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The Pathfinder (Sledopyt)

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The Pathfinder (Sledopyt)
Sledopyt Poster.jpg
Original Theatrical Poster
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Pavel Lyubimov
Release Date 1988
Language Russian
Studio Gorky Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Natty Bumppo alias "Pathfinder" Andrejs Zagars
Mabel Dunham Anastasiya Nemolyaeva
Charles Cap Georgiy Yumatov
Sgt. Dunham Yuri Avsharov
Sanglier Andrey Mironov
Jasper Western Igor Rogachyov
Major Craig Emmanuil Vitorgan
Arrowhead Aleksandr Glazun
Uncas Kirill Avenirov

The Pathfinder (Sledopyt) is a Soviet 1988 (filmed 1987) adventure movie directed by Pavel Lyubimov. The movie is a screen adaptation of the novel "The Pathfinder, or The Inland Sea" by James Fenimore Cooper.

The following weapons were used in the film The Pathfinder (Sledopyt):


Percussion Cap Pistol

Percussion Cap Pistols, out of time for 18th century, are used by the commandant of British fort Major Craig (Emmanuil Vitorgan) and retired Royal Navy boatswain Charles Cap (Georgiy Yumatov). Massive brass nose caps make these pistols look similar to Austrian Augustin models but some details differ.

For compatison: Austro-Hungarian Augustin Kavalleriepistole M. 1851 - 17.1 mm
One of Cap's pistols.
The muzzle and percussion cap lock are seen.
A close view of Cap's pistol at the foreground.
Major Craig fires at Pathfinder.
Cap holds two pistols in the scene on board of the cutter Scud.
A pistol is seen next to dead Major Craig.


Pathfinder's Musket

Natty Bumppo alias "Pathfinder" (Andrejs Zagars) carries a long musket. The gun has military-style buttstock with brass patchbox, short hunting-style stock and ramrod fitted under the barrel. The ignition system is unclear: the gun seems to have a flintlock (without flint) but when it fires, the action looks more like percussion cap. Also it's impossible to say if this musket is rifled or smoothbore. Despite of its origin, the screen gun is a good reflection of Bumppo's "Killdeer", as it is described in original novel.

Pathfinder holds his gun. Note the length of the barrel; the patchbox is seen on the buttstock.
A close view of the muzzle.
A close view of the stock.
A good general view of the gun.
Pathfinder holds the musket.
He shows his marksmanship to British officers. In this scene the ignition of the musket looks more like percussion cap lock.
Uncas (Kirill Avenirov), son of Chingachgook, holds Pathfinder's gun. Unlike the original novel, Chingachgook himself doesn't appear in this movie.
A good view of the buttstock with patchbox.
A good view of the flintlock. The flint is absend.
The long barrel and ramrod are seen.

Sanglier's Musket

In one scene the French agent Marquess Sanglier (Andrey Mironov in his latest movie role) carries a Flintlock Musket, a hunting gun rather than military. This gun doesn't fire on screen.

A general view of the musket.
Sanglier carries his musket on shoulder (this scene is seen better on a promotion still, see below).
Another view of the gun.
The barrel and ramrod are seen.
Sanglier holds the musket on promotion still.

Craig's Musket

Major Craig (Emmanuil Vitorgan) carries a musket with out of time percussion cap lock and elements of flintlock. Possibly this gun was originally a flintlock, later converted to caplock. Like Sanglier's musket, Craig's gun also has a short hunting-style stock.

Craig carries a musket.
He fires, competing in accuracy with Pathfinder and Jasper Western.
Another view of Craig's musket.
The musket on the wall. One of Major's pistols is seen below the long gun.

Jasper Western's Musket

Royal Navy Midshipman Jasper Western (Igor Rogachyov) carries a musket that also has a percussion cap lock and elements of flintlock but his gun is long and has military-style stock. Most British soldiers are armed with same looking guns.

Jasper Western participated in competition in marksmanship.
The barrel and front sling swivel are seen.
Soldiers on march.
Soldiers stand in formation.
Soldier Sandy (Sergei Kovalyov) on watchtower.
Muskets in gun rack.
Sandy's musket on watchtower. The bayonet is seen.
Sandy's wife Jenny (Tatyana Augskap) takes the gun of her slain husband.
A good view of the "percussion-and-flint" lock of the musket in Jenny's hands.
Soldiers on board of Skud.



The sail cutter Scud is armed with several muzzleloading cannons. A cannon is also seen in British fort.

A cannon in the fort. It is mounted on a naval carriage and is likely one of the cannons, used on Scud.
Charles Cap (Georgiy Yumatov) fires a gun, igniting it with his smoking pipe. This cannon is too small for a real weapon and appears nothing more than a scale model.
Cannons on Skud. They appear to be modern replicas, roughly in size of 6- or 8-pounder guns of appropriate era.

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