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The Detonator

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The Detonator (2006)

The Detonator is a 2006 direct-to-DVD thriller starring Wesley Snipes as Homeland Security Agent Sonni Griffith, whose cover is blown during a operation in Romania and gets a new mission to protect and extract a government witness.

The following weapons were used in the film The Detonator:


Walther P99

The Walther P99 is by far one of the most commonly seen handguns in the film. The users range from Romanian crime boss Joszef Bostanescu (Tim Dutton)'s henchmen to CIA agents and Homeland Security Agent Sonni Griffith (Wesley Snipes) can also be seen using it.

9x19mm Parabellum
One of Bostanescu's henchmen loads a P99 behind his back.
Sonni(Wesley Snipes) firing his P99 during the motel shootout. An interesting note is either he has a second P99 or there is a continuity error where he uses a two-tone P99 for a good chunk of the second half of the film and switches back to all black during the ending.
9x19mm Parabellum
A CIA agent get shot with P99 in hand during the safe house shootout.
CIA agent Michael Shepherd (William Hope) with his two-tone P99 during the ending.

Walther P88

The Walther P88 is also commonly seen throughout the film. Most notably used by Sonni during the final stadium shootout.

9x19mm Parabellum.
One of the hit team sent to the safe house commits suicide with his P88.
One of Bostanescu's men holding Nadia(Silvia Colloca) hostage.
Soni (Wesley Snipes) with the P88 he just stole from a motor police officer.


The 1911A1 is also rather common in the film used mainly by Bostanescu's men.

A thug pushes his 1911 into Sonni's back during the first stadium shootout.
Sonni (Wesley Snipes) with a 1911 he took from a thug during the beginning of the shootout.
A member of the hit team entering a room during the safe-house shootout.
Bostanescu (Tim Dutton) holding a 1911 on Nadia.

Dracula md. 98

A member of the hit team uses Dracula md. 98 that Sonni (Wesley Snipes) later takes and uses for a god duration of the shootout.

Dracula md. 98 - 9x18mm Makarov
The hit-man getting taken out by Sonni with a karate chop.
Sonni firing the unknown weapon down the staircase at a enemy hiding behind the wall.

Submachine guns

Sadu ASALT-96

Most of Bostanescu's men can be seen using this weapon.

Sadu ASALT-96 - 9x19mm
The henchman entering the room with the Sadu ASALT-96.
The same henchman spraying the room.

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