskets throughout the movie and fires it many times. All this guns has a typical spur on the trigger guard and lack of the hammer (which differ it from (IZh-17 and IZh-K)

Baikal MP-18M-M, a modern version of IZh-18
Crafted in the Swedish style, this was the first dog lock style or "English lock" introduced into English forces and was used in the English Civil War.
Muszkiet wałowy z zamkiem skałkowym
Lukyan Chiga (Nikolai Gusarov) grabs his "musket"...
...and hits his opponent by the buttstock. The typical spur on the trigger guard can be seen.
Ataman Sidor (Boris Rubashkin) with the "musket".
Nikita Sarychev (Vladimir Antonik) with the "musket".
Nikita Sarychev (Vladimir Antonik) in ambush.
Martyn (Nikolay Shevkunenko) fires. Note the facke flintlock daesn't moving.
Fatima (Matlyuba Alimova) aims.
Fatima (Matlyuba Alimova) fires.
Lukyan Chiga (Nikolai Gusarov) readies his "musket".
Lub (Oleg Korchikov) aims.
Ustin (Valentin Golubenko) carries his "musket".
Dikoe pole musket 12.jpg

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