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The Very Same Munchhausen (Tot samyy Myunkhgauzen)

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The Very Same Munchhausen
(Tot samyy Myunkhgauzen)
Tot samyy Myunkhgauzen DVD.jpg
DVD Cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Mark Zakharov
Release Date 1979
Language Russian
Studio Mosfilm
Main Cast
Character Actor
Baron von Munchhausen Oleg Yankovskiy
Jacobine von Munchhausen Inna Churikova
Martha Elena Koreneva
Burgomaster Igor Kvasha
Heinrich Ramkopf Aleksandr Abdulov
Theophil von Munchhausen Leonid Yarmolnik
Thomas Yuriy Katin-Yartsev
Duke of Hanover Leonid Bronevoy

The Very Same Munchhausen (Tot samyy Myunkhgauzen) is a Soviet 1979 two-part tragicomedy movie directed by Mark Zakharov and based on theater play by Grigoriy Gorin which in turn was inspired by the stories by Rudolph Erich Raspe. The story depicts the baron's life after his famous adventures. He has to confront the society that ultimately tries to destroy his personality.

The following weapons were used in the film The Very Same Munchhausen (Tot samyy Myunkhgauzen):


Percussion Cap Pistol

In several scenes Baron von Munchhausen (Oleg Yankovskiy) holds a Percussion Cap Pistol, heavily out of time for 1779 when the story is set. Upon close inspection the pistol appears to be a flintlock gun, converted to percussion cap lock (the full-length stock allows to guess that the base gun was Russian M1809 flintlock pistol).

The percussion cap lock is seen.
Another view of the pistol.
A side view.
Details of former flint lock are seen.
Baron von Munchhausen holds the pistol.
A good view of the pistol in the final scene of the first part.
A close view of the barrel.

A different percussion cap pistol is seen in hands of a townsman during the street unrest in Hanover. Its stock and grip resemble Russian M1848 Infantry model.

Russian M1848 Infantry soldier's percussion cap pistol - .71 caliber
A townsman fires at soldiers.
Another view of the pistol.

Long Guns

IZh-18 (visually modified)

In the first part Baron von Munchhausen (Oleg Yankovskiy) beat ducks through a chimney, using a flintlock musket that appears to be a visually modified Izhmekh shotgun, likely IZh-18. The gun is fitted with genuine flint lock (with working metal parts but without the flint), custom barrel bands and buttstock, and large muzzle flare. In the second part Munchhausen's son Theophil (Leonid Yarmolnik) unsuccessfully tries to repeat his exploits of his father, using same gun.

Izhmekh IZh-18EM-M - 12 gauge
Martha (Elena Koreneva) brings the musket and gives it to Baron.
The musket in hands of Jacobine von Munchhausen (Inna Churikova). The muzzle flare is seen.
Jacobine checks the flint lock.
Jacobine hands the musket to Theophil. Note the spur on trigger guard, typical for IZh shotguns.
Theophil with the musket.
The buttstock is shaped to resemble matchlock and early flintlock muskets.

Flintlock Carbine

Munchhausen's servant Thomas (Yuriy Katin-Yartsev) fires a flintlock carbine when he finds an intruder in the castle. It's hard to say if this is an authentic gun, a modern replica or a mockup.

Thomas pursues the intruder with the gun in hands.
Thomas aims.
He fires after the escaping man. Note that the hammer of the flintlock moves.

Various long guns

Several long guns are seen in the opening scene, in distance and not clear enough for indentification.

A pair of long guns together with hunting spears are seen at the background.
A hunter at the left carries a pair of long guns.
A hunter at the right carries a pair of long guns on his shoulder. They seem too crude, possibly being wooden mockups.


Several muzzleloading cannons are seen on the walls of the Hanover fortress. The scene was filmed in the town of Wernigerode in (at the time) East Germany.

Two long cannons on the wall.
A closer view of one of these guns. This artillery piece seems to be genuine rather than a mockup.
Munchhausen stands at the cannon that is intended for the repeat of his flight to the moon on a cannonball.
Another view of this cannon. It appears to be a mockup.

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