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About me:

I'm a 14 year old from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I have a bit of experience with military firearms such as the FN GPMG and SA80A2 variants and currently own a Saiga 12 (Technically my uncle's, but I saved up and paid for it, he's got it registered under his licence until I'm old enought to own a firearms licence). I have also shot unknown makes of AR-15 (straight pull bolt-action and semi auto) as well as a WASR 10/63 AK-47. My favourite brands are CZ, S&W, Ruger and anything made by Izhmash. I love classic looking firearms with blued finish and wooden grips. Hoping to join either British Army or Irish Army Rangers when I leave high school.

Firearms I hope to own:


1. Romanian AKM in 5.45 x 39, it's still got the classic look and reliability, but also has the built in foregrip to make controlling it a lot easier.

2. M1A, .308 power and legendary accuracy? Yes please! I'll take a SAGE kit for mine.

3. Ruger Mini-14, excellent rifle, should be great to use and a nice little brother to the M1A.

4. CZ 550 Ultimate hunting rifle, MOA accuracy guaranteed at 600 yards and a real looker, need I say anything else?

5. SKS, Cheap and cheerful with a great feel to it.

6. M1 Garand, a .30-06 is always good to have, even better if it's semi-auto.

7. Vz 58 military sporter, my personal favourite rifle ever made, just as reliable as an AK with better looks and is even simpler to use.

8. Dragunov SVD with PSO-1 scope, Russian Classic and the 7.62 x 54R makes this a great deer rifle.

9. Steyr AUG A3, would be a semi-auto only, but I love the sleek bullpup stock with the bulky rail system, gives it a distinctive look that I can't get enough of.

10. AR-15 carbine, dunno what parts yet, but I'm going to build one from scratch.

11. FN FAL, A classic L1A1 would be great, but I've heard the DSA 58 has some great accuracy.

12. An AR-10, LMT makes a few great ones and I'm a sucker for British Army weapons, so a civilian L129A1 is what I'm wanting.

13. Last, but certainly not least, a good old Ruger 10/22. So many customization options and cheap ammo make this a definite must have.


1. Remington 870, one of the best out there.

2. Mossberg 500, if the 870 isn't the best, then this sure is.

3. CZ Sporting 12 guage, great skeet shooter.

4. CZ 712, semi-auto with great looks and functionality.

5. Benelli M3, pump action and semi, great gun.


1. CZ 97 B wooden grips, .45 and an overall great pistol.

2. CZ 75 with wooden grips, makes a great little brother to the 97 B.

3. CZ 52, if you couldn't tell, I love CZ. 7.62 x 25 Tokarev and usually about £150-250 to import to N.I.

4. Makarov, if there's an AK 47 in pistol form, it's this.

5. VZ 61 Skorpion, I always loved the style of this as a sporting pistol, would have to be .32 ACP though because I love the curved magazine look of it.

6. Para G.I. 1911, classic handgun and you can't go wrong with a 1911.

7. S&W Model 39, always loved SW autos.

8. S&W Model 37 Airweight, great carry gun.

9. S&W Model 29, 'Did he fire six shots or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you've got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?' Not the most powerful anymore, but still a great revolver and hits like a truck.

Favourite military weapons:

1. Vz 58, explained above.

2. M249 SAW, get me one with the rail system, a grippod foregrip, 100 round cloth ammo bag, Aimpoint M4 and collapsable stock and I'm in.

3. AK-74M, 5.45 is one helluva round and can do major damage when it yaws, it's got the heritage too.

4. L85A2, after working out the kinks it's a great rifle and is extremely accurate.

5. FN2000S, love the look of the F2000 and the rails and carrying handle just make this version my overall favourite.

6. AUG A3, amazing rifle, accurate, reliable and plenty of mounting points for any attachments you want to put on it.

7. FN MAG, been in service for about 60 years for a reason.

8. MEU SOC, a great looking 1911.

9. Norwegian G36A2, love that thing.

10. SG550, based on an AK, but fixes the accuracy problems without losing any reliability and more modular.

11. Vektor CR-21, a usually unknown rifle that a lot of people don't know, but it is a great rifle, bullpup 5.56 with 35 or 50 round magazines and uses the AK system.

12. L129A1, an AR-10 with 0.3 MOA accuracy and 20 rounds a magazine makes this a fav of mine.

13. HK416-N, 16" barrel and great reliability, I'd take one.

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