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The Mysterious Island (Tainstvennyy ostrov)

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The Mysterious Island
(Tainstvennyy ostrov)
Tainstvennyy ostrov poster.jpg
DVD cover
Country SOV.jpg USSR
Directed by Eduard Pentslin
Release Date 1941
Language Russian
Studio Odessa Film Studio
Main Cast
Character Actor
Cyrus Smith Aleksey Krasnopolsky
Gideon Spilett Pavel Kiyansky
Bonadventure Pencroff Andrey Andriyenko-Zemskov
Tom Ayrton Ivan Kozlov
Neb Robert Ross
Harbert Brown Yuri Grammatikati
Jup Andrei Sova
Captain Nemo Nikolai Komissarov
Adyutant Nikolay Volkov, Sr.

The Mysterious Island (Russian: Таинственный остров; Tainstvennyy ostrov) is a 1941 Soviet B&W adventure movie and based on the novel L'Île mystérieuse ("The Mysterious Island") by Jules Verne.

The following weapons were used in the film The Mysterious Island (Tainstvennyy ostrov):


Adams Revolver

Tom Ayrton (Ivan Kozlov) find the Adams Revolver on the pirate's ship and fires it a few times.

Adams M1851 Infantry revolver - .440
A close view of the revolver.
Tom Ayrton grabs the revolver.
Tom Ayrton ambushed the pirates, with the revolver in hands.

Unknown Revolver

Several pirates can be seen with the unknown revolvers. It's also may be the Adams.

The pirate brandishes his revolver.


Snider Enfield Cavalry Carbine

A few Snider Enfield Cavalry Carbines can be seen used by the near all a the main heroes.

Snider Enfield Cavalry Carbine - .577 Snider
Gideon Spilett (Pavel Kiyansky) investigate the carbine.
Gideon Spilett aims.
Bonadventure Pencroff (Andrey Andriyenko-Zemskov) fires his carbine during the shootout with the pirates. Tom Ayrton fires the Frlovka at the background.
Gideon Spilett aims...
...an fires.
Neb (Robert Ross) aims his carbine.
Bonadventure Pencroff and Tom Ayrton reloads their guns.
Pirates fires their carbines.

Snider-Enfield Rifle

Numerous Snider-Enfield Rifles (most likely Mk.II**) can be seen used by the all main characters throughout the movie.

Snider-Enfield Mk.II** Infantry Rifle - .577 Snider
Snider Enfield Mk.II** Short Rifle - .577 Snider
Cyrus Smith (Aleksey Krasnopolsky) with the rifle on the shoulder.
Cyrus Smith and Bonadventure Pencroff with the rifles.
Bonadventure Pencroff holds the rifle.
Gideon Spilett (at the left) and Neb (at the right) fires their rifles.
Bonadventure Pencroff with the rifle on the sling.
A slightly other view of the Bonadventure Pencroff's rifle.
Neb holds the rifle.
Cyrus Smith with the rifle.
Bonadventure Pencroff aims the rifle.

Snider-Enfield Rifle Non-Gun

In one scene rifle swithes to non-gun prop.

Bonadventure Pencroff with the rifle.
Tainstvennyy ostrov rifle 2 8.jpg

Arisaka Type 38

The Arisaka Type 38 with the removed bolt handle appeared at the several scenes.

Arisaka Type 38 rifle - 6.5x50mmSR Arisaka
Bonadventure Pencroff brandishes the rifle.
The numerous rifles can be seen near the table.
The rifle at the center.
A slightly other view of this rifle.
Neb with the rifle.

Unknown Rifles

Numerous unknow rifles can be seen used by the Confederates, United States Army soldiers and pirates.

United States Army soldiers during the attack, rifles in hands.
Note, that their rifles is bayonet attached.
Confederates soldiers with the rifles.
Confederates soldier holds the rifle.
Numerous rifles can be seen on the pirates ship.
The pirates fires thir rifles.
Pirate aims his rifle.
The pirates with the rifles.


Frolov Shotgun

Tom Ayrton can be seen armed with the heavy anachronistic bolt-action Mosin Nagant/Frolov Shotgun. At least one of the pirates also uses Frolovka. Most likely, the single movie prop was used.

"Frolovka" shotgun (converted Mosin Nagant rifle) - 28 gauge
Tom Ayrton (at the background) fires the Frolovka during the shootout with the pirates. The typical Mosin-Nagant mag can be seen.
Tom Ayrton reloads his gun.
A pirate at the left possibly holds a Frolovka, same that is used by Ayrton - very similar long thin barrel, and possibly Mosin magazine can be seen.


Field Cannons

Numerous field cannons can be seen during the end of American Civil War.

Destroyed cannons on the battlefield.
The Confederate artilleryman readies the cannon.
The cannon is firing.
A view from the muzzle.

Naval Cannons

Pirates fires the naval cannons.

Pirates fires their cannons.


Cyrus Smith find a pease of the torpedo on the beach.

Cyrus Smith investigate the remains of torpedo.

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