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The Witch (Vidma)

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The Witch
Vidma poster.jpg
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Galina Shigayeva
Release Date 1990
Language Ukrainian
Studio Dovzhenko Film Studios
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sotnik Zabryokha Bohdan Benyuk
Wrighter Pistryak Lev Perfilov
Witch Yosyp
Olena Galina Kovganich
Old Witch Mariya Kapnist
Demyan Khalyavsky Georgi Gavrilenko
Barkeeper Luba Goy
Paska Lyubov Rudneva
Vivdya Oksana Grigorovich
Levurda Viktor Stepanenko

The Witch (Ukrainian: Відьма; Vidma, Russian: Ведьма; Vedma (also known as Konotopska Vidma, "The Witch of Konotop", in order to distinguish the movie from many other films of the same name) is a 1990 Soviet Ukrainian language fantasy-mystery-erotic comedy, based on the novel Konotopska vidma (The Witch of Konotop) by Hryhory Kvitka-Osnovyanenko.

The following weapons were used in the film The Witch (Vidma):

IZh-18 (Sawn-Off, mocked up as percussion cap pistols)

Sotnik Zabryokha (Bohdan Benyuk) and nearly all Cossacks carry Sawn-Off IZh-18s mocked-up as percussion cap pistols on their belts. The ID can be provided by the crude grip and distinctive spur on the trigger guard.

Russian M1848 Infantry soldier's percussion cap pistol - .71 caliber
Izhmekh IZh-17 single barreled Sawed Off shotgun - 16 gauge. The IZh-18 is the same, aside from not having an exposed hammer.
Sotnik Zabryokha with the IZh-18 on his belt.
Cossacks with the IZh-18s.
Sotnik Zabryokha with the IZh-18. The quality of screenshot is medium, but the distinctive spur on the trigger guard is seen.
Vidma pistol 4.jpg
Cossacks with the IZh-18s on their belts.

Percussion Shotgun

Several Cossacks can be seen armed with a Percussion Shotgun. Due to the very large caliber, they may be genuine percussion cap hunting guns known in old Russia as "shompolka" (a slang term from the Russian word shompol, which means ramrod). Such guns were produced in the late 19th to early 20th centuries and used until the mid 20th century, especially in Siberia.

1860 made Percussion Shotgun.
Cossacks with the shotguns on their shoulders.
Cossacks carry their shotguns. Note the typical percussion guns hammer on the shotgun at the center.
Vidma shotgun 3.jpg
Good view of another percussion shotgun.
Shotguns barrel with barrel band is seen. Note the very large caliber.

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