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Hello there, I'm PaperCake and if I serve as the guy who runs around video game and movie articles and edits the text to make it more lively and amusing. If you need someone to help make a page less garbled and boring, I am your man.

Specific Stuff

Age: late teens

Living in: Southeastern Pennsylvania, cause Maryland's gun laws are trash.

Things I like: Video games, classic cars, classic guns, guns in general, pizza.

Guns I've handled: Too many to list.

Guns I own

Here's some images I took on my old time, feel free to use them if needed.


The first real handgun I ever owned, the shop ran out of other hammer fired 9mm guns, leaving this M9A1 in the racks. I bought it, modified it and love it, an absolute tack-driver.
A Christmas gift, a local shop had it for sale at $350 and I couldn't pass up on some old S&Ws. Shoots very accurately to boot.
A giant gun show find, a local seller had a full case filled with these ex-California Model 10's for only $280. Good starter revolver, incredibly accurate, and fun to use.
More of an impulse buy, this little snubbie was modified by its previous owner to make a belly gun. This included lobbing the original sights off and replacing them, and some really bad slab side grips. It was going to be my backup gun, if the front sight hadn't flown off while shooting. I'll use it to get a better gun in a trade eventually.
A gun I had spent a year searching for, my search came up with questionable online sellers. At least until a local gun show had this worn-out beauty for a low price. A ridiculously reliable little .380, and a perfect pocket pistol too.
An impulse buy that wasn't a mistake, a local shop had it for the low price of only $125. Probably a GI bringback, stuffed into a sock drawer and given away by the GI's kids for next to nothing, I jumped on it and love it dearly. Compact, decently powerful and very accurate, a very good combination.
What happens when I watch ForgottenWeapons videos while browsing the older part of a local shops's handgun racks. This .32 ACP Ortgies was only $199, and is a slick little gun but mine has a really mangled magazine that needs to be replaced.


The gun that started it all for me, a local shop had this No. 4 for only $230, bought it as a Christmas gift and love it dearly. Smooth as ice, very accurate and very reliable with the right parts.
A result of a long car ride, a head cold and no good prices, I bought this Mosin due to its history. A Remington made M1891, this rifle went over to Russia for the White Army, was captured by the Red Army and either was brought back by the Archangel Expedition or more likely went to a Soviet Client state like Spain and brought over by Interarms. Good tack driver, needs a new interruptor though.
My family is a bunch of history buffs, and this seems fitting. A local store had it for around $270, bought it, cleaned it up and made a rather handy little carbine. Ammo isn't cheap and it is a bit finnicky with the clips, but I'm not hunting the president so it's fine.
A gunshow find, this is more on my father's fault than mine. We went to a local show, when I got struck with a bad case of the shits, causing frequent returns to the bathroom. While this was happening, my father decided that it was time to get a proper M1 Garand, and bought this. An late 1944 production Springfield gun, it has a 1952 barrel, various parts from arsenals, and a pristine bore and chamber. I named it "Klinger" after a great man.
A Stevens Model 76 .22 S/L/LR rifle, one of the more entertaining guns I own. A local shop's used rack got filled with some spring cleaning guns, a lot of broken old .22s, and I noticed this was in there, still functioning for only $150. Bought it, and found it to be the most entertaining .22 rifle I've ever shot, with no recoil on semi-automatic, and very accurate at range.
Another used rack find, this came around due to my father having some nostalgia for Western Auto, and finding this "Western Auto Revelations 105" in a used rack at a sporting good store, in reality it's a Marlin Model 80 with a different trim, but is a very accurate .22, especially with a scope.


The first shotgun I ever owned, it's rife with issues. Bought for at least double its value, which wasn't much, and only to break the internals and still having it on hold for repairs. Honestly debating if I should get it repaired or sell it in a stupid "gun buy back".
What happens when your father looks into the local used rack at the gun shop/gun range. While testing another gun, he notices this vintage JC Higgens Model 20 for only around $100 dollars and buys it. Despite being a budget gun, the Model 20 is a very smooth 12 gauge shotgun, especially for the price.
Nice find all around, a show had this Remington 870 Wingmaster for only $300 dollars. An ex-cop gun from the mid 1960's, it's become my standard scatter gun, although I need to get an extended tube for it for the maximum police look.

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