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The Big Runaround

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The Big Runaround
Dont look.jpg
DVD Cover
Country FRA.jpg France
UKD.jpg United Kingdom
Directed by Gérard Oury
Release Date 1966
Language French; English
Studio Les Films Corona
The Rank Organisation
Distributor Buena Vista Distribution Company
Main Cast
Character Actor
Sir Reginald Brook Terry-Thomas
Augustin Bouvet Bourvil
Stanislas Lefort Louis de Funès
Peter Cunningham Claudio Brook
Alan MacIntosh Mike Marshall
Marie-Odile Andréa Parisy
Major Achbach Benno Sterzenbach
German sergeant Reinhard Kolldehoff
German gunner Michel Modo

The Big Runaround (original title La grande vadrouille and released in the UK as Don't Look Now... We're Being Shot At!) is a 1966 French comedy film. Set in 1940's Nazi-occupied France, it follows the misadventures of a French painter and an orchestra conductor who find themselves unwittingly getting caught up in the efforts of a group of RAF pilots to escape the Germans.

The following weapons were used in the film The Big Runaround:

Webley Mk VI

RAF pilots Sir Reginald Brook (Terry-Thomas), Peter Cunningham (Claudio Brook) and Alan McIntosh (Mike Marshall) as well as their less fortunate comrades Harry (George Birt) and John (Nicholas Bang) carry Webley Mk VI revolvers as sidearms. They're never used and in fact the pilots discard them quickly after landing along with their uniforms. Only Cunningham's is seen clearly in Juliette's apartment.

Webley Mk. VI - .455 Webley
Cunningham's Webley is just visible sticking out of his waistband as he shakes Bouvet's hand.

Luger P08

A German sergeant (Reinhard Kolldehoff) is seen carrying a Luger P08. Other Germans use them, usually in holsters.

Luger P08 9mm
The sergeant with his Luger in Juliette's apartment.
A collapsible ironing board hits the sergeant on the head.

Unidentified Handgun

Throughout the film, Major Achbach (Benno Sterzenbach) is seen carrying a small handgun in a holster, although he never takes it out. DID gives him a Walther PPK, but there's no evidence for this in the film.

Achbach's holstered sidearm is seen at right.


The MP40 is seen used by German troops throughout the film.

MP40 submachine gun - 9x19mm
German soldiers going door to door.
German soldiers catch Stanislas Lefort (Louis de Funès) in the opera house.

Karabiner 98k

The Karabiner 98k in the hands of numerous German soldiers. Augustin Bouvet (Bourvil) and Stanislas Lefort (Louis de Funès) also carry them when disguised as German soldiers.

Karabiner 98k - German manufacture 1937 date - 7.92x57mm Mauser
SS troops with Karabiners as they're being inspected by General Weber (Hans Meyer).
The SS after a paint can accidentally dropped by Augustin Bouvet (Bourvil) drenches them in white paint.
Weber's aide gives the order to fire at Bouvet.


The Germans attempt to prevent the heroes from escaping in a pair of gliders using an MG42 mounted in a halftrack. However, the gunner (Michel Modo) is cross-eyed and misses and accidentally shoots down a German fighter plane instead.

MG42 with sling and bipod collapsed - 7.92mm Mauser
The cross-eyed gunner struggles to aim his MG42 properly.
The gunner fires at what he thinks is one of the gliders, but instead hits a German fighter.
Achbach is not happy.

Flakvierling 38

A Flakvierling 38 is used by the Germans in Paris to shoot down Sir Reginald Brook's (Terry-Thomas) bomber.

German troopers ready their Flakvierling 38.

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