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Nambu Type 94

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Nambu Type 94 - 8x22mm Nambu

The Japanese Type 94 pistol (Japanese: 九四式拳銃 Kyūyon-Shiki Kenjū) was a compact semi-automatic pistol, produced between 1934 - 1945, chambered in 8x22mm Nambu, that was issued to Imperial Japanese troops during World War II. In his book, Military Small Arms of the 20th Century, the late military analyst Ian V. Hogg referred to this weapon as "one of the world's worst automatic pistols", citing its crude construction and tendency toward accidental discharge due to the exposed and external sear bar, particularly when being holstered. Slight pressure on the front of the exposed sear bar would cause the weapon to fire without the user touching the trigger: while like most semi-automatic pistols of the era it was in theory supposed to be carried with the chamber empty, it was certainly the only one where doing so was a matter of self-preservation.

According to Hogg, the final version of the handgun that went into production was a result of members of the Imperial Japanese Army's ordnance department tampering with the Nambu company's original design. It was mostly issued to Tanker officers and pilots.

In both those instances, the pistol was not often used by the owner after the destruction or disabling of the vehicle, being that both Japanese Aircraft and Armor gave little thought to protecting the operator, instead opting for lighter weight and maneuverability.


(Production: 1934 – 1945)

  • Type: Pistol
  • Country of Origin: Empire of Japan
  • Caliber: 8mm
  • Cartridge: 8x22mm Nambu
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs (0.8 kg)
  • Length: 7.4 in (18.7 cm)
  • Barrel length: 3.8 in (9.6 cm)
  • Capacity: 6-round box magazine
  • Fire Modes: Semi-Auto

The Nambu Type 94 and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors:


Title Actor Character Notes Date
Stray Dog Toshirô Mifune Detective Murakami 1949
A few characters
The Shore of Salvation (Bereg spaseniya) Mercenary 1990
Fist of Legend Billy Chow General Fujita 1994
Serenity Glenn Howerton Lilac Young Tough 2005
Flags of our Fathers Imperial Japanese troops 2006
Letters from Iwo Jima Ryo Kase Superior Private Shimizu 2006
Yuki Matsuzaki Private First Class Nozaki
Imperial Japanese troops
Shanghai Ken Watanabe Capt. Tanaka 2010
The Battleship Island Imperial Japanese officer 2017

Video Games

Title Appears as Mods Notes Date
Commandos 2: Men of Courage "Japanese Pistol" incorrectly shares ammo with the M1911A1 and Luger P08 2001
Battlefield V "Type 94" added with "War in the Pacific" (2019) 2018
Enlisted "Type 94 pistol" 2021


Title Character Notes Date
Space Pirate Captain Herlock: The Endless Odyssey - Outside Legend Earth Garrison Forces 2002
Suisei no Gargantia Ridget 2013

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