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Tom Sawyer

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Tom Sawyer
(Tom Soyer)
Tom Sawyer poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Lazar Frenkel
Gleb Zatvornitsky
Release Date 1936
Language Russian
Studio Ukrainfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Tom Sawyer Konstantin Kulchitsky
Huckleberry Finn Nikolai Katsovich
Jim Washington Weyland Rodd
Joe Harper Pyotr Svechnikov
Sid Sawyer Nikolai Uspensky
Aunt Polly Klavdiya Polovikova
Dr. Robinson/ Lawer Robinson Evgeniy Samoylov
Judge Thatcher Dmitri Milyutenko
Widow Douglas Emiliya Milton
Pipkins Leonid Kulakov

Tom Sawyer (Russian: Том Сойер; Tom Soyer) is the 1936 Soviet adventure movie family movie, very loosely based on the Mark Twain' novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

PS. The doubling of the several images is the defect of the old film tape.

The following weapons were used in the film Tom Sawyer:



Percussion Cap Pistol

Numerous characters can be seen armed with the Percussion Cap Pistol

Russian M1848 Infantry soldier's percussion cap pistol - .71 caliber
Pastor Pipkins (Leonid Kulakov) struggles with the slavery George (Lloyd Patterson), while the pistol can be seen in his holster.
The grip of the Pipkins' pistol can be seen.
Pap Finn (Boris Zagorsky) a second before possess the pistol.
Pap Finn fires captured pistol.
Police officers draws their pistols.
Policeman fires their pistols. The typical shapes of percussion hammers can be perfectly seen.
The better view of the percussion hammers.
Pipkins' with the holstered pistol.

Double Barreled Flintlock Pistol

Judge Thatcher (Dmitri Milyutenko) draws Double Barreled Flintlock Pistol at the film climax, Tom Sawyer (Konstantin Kulchitsky) disarms him. At the final moments, this weapon appeared in the hands of Jim Washington (Weyland Rodd).

Double Barreled Flintlock Pistol by Durs Egg 18th Century .55 Calibre FirearmSold.
Judge Thatcher brandishes his pistol.
The twin barrels can be seen.
Tom Sawyer aims captured pistol. Note the octagonal barrels.
Jim Washington holds the pistol (pointed by the red arrow).

Long Guns

Percussion Shotgun

Pap Finn (Boris Zagorsky) owns the Percussion Shotgun, which he carried throughout the movie, but had never fired.

1860 Russian-made Single Barreled Percussion Shotgun
Angry Pap Finn brandishes the shotgun.
The ramrod of the Finn's shotgun can be seen.
Finn's shotgun can be seen hanged on the wall (at the far left).
The more close view of the Finn's shotgun (pointed by the red arrow).
Drunken Finn puts the shotgun to his knee.
The percussion hammer can be perfectly seen.

Percussion Schuetzen Rifle

The percussion Schuetzen rifle can be seen attached to the Pipkins' saddle.

Percussion Schuetzen rifle - .42 caliber. Made in 1850.
The shot is doubled but the typical shape of the percussion hammer can be seen.
The shape of the butt stock can be perfectly seen.
The length of the rifle (pointed by the red arrow) can be seen.



The “Missouri River” naval steamer is equipped with the smoothbore muzzle-loaded cannon. The combination of relatively large caliber and short barrel allows to suggest that it's a yedinorog ("unicorn"), a specific Russian model of the gun-howitzers of the 18th-19th centuries. This particular yedinorog seems to be naval model of early 1800s in 8-pounder caliber.

The cannon is aimed.
The another view of the same scene.
The cannon is fired. Note the smoke from the touch hole.
The cannon's muzzle can be seen.
The another view of the same scene.

Naval Steamer

The “Missouri River” naval combat steamer appeared at the several scenes. Actually, it's a small river paddle steamer, maybe a tug but of course originally it wasn't a naval ship. In the movie it appears as a kind of gunboat.

The “Missouri River” during the chase.
The another view of the same scene.
Tom Sawyer naval steamer 1.jpg

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