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Just a good old Christian South Alabama country boy.

I'm writing a crossover between those two shows and would like a second opinion about the arsenal the 3 Nomads use. it's listed below.

Nomad’s weapons: In Trojan Horse and the sequels that will follow The Nomads employ a variety of guns and weapons to get the job done, however they usually carry them on their persons, their saddlebags, or in their Chevy van. Their weapons include: On person: Sam: Glock 22, KaBar, Glock 26 on right ankle holster, S&W tactical boot knife on left ankle

Vince: Glock 21, KaBar, 2 Glock 26s on a duel ankle holster on right ankle, S&W tactical boot knife on left ankle

Hank: Dual Glock 21s in shoulder rig, Big Daddy Jungle Knife, 1 Glock 30 on right ankle holster, Tiger shark combat knife on left ankle

In Saddle bags: 10 in each

Sam: 1 Sawed off Remington 1100, 1 Walther P22 loaded with ratshot, 1 Tec 9, 2 Kimber Custom 45s, 3 Glock 17s, 1 Glock 34, 1 Berretta PX4 storm 45

Vince: 1 Sawed off Ithaca M37, 1 Walther P22 loaded with ratshot, 8 Glock 19s

Hank: 1 Sawed off Remington M870, 9 Glock 21s

106 in Van in a custom extra tire compartment in the back floor, gun rack, glove

compartments, and boxes:

60 Handguns:

30 Glock 17s

10 Glock 21s

10 Glock 22s

10 Glock 27s

15 Shotguns:

5 Sawed off Remington M870s

5 Sawed off Ithaca M37s

5 Benelli M4 tacticals

12 Assault Rifles:

12 AK 47s

11 Knives:

5 5” Tantos

1 Spartan fixed blade

3 13” Bowie Knives

2 Neck Knives

8 Melee:

3 Louisville Sluggers

1 9 iron golf club

2 sawed off pool cues

1 black jack

1 Brass knuckles

What do you guys think?

There is detail and then there is DETAIL!!! Dude if you put this much effort into this I say go for it!!! --Charon68 09:42, 9 November 2010 (UTC)

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