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The Chase (2017)

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The Chase
반드시 잡는다
Bandeusi jabneunda
Theatrical release poster
Country South Korean flag.jpg South Korea
Directed by Kim Hong Sun
Release Date 2017
Language Korean
Studio AD406
Main Cast
Character Actor
Shim Deok-su Baek Yun-shik
Park Pyung-dal Sung Dong-il
Na Jung-hyuk Chun Ho-jin
Min Young-Sook Bae Jong-ok
Mr. Choi Son Jong-hak
Officer Lee Jo Dal-hwan

The Chase (Korean title: 반드시 잡는다, Bandeusi jabneunda; lit. "No Matter What, I’ll Catch You") is a 2017 Korean mystery-thriller film. The film stars Baek Yun-shik as Shim Deok-su, an aging apartment landlord who becomes involved in a decades-unsolved search for a serial killer in his small town after one of his tenants is apparently murdered. While investigating their death, he meets the eccentric retired detective Park Pyung-dal (Sung Dong-il), who is also investigating the murders. The movie follows the two seniors as they attempt to find and catch the killer. The film is based on the webcomic Aridong Last Cowboy, which was also previously adapted as a TV special in 2010.

The following weapons were used in the film The Chase (2017):


Sipja YSR 707

Park Pyung-dal (Sung Dong-il) uses a Sipja YSR 707 (a blank-firing revolver) as his sidearm. The revolver is later revealed to be a cap gun. In the film's climax, he acquires and uses a real revolver (which is still portrayed by the blank-firing Sipja).

Sipja YSR 707 - 4mm
Park Pyung-dal (Sung Dong-il) threatens Na Jung-hyuk with the revolver.
Pyung-dal searches through Jung-hyuk's belongings while holding the gun.
Pyung-dal continues to threaten Jung-hyuk with the revolver.
Pyung-dal lowers the hammer.
Close-up of the revolver's barrel.
Pyung-dal fires a warning shot into the air with his newly-acquired real revolver.
The revolver falls to the floor after Jung-hyuk tosses a bottle of acid at Pyung-dal's hand.
Na Jung-hyuk (Chun Ho-jin) aims the revolver down at a seemingly-dead Pyung-dal.
Jung-hyuk holding the revolver.
Jung-hyuk cocks the revolver as he prepares to finish Deok-su off.

Holstered revolver

Officer Lee (Jo Dal-hwan) is seen with a handgun in a holster. The gun is never taken out throughout the film, but the grip's shape allows it to be identified as a revolver.

Smith & Wesson Model 627 Performance Center - .357 Magnum (for comparison)
Officer Lee (Jo Dal-hwan) addresses a crowd surrounding a murder scene. A handgun can be seen in his holster. Note the wooden grip, typical for revolvers.
Officer Lee with the holstered revolver.
Officer Lee questions Deok-su after handcuffing him. A metal frame is visible in the wood grips, further confirming that the holstered gun is a revolver.
Officer Lee apprehends Bae Du-sik. Note the curved grip, typical for revolvers.

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