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Walter Defends Sarajevo (Valter brani Sarajevo)

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Walter Defends Sarajevo
(Valter brani Sarajevo)
Valter brani Sarajevo Poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country YUG.jpg Yugoslavia
Directed by Hajrudin Krvavac
Release Date 1972
Language Serbo-Croatian
Studio Bosna Film
Main Cast
Character Actor
Walter Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic
Suri Slobodan Dimitrijevic
Zis Ljubisa Samardzic
Kondor Dragomir Bojanic-Gidra
Mirna Neda Spasojevic
Sead Kapetanovic Rade Markovic
SS-Standartenführer Von Dietrich Hannjo Hasse
SS-Hauptsturmführer Bischoff Rolf Römer

Walter Defends Sarajevo (Valter brani Sarajevo) is a 1972 Yugoslavian partisan film directed by Hajrudin Krvavac and starring Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic as "Walter", the commander of Yugoslavian partisans in Sarajevo in Autumn 1944. Walter's group has the mission to break the fuel supply from Sarajevo to the troops of Wehrmacht Heeresgruppe E that starts retreat from the Balkans. Meanwhile SS-Standartenführer Von Dietrich (Hannjo Hasse) infiltrates his agent in the partisan group.

The following weapons were used in the film Walter Defends Sarajevo (Valter brani Sarajevo):


Arminius HW-3

Sead Kapetanovic (Rade Markovic) uses the anachronistic Arminius HW-3 revolver during the shootout at the clock tower.

Arminius HW-3 - .22 LR
Kapetanovic draws the revolver from the cache in
Another view of the revolver.
Kapetanovic fires.

Smith & Wesson Military & Police

What appears to be the Smith & Wesson Military & Police is used by Suri (Slobodan Dimitrijevic) in one scene.

Smith & Wesson Model M&P Revolver with 5" Barrel - .38 Special
Suri draws the revolver on Zis.


Walther P38

Walther P38 pistols are widely used by Wehrmacht and SS officers, Gestapo agents and Yugoslavian partisans, notably by Walter (Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic), Suri (Slobodan Dimitrijevic), Zis (Ljubisa Samardzic) and Kondor (Dragomir Bojanic-Gidra).

Walther P38 pistol (manufactured at the Mauser Factory) - World War II dated - 9x19mm
Malisa (Igor Galo) fires the P38 at Gestapo agents.
Walter draws his Walther.
A plainclothes Gestapo agent (Zlatko Madunic) fires the P38.
SS-Hauptsturmführer Bischoff (Rolf Römer) holds the P38.
Kondor fires the P38.
Suri with P38 and Zis with MP40.

Wz. 35 Vis

When Walter (Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic) is arrested by the German patrol, the Wz. 35 Vis is taken from him.

Wz. 35 Vis - 9x19mm - Left side
The German NCO disarms Walter.

Beretta M1934

In one scene Kondor (Dragomir Bojanic-Gidra) fires the pistol that appears to be the Beretta M1934.

Beretta Model 1934 - .380 ACP
Kondor draws the pistol...
...and readies to fire.

Beretta M1951

Ivan (Voja Miric) fires anachronistic Beretta M1951 during the shootout with Gestapo agents.

Beretta M1951 - 9x19mm
Ivan's pistol is seen at the right.

TT-33/Zastava M57

In the final scene SS-Hauptsturmführer Bischoff (Rolf Römer) holds the pistol that is possibly the TT-33 or Zastava M57 instead of his previously used Walther P38.

Tokarev TT-33 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev. Pre-1947 version.
Zastava M57 - 7.62x25mm Tokarev
Bischoff holds the pistol.

CZ 50

The Gestapo agent (Zoran Becic) holds CZ 50 during the shootout at the clock tower. CZ50 is also briefly seen in Mirna's (Neda Spasojevic) drawer, then is taken by Zis (Ljubisa Samardzic).

CZ 50 - .32 ACP
Valter brani Sarajevo-Pistol3-1.jpg
The agent is shot and drops his pistol.
Mirna opens the drawer.
Valter brani Sarajevo-Pistol4-2.jpg
Zis examines the pistol.

Submachine Guns


Most German soldiers are armed with MP40s. MP40s are also widely used by the partisans, including Walter (Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic), Suri (Slobodan Dimitrijevic), Zis (Ljubisa Samardzic) and Boro (Boro Begovic).

MP40 - 9x19mm
Suri, disguised as a German soldier, carries the MP40.
A group of partisans, disguised as the German Feldgendarmerie patrol with MP40s).
German soldiers with MP40s in the scene of the shootout at the clock tower.
A partisan of Walter's group fires the MP40. The blank firing muzzle adapter is seen.
Boro, disguised as German soldier, carries the MP40 at the left.
Zis fires the MP40.
A German soldier fires the MP40 during the scene on the train.
SS-Hauptsturmführer Bischoff (Rolf Römer) holds the MP40 in the same scene.
Walter (at the right) and Suri fire MP40s in the same scene.


In the final scene Suri (Slobodan Dimitrijevic) uses the MP38, captured from a German soldier.

MP38 - 9x19mm
Suri fires the MP38.

Sten Mk III

The Sten Mk III is found when Germans perform search in Zis' workshop.

Sten Mk III - 9x19mm
The German soldier finds the SMG in cache.
The Feldgendarmerie NCO holds the Sten.


Karabiner 98k

Some German soldiers carry Karabiner 98k rifles.

Karabiner 98k - German manufacture 1937 date - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Karabiner 98k rifles stacked in pyramid are seen at the left.
A German soldier holds the 98k rifle during the shootout at the clock tower.

Machine Guns and Autocannons


MG42 machine guns are used by German soldiers in several scenes. During the shootout at the clock tower Walter (Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic) captures the MG42.

MG42 Machine Gun - 7.92x57mm Mauser
Walther fires the MG42 from the clock tower.
A German soldier fires the MG42 in the final scene.

Degtyaryov DT

Degtyaryov DT machine guns are mounted on T-34-85 tanks that stand for German tanks.

DT machine gun - 7.62x54mm R
Front-mounted DT on T-34-85.

2cm FlaK 30

What appears to be the 2cm FlaK 30 is seen in the opening scene.

2 cm FlaK 30 - 20x138mm B
Flak fires.
The barrel matches Flak 30.

Flakvierling 38

Several Flakvierling 38 quad mountings are seen in Sarajevo.

Flakvierling 38 - 20x138mm B
Valter brani Sarajevo-Flak-3.jpg
Von Dietrich (Hannjo Hasse) and Bischoff (Rolf Römer) walk near the positions of Flakvierlings.



T-34-85 tanks, SU-100 SPGs and M3 Scout Car APCs stand for German armoured vehicles. They aren't visually modified, unlike many other WW2 movies.

T-34-85 on march.
SU-100 on march.
SU-100 and M3 Scout Car on the road.

10.5 cm LeFH 18/40 Field Howitzer

The 10.5 cm leichte FeldHaubitze 18/40.

Leichte Feldhaubitze 18/40 field gun displayed in Hämeenlinna Artillery Museum - 105mm
Trucks tow 10.5 cm LeFH 18/40 field howitzers.

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