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Torque (2004)

Torque is a 2004 action film directed by Joseph Kahn starring Martin Henderson, Ice Cube and Monet Mazur. It was the feature directorial debut of Kahn, who had previously only worked on shorts and music videos. The film is often compared to the Fast and Furious series, with which they share a common producer, Neal H. Moritz, and actor, Matt Schulze.

The following weapons were used in the film Torque:


Jericho 941 "Uzi Eagle"

Trey (Ice Cube)'s sidearm of choice is a nickel-plated Jericho 941 ("Uzi Eagle"), which is also taken from him and used by Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) for a good part of the film. FBI Agent McPherson (Adam Scott) takes it at the end of the film. The Jericho used in the movie is given many good close-ups in which it is possible to read the markings on the slide and frame, which suggests a deliberate advertising plug.

Stainless IMI Jericho 941 - 9x19mm. The gun pictured here is the screen used pistol from the movie Live Free or Die Hard.
Trey fires his Jericho while chasing Ford on his motorcycle.
The Jericho after sliding on the pavement.
Ford points the Jericho at Trey.
The first of many shameless beauty shots.
...and another...
and yet another.

Beretta 92FS Inox

Shane (Monet Mazur)'s weapon is a Beretta 92FS Inox, which she tosses to Cary Ford (Martin Henderson) when facing off against Henry James (Matt Schulze).

Beretta 92FS Inox - 9x19mm
Shane decocks her Beretta, ignoring the decocker.
Ford holds the Beretta on Henry James.
Shane holds her Beretta on Earl (Jim Cody Williams).

Beretta 92SB (nickel)

FBI Agent McPherson (Adam Scott)'s sidearm is a Beretta 92SB with a nickel finish (recognizable by its round trigger guard and shiny finish, as opposed to Shane's Beretta 92FS Inox, which has the duller stainless finish). This is, of course, a highly unrealistic weapon for an FBI Agent to use.

Beretta Model 92SB - 9x19mm (note rounded trigger guard and flat bottom magazine). This one is blued, while the one in the film is nickel-plated.
McPherson holds his Beretta as he and the CHP check the tractor trailer. The rounded trigger guard is clearly seen here.
McPherson aims at a fleeing Ford and his friends.
McPherson confronts Ford and Trey.
Torque B92SB 04.jpg

Glock 17

FBI Agent Henderson (Justina Machado) carries a 2nd Gen Glock 17 as her sidearm. In real life, the FBI issues the Glock 22, but the prop weapon used in the movie is probably a 9mm model.

Glock 17 (2nd Generation) - 9x19mm
Henderson aims at a fleeing Ford and his friends.
Henderson's Glock after it's kicked across the floor.

Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9V

After Ford steals his Jericho 941, Trey (Ice Cube) is briefly seen using a two-tone Smith & Wesson Sigma SW9F, which he unloads as a sign of goodwill to Ford.

Smith & Wesson Sigma 9V two-tone - 9x19mm
Torque SW9F 01.jpg
Torque SW9F 02.jpg

Smith & Wesson Model 36

One of Trey's henchmen, Rasan (Eddie Steeples) uses a pair of nickel-plated Smith & Wesson Model 36 revolvers, which he refers to as "the twins."

Smith & Wesson Model 36 (Nickel-Plated) - .38 Special
Rasan shows "the twins" to Ford at the rave.
Rasan points his revolvers at Earl.
Rasan fires at Shane while riding.
The five shot cylinders are seen here.
Torque SW36 05.jpg

Beretta 92FS

Some of Trey's henchmen are armed with Beretta 92FS pistols.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm
Trey's henchmen threaten Farmer.
One of Trey's henchmen chambers a round into his Beretta.

Smith & Wesson 5906

One of Trey's henchmen is armed with a Smith & Wesson 5906.

Early Model Smith & Wesson 5906 with adjustable sights - 9x19mm
One of Trey's henchmen threaten one of the men at the truck stop.
A henchman fires his S&W while riding.


Henry James (Matt Schulze) briefly fires an unknown stainless or nickel 1911-type pistol at Ford during the final motorcycle chase. It could be a Colt MK IV Series 70 in 9x19mm (judging by bore diameter), but this is not certain.

Colt MK IV Series 70 - .45 ACP
Henry James fires at Ford.
Torque M1911 02.jpg


Remington 870 Field Gun

A Remington 870 Field Gun is used by Farmer (Jerry Winsett) who threatens Ford after his fugitive status is announced on TV. Ford takes it away and tossed it to Shane (Monet Mazur), who then tossed it to Nina (Christina Milian), where it briefly turns into a Coach Gun.

Remington 870 Field Gun with raised barrel ribbing and 28" barrel - 12 Gauge.
Farmer threatening Ford.
Ford emptying the shotgun after taking it away from Farmer.
The Remington 870 Field Gun in Nina's left hand.

Winchester Model 12

Earl (Jim Cody Williams) fires at Ford with a Winchester Model 12. It is taken away by Shane, and then tossed to Val (Will Yun Lee), where, in a continuity error, it turns into a Winchester Model 1897. Val later tosses it to Nina, where it turns back into a Winchester Model 12.

Winchester Model 1912 Riot Gun - 12 Gauge
Earl with the Winchester Model 12.
Torque W12 02.jpg
Nina with the Winchester Model 12 in her right hand.

Winchester Model 1897

The Winchester Model 12 briefly turns into a Winchester Model 1897 when it is tossed to Val (Will Yun Lee). It turns back into a Winchester Model 12 when he tosses it to Nina.

Winchester Model 1897 Riot Gun - 12 Gauge
Note the shape of the receiver.

Coach Gun

The Remington 870 Field Gun briefly turns into a Coach Gun when it is tossed to Nina.

Stoeger/IGA Coach imported side by side shotgun - 12 Gauge
The Coach Gun in Nina's left hand.

Sawn-off Double Barreled Shotgun

Henry James (Matt Schulze) uses a Sawn-off Double Barreled Shotgun when he confronts Ford and Trey at the bike shop. It briefly turns into a sawn-off Remington 870 (see below) before turning back into a double barreled shotgun.

This is the actual screen used Spanish Zabala Shotgun held and used by The Skull (Geno Silva) in Scarface - 12 gauge.
Henry James holds the shotgun on Shane.
Henry James points the shotgun at Trey.
Ford grabs the shotgun.
Torque Sawnoff 04.jpg

Remington 870 sawed-off

A sawed-off Remington 870 with heat shield and Mark I bayonet mount (possibly the same one from Training Day) is used by Henry James' lieutenant Luther (Max Beesley). James' sawn-off double-barreled shotgun briefly turns into this shotgun for a brief moment.

Remington 870 Sawed-Off - 12-gauge
Luther with the shotgun.
Torque S870 02.jpg
Luther points the shotgun at Val.
Ford's sawn-off double barreled shotgun now a sawn-off Remington 870.

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