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The Fugitive (Kyuryuyoiekh)

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The Fugitive
Kyuryuyoiekh poster.jpg
Original Poster
Country RUS.jpg Russia
Directed by Stepan Burnashev
Release Date 2014
Language Yakut
Studio NewEra
Main Cast
Character Actor
Misha Julustan Semyonov
Barmaley Georgiy Bessonov
Yakov Yevgeniy Pivovarov
Miitee Aleksey Popov
Makhsyym Maksim Romanov
Hunter 1 Dmitrii Davydov
Hunter 2 Ivan Neustroyev
Misha's Wife Tatyana Legantieva
Misha's Daughter Kyraha Semyonova

The Fugitive (Yakut: Күрүөйэх; Kyuryuyoiekh, often wrongly transliterated as Kuruoiekh or even Kyryoyekh, Russian Беглый; Beglyy) is a 2014 Russian filmed Yakut language crime triller.

Note: While, this movie is Russian, the original language is Yakutian, while the Russian language is only subtitles. The English title is the translate from Russian title (Беглый), which did by user, who don't speack Yakut language. If anybody user, who have some skills in Yakut language, will find this title uncorrect, he may rename it more correct title.

The following weapons were used in the film The Fugitive (Kyuryuyoiekh):



Seasoned criminal Yakov (Yevgeniy Pivovarov) owns a sawn-off IZh-17. At the film climax, his gun appeared in the hands of another seasoned criminal Barmaley (Georgiy Bessonov).

Izhmekh IZh-17 single barreled shotgun - 16 Gauge
Yakov draws his IZh shotgun to threatens driver. (Russian subtitles means: "Heh, [You] don't know? [Know], that heare a escaped outlaws? - Calm down...").
The shotgun can be seen on the table.
Yakov aims his IZh at Misha.
Barmaley fires Yakov's shotgun during the chase.


Two hunters uses OP-SKS, when they tries to defende themself from Barmaley and Yakov. Later, this gun was used by Yakov and Barmaley. At the final scenes, Misha (Julustan Semyonov) tooked it from them.

OP-SKS, a civilian version of SKS - 7.62x39mm
Hunters fires the SKS together.
Barmaley carry the captured SKS on the sling.
Barmaley fires SKS during the shootout.
Yakov reloads the gun...
...charges it...
...and aims.
Misha holds the SKS at the film climax.

Izhmash Tigr

Miitee (Aleksey Popov) owns a Izhmash Tigr. At the a few scenes, his gun appeared in the hands of Makhsyym (Maksim Romanov), Yakov (Yevgeniy Pivovarov) and Misha (Julustan Semyonov).

Izhmash Tiger with synthetic furniture used on later production military SVDs - 7.62x54mm R
Makhsyym grabs the rifle from the wall. (Russian subtitles means "As I said, it's the situation became dangerously. [You] should took the rifle.").
Miitee aims his rifle during the shootout with Yakov and Barmaley. The rifle has SVDS style front sight and muzzle brake that matches Tigr "Version 02".
Yakov grabs the rifle... (Russian subtitles means "Don't rush, moth*er").
...and aims it at Misha.
Misha manages to dissarms Yakov from his rifle.

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