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The Democratic Terrorist

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The Democratic Terrorist (1992)

The Democratic Terrorist (Den Demokratiske Terroristen) is a 1992 Swedish/German/Moroccan thriller directed by Per Berglund starring Stellan Skarsgård as Swedish spy Carl Hamilton. It was based on the 1987 novel of the same name by Jan Guillou. It was the third and final time Skarsgård would play Carl Hamilton. Despite taking place in Sweden and Germany and starring mostly Swedish and German actors, most of the dialogue is in English.

Carl, seemingly disgraced and dismissed from the Royal Swedish Navy, is tasked with infiltrating a Red Army Faction cell in Hamburg.

The following guns were used in the film The Democratic Terrorist (1992):


Beretta 92F

Carl Hamilton's (Stellan Skarsgård) service weapon is a Beretta 92F. He refers to it as "his Beretta" in the dialogue.

Beretta 92F - 9x19mm
Carl's Beretta in his bag.
Carl's Beretta magazine is modified to be a homing beacon, activated when he fills it to capacity.
DDT B92 03.jpg

Walther PP

As Carl is browsing through the TV while at the GSG9 headquarters, he sees an old news report on the arrest of Andreas Baader and Holger Meins in 1972. A German police officer is seen with a Walther PP while taking a shirt and pants-less Holger Meins into custody.

Post war Walther PP Pistol - .32 ACP
DDT PPnews 01.jpg

Smith & Wesson Model 13

Frustrated by inaction, Carl requests a "Smith & Wesson .357 Combat Magnum" as part of a drop. He receives a Smith & Wesson Model 13.

Later Smith & Wesson Model 13 with three inch barrel - .357 Magnum
Carl fires a shot into the ceiling during the first bank robbery.
Carl packs up his loot for the terrorists to find.
Carl with his S&W 13 during the second bank robbery.

Colt Government Model

Werner (Karl Heinz Maslo) is armed with a nickelplated Colt Government Model pistol when he takes Carl to their flat.

Nickel Plated M1911A1 Pistol with wooden grips - .45 ACP
Werner (Karl Heinz Maslo) holds a nickel-plated Colt Government on Carl.
DDT M1911 02.jpg

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose

In a continuity error, the Smith & Wesson Model 13 turns into a Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose. (This is probably the "Combat Magnum" he had in mind.)

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Snub Nose (right side) - .357 Magnum.
Carl draws his S&W 19 on the terrorists.
DDT SW19S 02.jpg
DDT SW19S 03.jpg
DDT SW19S 04.jpg
Once again, after the second bank robbery, where he used a S&W 13, Carl is back with the S&W 19. Here he's demonstrating the shooting stance that the cop used.

Walther P38

During their first meeting at the apartment, Carl disarms Friederike of a Walther P38 and throws it away. She is later seen with it again when they talk about committing a robbery together. Monica (Katja Flint) is armed with a Walther P38 while in Stockholm.

Walther P38 WWII dated with black grips - 9x19mm
Carl disarms Friederike of her Walther.
Friederike is holding the gun while they talk about comitting a robbery with Carl. The Walther is seen in the lower part of the image but it's quite blurry.
DDT P38 01.jpg

SIG-Sauer P230

Monika (Katja Flint) is seen with what appears to be a blued SIG-Sauer P230 during the bankrobbery.

SIG-Sauer P230 - 7.65 mm Browning. Older model with different style slide serrations.

Bruni Automatic M1911

Some of the terrorists use early Bruni Automatic M1911 blank firing replicas. Eva (May Buchgraber) has one at the end of the movie.

Bruni M1911 Blank gun (First Pattern) - 8mm Blank
DDT M1911 03.jpg
DDT M1911 04.jpg

Smith & Wesson Model 19

The security guard at the bank is armed with a full sized Smith & Wesson Model 19.

Smith & Wesson Model 19 Combat Magnum - .357 Magnum
The guard fires wildly, even wounding a customer.
The unloaded S&W 19 after Carl wounds him.

Geco P35

Carl takes a SIG-Sauer P225 (actually a Geco P35 blank gun) off a plainclothes police officer who responds to the bank robbery. He unloads it and tosses it in a wastebasket. Carl later identifies it in dialogue as "a SIG-Sauer." Friederike (Susanne Lothar) also fires a Geco pistol during the apartment assault.

Geco P35
DDT P6 01.jpg
DDT unknown 01.jpg
Friederike takes cover with her Geco P35 and reloads a magazine.

Walther PPK

The PLO officer (Despina Pajanou) uses a Walther PPK to shoot Carl. She describes it as a "Walther 765."

Early Waffenamt marked Walther PPK. Note the differences: orange bakelite grips, lanyard ring, smaller rear sight, grooved top, and irregular front - 7.65x17mm Auto (.32 ACP)
DDT PPK 01.jpg
DDT PPK 02.jpg

Walther P5

Monika (Katja Flint) is seen with what appears to be a Walther P5 when Carl meets her after the apartment massacre.

Walther P5 - 9x19mm
DDTMonica'sPistol 7.jpg


Mossberg 500

Werner (Karl Heinz Maslo) carries a Mossberg 500 during the joint bank robbery.

Mossberg 500AT Shotgun - 12 Gauge. Note the wood furniture.
DDT M500 01.jpg
DDT M500 02.jpg

Remington 870 Slug Gun

In a possible continuity error, Werner (Karl Heinz Maslo) is armed with a Remington 870 Slug Gun during the raid in the end.

Remington 870 Slug Gun - 12 Gauge
Werner blinded by a flashbang.
Werner firing wildly while still blinded.

Sawn-off Double Barreled Shotgun

Carl request a Sawn-off Double Barreled Shotgun. In a continuity error, he gets two different models.

A Stevens 1960s SBS with the barrels sawed-off - 12 Gauge (Photoshopped). Made from one of MPM's pictures.
This one still has the full shoulder stock.
DDT DBS 02.jpg

Submachine Guns

M/45 B

Swedish sailors are seen marching with Swedish M/45 B submachine guns with brass catchers in the beginning of the movie when Carl is told about his mission.

K-pist m/45 B - Also known as the "Carl Gustav" and the "Swedish K" - 9x19mm‎. The Swedish police variant, although virtually identical to the military m/45 B version, had an added single-shot switch.
DDT M45 01.jpg
DDT M45 02.jpg

Heckler & Koch MP5A3

GSG 9 officers are armed with Heckler & Koch MP5A3 submachine guns. All of them use the original "slimline" handguards and waffle magazines (although a curved magazine is seen briefly in passing.) Carl uses one while training with GSG 9 in the beginning. One of the terrorists is armed with one as well.

Heckler & Koch MP5A3 with original "slimline" handguard and straight "waffle"-style magazine - 9x19mm
Gate guards with MP5A3s at the GSG 9 training facility.
Carl trains with GSG 9. Notice the WWII-era Fallschirmjäger helmets.
A GSG 9 officer passes along an MP5A3, providing a very convenient screen shot.
GSG 9 officers with more modern helmets during the apartment assault.
DDT MP5 05.jpg

Heckler & Koch MP5A2

During the old news report Carl is watching, on the arrest of Andreas Baader and Holger Meins, a German police officer is seen with Heckler & Koch MP5A2 submachine gun with the original "slimline" handguard and a waffle magazine.

Heckler & Koch MP5A2 with slimline handguard and "waffle" magazine - 9x19mm
DDT MP5news 01.jpg


The Syrian and PLO guards, ironically, are armed with Israeli designed Uzi submachine guns.

IMI Uzi with buttstock collapsed - 9x19mm
The PLO comes for Carl, Horst and Horst's wife.
Notice the missing actuator on top of the Uzi.
A better shot of the top of the Uzi. This may be a non-firing replica.
DDT Uzi 04.jpg
Back in Hamburg, one of the terrorists fires an Uzi during the apartment assault. (The duckface is unfortunate.)

Beretta PM12S

Beretta PM12Ss are seen in the Syrian scenes.

Beretta PM12S 9x19mm
DDT M12 01.jpg


Heckler & Koch G3

A Bundeswehr guard is seen with a Heckler & Koch G3 slung over his shoulder.

Heckler & Koch G3A3 with wide handguard - 7.62x51mm NATO
DDT G3 01.jpg



The weapons that the cell intends to use against the American Embassy are AT4 rocket launchers. Carl notes that they are Swedish made.

Pansarskott m/86, Swedish Army version of the M136 AT4 with folding foregrip - 84mm
Carl handles the AT4. Notice his left hand on the foregrip.
DDT AT4 02.jpg
DDT AT4 03.jpg


GSG 9 uses flashbangs during the apartment assault.

DDT flashbang 01.jpg

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